Positions for a smaller Penis

Smaller Penis Positions

Guys with smaller size might have a bit more to prove in the bedroom. But if you think you got the short end of the stick - literally - then think again; there are pleasurable poses that are perfectly tailored for smaller penises to indulge in!

Men with smaller members might not get the “oohs” and “ahhs” that their larger counterparts receive, but if they have the know-how they’ll leave their lovers gasping for more. The way to pleasure a woman isn’t necessarily in the size of the package as much as it is in capitalizing on the right angles.

Here are some ultra orgasmic sex positions, clever positional aids and valuable tips to take your sexual prowess to the ultimate level:

Woman on Top

Many women complain that they can’t fully enjoy this pleasurable category of sex positions when their lovers’ love muscle is too big; this is particularly apparent when she’s on top facing the opposite direction as in Rodeo. The beauty of woman on top (when he has a smaller penis) is that it won’t put too much painful pressure against her cervix. Moreover, she can feel free to grind hard against his groin in order to stimulate her clitoris as she rides him. Those with less size ought to use positions like See Saw, Side Rider and Asian Cowgirl to their advantage.

Rear Entry

Although Rear Entry positions are effective for both the large and the small, any class of poses that require the female lover to squat, fold or bend will add inches to your reach. The classics are Doggy Style and Rear Entry. There are also mutually satisfying benefits of having sex with her from behind; you have the control to press her tightly against your entire body, kiss her shoulders, pull her hair, hold her hands behind her back, and bite her neck. Position a mirror in front of the two of you and you’ll get an erotic show you won’t soon forget.

Because Rear Entry positions don’t afford you the intimate face to face contact with which to intimately connect to your lover, focus some of your attention on the front half of her body. For women, sensual touching is highly arousing, and stroking her curves will build an intense sexual desire. Consider rubbing her breasts and nipples, which are highly erogenous. Manually stimulating her clitoris is a must, and if she’s so inclined, penetrate her anus with your finger(s).

Go Deep, Really Deep

Another benefit of having a smaller penis is that you have the freedom to lavish her with deep strokes. She’s also more likely to enjoy hard thrusts. The same moves performed by one with a large cock may end up just irritating or even hurting the woman. Another plus is that she won’t need to worry about bracing herself against his manhood, which liberates her mind up to enjoy the finer points of lovemaking. Feel free to collide with her ‘head on’ with positions like Drill and Leg Glider.


Fellatio and deep throat especially are more comfortable to perform on a smaller penis because there is less of a tendency to choke or gag. She’ll have an easier time giving attention to your manhood and will be more open to giving extended oral sessions in Games On and Oral Therapy. Positions that are more exotic like F*ck Face, Throat Swab and Jack Hammer are also more manageable.

The 69

Virtually every 68 and 69 position is within your reach (as well as hers) when you’re blessed with less in your package. In addition to the advantages listed in the Fellatio section, when she finds your sweet spots in a pose like 69 or 69 Sideways, you can thrust your hips without the worry of gagging her. She’ll also be more apt to attempt out of the ordinary moves like 69 Sitting. Last but not least, it’ll be easier for her to fully appreciate the attention she’s getting from your mouth.

Anal Sex

Chances are that the bigger they are, the less likely it is that a man has had the opportunity to try this. It’s safe to say that anal sex is much easier to do with a man who has less ‘down there’, rather than more. Acrobat is a great one to accomplish the task and so are Bodyguard and Pearly Gates. Regardless of the size of your appendage, take the time to warm her up to the deed - and use lots of lube.


Given that the G-spot is only about two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina, a smaller penis isn’t at a disadvantage - as long as a man knows how to use it. He doesn’t necessarily have to be long and/or girthy to stimulate the G-Spot through intercourse; his penis might have just the right curve, hang, and/or head shape to get it right. A few of the best sex positions to access the G-spot are Cowgirl and Deck Chair. As you can see, the need for bigger is eliminated when you line yourself up to this compellingly sensitive zone. For a detailed explanation on the Grafenberg area, see G-spot Stimulation and Vaginal Intercourse.


The characters from Sex in the City gave some unusual attention to the type of a man who is, er, ‘passionate’ about oral sex, and in this case, one in particular they dubbed ‘Mr. Pussy’. The ladies highlighted a valuable point about cunnilingus; pleasuring this area well - and we mean, really well – will elevate your sexual prowess to the uppermost echelons.

Here are some indispensable tips. Take your time when pleasuring her to focus on slow strokes, rather than fast flicks; many women protest that their partners burn out before they actually get them hot. Direct your attention to G-spot stimulation with your fingers, and use whatever hand you have free to massage the rest of her body. Another excellent move is to perform cunnilingus in atypical positions like Drive-Thru, Forbidden Fruit or Riding the South Face; they’ll take her breath away.

Now that you’ve studied the most effective positions for smaller penises, here are a few to be wary of...

Standing - Generally, upright positions like Slow Dance are difficult to perform because you have to account for any height differential or distance between lovers. However, employ the use of a positional aid, such as a stool (preferably one with a back on it) and you’ll be standing for hours! The back of the stool gives something for the male lover to hold on to so he has something to buttress himself against.

Exotic - There’s nothing stopping you from trying these thrilling moves but be prepared for a couple of challenges. Ones that employ intense angles such as Brute or Pile Driver can make it difficult, or even impossible, to penetrate your lover successfully. It’s also easier for your penis to slip out.

Longer Distances - Bumper Cars is one of those sex poses that longer penises manage to execute with less difficulty. Because the receiver’s vagina isn’t so accessible, it’s tricky to make love to your partner past a short depth. Then again, shallow penetration can be very satisfying.

Final Thoughts

A woman might not phone her girlfriends to brag about his burgeoning manhood, but she will rave about how deliciously contented she is by her lover’s fine bedroom skills. So what was that about having a small penis? Trust us, if you implement the information in our guide, she’ll hardly give it a second thought.

I just wondering for small

I just wondering for small penis position, doing it on the shower like, Dancer Sex Position?. is that possible for those who have small penis, like 4.7 inch erect?


The main thing is to know where the g-spot is. Rub your head/fulcrum against it and she will cum. Guaranteed. Couple this while stimulating her clitoris from grinding which endowed guys cannot usually do, she will be begging for more (butterfly, see-saw, and fusion are the best positions for this). Remember, foreplay is imperative, no matter how big or small you are. If she isn't relaxed and warmed up then you won't get her to cum as hard as she can. Tease, tease, tease that my rule of foreplay.

that plus...

a lot of extra poundage makes sex really difficult...any suggestions beside loose weight

the bigger the better!! no

the bigger the better!! no doubt!

joel r

I have a smaller penis. I used to be selfconcious about it but am nolonger. My girl has told me she loves the fact I am not big. Point is don't worry about a smaller penis size.

how to make it more fun

Me and my love have been together for a year and his penis isint small well it isint big either I'd like it to b jus a lil bigger. But we have tried so many positions an I was just wondering what we could do to make it more fun please help!!!

looked bigger

So I started seeing this guy who is younger then me, when we were starting to date he had sent me some pics of his penis and it looked NICE! big, long, thick, but then the first time we had sex it was so little, I didn't get any pleasure from it,(good thing he knows how to give oral) I have always been told my pussy is nice and tight so I know it's not me, is there an extension for his penis or something to make it feel better??


Have you tried positions with him to hit your G-spot?

How do u get ur penis bigger

How do u get ur penis bigger i heard stretchin helps?...


stretching doesnt help it just hurts alot