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Prison Guard Sex Position

Prison Guard position is very similar to Ben Dover, but with the receiver bending over at the waist, but with the receiver's wrists pulled back and held by the giver (as if cuffed together). Bending over pushes the pelvis back against the giver allowing easier and deeper penetration, but is otherwise less intimate than the regular Standing version.

For variation the receiver should try spreading their legs apart or bringing them together. However, the farther the legs are spread the deeper the giver is going to have to squat to gain access; say hello to burning quads. To overcome height differences, the giver should try squatting, or the receiver should be given something to stand on.

Love being submissive

This is a fantastic position for those that enjoy a little dom/sub play in the bedroom. I love having my arms restrained, whether by handcuffs or just him holding them. Love struggling against them as he makes me cum.


Amazing position. I'm submissive and love being manhandled and told what to do. The position is also great for spanking. All I need to hear is "bend over" and I'm ready for this any day.

be careful

with this one lol
it's easy to get carried away while holding her arms back , my fwb spent a week in the hospital with back problems after a long nite of sex,,,,this one did her in.

Me and my fiancee were moving

Me and my fiancee were moving in with a friend, and I was really uncomfortable, I was miles away from where I'd lived since I was 4, and so I got him to start playing with me, and then he rammed himself inside of me, but the bed was really squeaky. So he had me stand up and I was leaning against the bed, but it was still squeaking, so he took my hands and we did this. Oh my gods, it was amazing!

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O yeah!

I discovered this position on this site & I'm 4ever grateful. Best of all, my wife loves it when I pound her this way. I usually go for this position after I cum for the 1st or 2nd time.

that looks great, love being

that looks great, love being submissive.

Same here! :)

Same here! :)

im into bondage so i love

im into bondage so i love this one, not only can he grab your hands and keep you from touching anything. But he can also spank you when you've been naughty ;)


mmm my boyfriend did this to me last night, ill go into detail here. so we decided we were going to role play so i was a very naughty girl who was speeding and my sexy manly boyfriend was the police officer who caught me. the only way to get out of paying a fine was to have him punish me. first he blindfolded me with his tie then he handcuffed my hands together behind my back. he took a vibrator and shoved it up my ass. i was only a little turned on at that point so i gasped in pain. he then covered my mouth with his hand and let the vibrator get me going. he pulled it out and then put all 8 inches of himself slowly in my pussy grinding his hips into me while spanking my naughty ass. then we did anal for hours i was the happiest naughty girl ever.

Great bondage position

That's like the perfect bondage position, right there!
Bondage is totally hot and I kinda wanna try it.
Any other bondage positions? Let me know.
Household bondage items? Let me know that too.

My guy tied my wrists

My guy tied my wrists together and did this - way hot.

I try this with my husband

I try this with my husband all the time...LOVE IT...deep penetration...specially when he pulls me by my when he spanks me while he fuck the shit out of me...getting wet just thinking about it love it love it....

I wanna try this so bad!!


My girlfriend wants to try

My girlfriend wants to try this position.. I'm all for it and it looks hot as fuck.. Instead of holding her wrists, I am going to handcuff them so she can't do anything and fuck her hard.. Pulling and tugging her hair.. She likes the pain which I find hot.. Going to make her moan loud hopefully ;)

gone river
damn i wish i was her!!

damn i wish i was her!!

Aquafina Thickness
yes...I will be trying

yes...I will be trying this!!!!

mmm <3 I love this. Wouldn't

mmm <3 I love this. Wouldn't mind a few toys like a spreader bar with some rope. I'd wanna be tied up and ballgagged like this. Then have him grab my hair and spank me a little and call me his bad girl <3

R u a bad girl?

R u a bad girl?

I'm daddy's bad girl that

I'm daddy's bad girl that needs punished. This position is perfect for that.

For the truly naughty slut in your life....

This is a great position for just power fucking the naughty slut in your life. Not something for the timid... When her wrists get tired, I usually grab a fist full of her hair and that usually does the trick. Also a great position to put her in fuzzy handycuffs.


Omg I did this the other day. I was in a class room and the teacher left to go get lunch so I went over to my gf and since she was wearig a shirt I turned her around and put her on my lap. I started carressing her legs and makeing out. I pulled of her thong so fast it even surprised her. I then finger her so deep she pulled out my cock and stuck it in her ass. After About 5mins of a lap dance we went into this position. I got her to orgasm 2ce and squirt once. If felt so good being in control and just pushing my cock in her so deep mmm... I comed on her back so I picked it up with my finger then I fed it to her :) she moaned sooo much it just made me come more. After that I threw my work off he table and finished in doggy style with my gf. All in all a good lunch.

Sweet >:3

Actually not impossible. In my senior years in High school, we had a shortage of good teachers, so they where always late. I'd walk into class and fuck my gf and nobody ever told, xDD

haha yeah im sure that

haha yeah im sure that happened in a classromm during lunch...


nice fantasy!

Love it rough

I love this position!!! It's absolutely sexy especially when you're wearing nothing but high heels and handcuffs. ;)