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Pump Sex Position

The Pump position has the receiver straddling a chair, with their partner crouching on the chair seat behind them. The receiver should stabilize the chair by holding its back as care should be taken not to tip the chair (and giver) over in the excitement!

Note: Make sure you use a good chair!

Dis looks kinda hard 2 do i

Dis looks kinda hard 2 do i gotta try it!!!!!!!!!!

is this anal or pussy

is this anal or pussy penetration !!!!

it can be either

it can be either


i like this when i'm older i'm going to find a girl to do all the sex positions on

Dude seriously. Good luck

Dude seriously. Good luck paying by card on sites & actually finding a girl.

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how old are you?>

how old are you?>

I did this one five years

I did this one five years ago and I still keep my chair

Is it still da same exact

Is it still da same exact chair

omg this is amazing i did

omg this is amazing i did this last night and it was great he got me everywer and i ended up falling off the chair but he fell on top of me and we just went rite bak doing. many of the moves on this site hav gotten me pregnant and if thats what yor looking for, use this site.

i invented one called

i invented one called "filler up" where the reciver is kneeling on the bed and the man/giver is facing the receiver. it's sort of like this


my bf likes this coz he can reach all of me ;)

i tired this once but it

i tired this once but it felt so amazing i couldn't keep my legs up long enough for a second time, but it was great

this is some thing my hubby

this is something my hubby would make me do... hes so very controlling :D


i was sitting in a chair waiting for him to come home from work and when he walked in i was like "Honey come in the living room!" and he said "no i am going to bed" i said "plz i have a surprise for u, u will love it" he came in and his eyes popped out of his head cuz i was sitting in the chair with my breasts against it and he was like "I AM SOO NOT TIRED" then he yanked off his pants and he ended up not sleeping that night because he kept panting


im a virgin and im scared im 15 and my bf is 17 and he dont wanna take my v-card but i want him to!!
wat do i do?


WAIT. When I was...17 or whatev, fuked my girlfriend, she was about your age. It felt sooooo good, but the condom broke and now I have an 8 year old son, who I love to death, but seriusly, just wait. A lot of things could go wrong.


it is worth it to wait girl. you are 15 and that is so young i agree waiting and just playing, fingering save the v-card for a lil while longer


fuck him good and propper

An honest opinion
Darlin wait, if you really

Darlin wait, if you really need it do some heavy petting and fingering.. at fifteen its really worth it to wait a bit

I agree.. don't

I agree.. don't underestimate a good petting session

me and my gf are lookin for

me and my gf are lookin for new positions. Any suggestions on some that will make her orgasm real good?

Have you tried reverse

Have you tried reverse missionary with you sucking her nipples/licking her breasts and gently playing with her clitoris with your fingers? (This can also be done in a kind of sideways spoon position.) These things always worked for me and my partner.

when we did this

when we did this felt super. his hands were all over my bdy and masasaging my boobs and fingering me. tak about pleasure!


I always use dat pose when I'm fuckin my girls ass hole....

Goodbye knees.

Goodbye knees.