Positions for a Larger Penis

Overweight Positions

Lovers of all sizes can engage in satisfying sex, but finding positions that feel comfortable for larger individuals can be challenging. Given that at least one third of Americans are considered significantly overweight, this article is meant to guide those larger lovers to achievable physical bliss. You’ll find a list of positions that facilitate sufficient penetration without needing marathon runner fitness or trapeze artist flexibility.


The effect that excessive weight has on quality of life is considerable, contributing to serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Obesity can also lead to lethargy, poor mobility, shortness of breath, as well as joint and back pain - all of which can chip away at getting busy in the bedroom.

Not only is sex a pleasurable activity, it is a great way to work out, which is a great incentive for a person of any size to hop in the sack! The approximate number of calories burned during a sex session is 150 per every half hour. Another great benefit of sex is that it releases feel-good hormones like Oxytocin and Vasopressin, which flood the body with a sense of relaxation and well being. So, the more you make love, the better you feel!


There are tons of helpful tips incorporated into this guide that will maximize pleasure for both parties. One or both of you may find some of them challenging, but remember, the suggestions in this section are merely that: suggestions! Try out these positions and feel free to adjust them as necessary; it’s amazing how much difference a few inches of adjustment can change how a position feels.

Male Superior

The Arch position demonstrates a number of important elements that are helpful for larger persons making love. The male is upright, rather than over-top of his partner; this puts less strain on his body and allows him to last longer. The female will require the use of pillows or a positional aid such as the Liberator Ramp. This will arch her body and open up her pelvis, making it easier to penetrate her deeply. If she has excess weight in either her tummy or pubic mound, gravity will gently pull them out of the way. This angle also opens her up to receive manual stimulation of the clitoris. Keep in mind that she may not be able to stay in this position for too long because her breathing may become strained.

The Butterfly position displays similar characteristics to the Arch, but is less stressful on the female’s ability to breathe as she is lying flat on her back, instead of upside down. To maximize pleasure, you'll probably need a bed that’s low enough, as well as some pillows to put underneath the male’s knees. If he has a significant amount of belly fat, he may need to hold it up or lay it on top of his partner’s pubice (she may actually benefit greatly from the added stimulation!). He can also use his weight to his advantage by centering himself over her clitoris and rocking himself against her to-and-fro. Also, a great transition from the Butterfly is the Deep Impact.

The Deck Chair position will be a more physically demanding position for the male. It permits deep access to the female’s g-spot, helped along by positional aids to raise her hips. She may become winded or cramped because of the deep bend at her hips, so stay tuned in to her response.

Who doesn’t like Doggy Style? This position permits deep penetration, no matter how large the female partner is. The male superior partner can slide his tummy on top of her buttocks to get it out of the way. If this position is too straining on the bent-over female, a great variation is to use a body pillow or Liberator pillow to support her from underneath; pillows under the knees will also add comfort.

Standing rear entry positions,like the Bodyguard Position will also work well for larger couples. The main modification that will facilitate this experience is to have something nearby, such as a couch arm, which she can use to lean on for support.

Female Superior

The Cowgirl position is as female dominant as it gets. This lets her take the reins while he relaxes on his back, giving her the most control over speed and depth of penetration. The Cowgirl is a very useful position particularly when the male partner, or both individuals, are large. It comes in handy when the male partner has significant belly because either one of the lovers can gently move it out of the way. Be aware that the lover on the bottom may experience cardio strain if the female is particularly heavy.

The Asian Cowgirl position is particularly beneficial when both partners’ tummies are quite large. With this position, their stomachs do not come into contact with one another, but it may take some adjusting of his belly against her buttocks in order to get comfortable.

The Cross allows both partners to lie on the bed as they thrust. If the female is quite bottom heavy, she may need to splay her legs farther apart, either by letting gravity do the work - or by holding one or both of her knees. Pillows and positional aids may be required to improve comfort and stability.

The Delight position is another great way to utilize the edge of the bed. If one, or both, partners find that their bellies get in the way, she can lie back on her haunches or be propped up with pillows/positional aids.

Oral Sex Positions

The 69-Sideways is an intimate position that is as erotic as it is relaxing. Lovers can pleasure one another either manually or orally; they also have the option to stimulate each other simultaneously or by taking turns. You can improve this one by incorporating pillows underneath the head. Access to erogenous zones is very easy; it can be enhanced by placing one foot on the bed to open up your genital region as shown.

Drive-Thu allows the male to be at rest while he orally pleasures his female who is positioned over his face. He may need to rest his head on the couch cushion to avoid straining his neck. She can choose to stand upright, lean against something solid for support, or put one leg up to make more room for his head.

Back entry access to orally pleasure her labia/vagina is made possible with Forbidden Fruit. She can use a body pillow or Liberator Wedge/Ramp combo to raise her hips and prevent strain.

Oral Therapy allows the male to lie on the couch at complete rest, while the female is on her knees giving him fellatio. Instead of lying face up, a variation is to have the male turn over toward her with his legs slightly splayed apart.

If the male has some flexibility (not to mention self confidence) the couple can try Southern Exposure as a form of fellatio. He may find that this position puts a strain on his breathing, so it may be better suited as a transitional move.

A cunnilingus position that’s physically restful for both individuals is the Spread Eagle. It makes sense to use pillows to prop the man up, so he can go on and on and on.

Positional Aids

There are a number of useful positional aids that can take your lovemaking to the next level, especially when the couple faces some difficult physical constraints. Pillows and couch cushions are the easiest props to integrate into sex because they’re easily accessible and you're most likely to already own them. The drawback to these is that they aren’t necessarily designed with sexual ergonomics in mind. That’s when products specifically intended for sex come in...

Liberator shapes and sex furniture are excellent choices for generously proportioned lovers because they can be purchased in larger sizes. The high density pillows are wider and are capable of supporting more weight. They can be stacked for more support or to create deeper arches. The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is an exceptionally excellent positional aid to start with. The Escape Floor Mat also comes in handy when you want to take your lovemaking outside the bedroom...

Have Sex Anywhere but the Bed

The bed can actually work against you, particularly if you have any physical limitations. As comfortable as it may be for sleeping, sex on the bed has the potential to stress joints, especially when you have to kneel or squat on an unstable surface that sinks. Throw your sheets and pillows down on the floor instead; having sex on a firm surface can boost your ability to get in and stay in positions longer. Try incorporating other supportive structures into your sexual repertoire such as a table or counter ledge; use a stable stepping stool to help you get up and down. Another option is to take your love making to the stairs or to the landing.

Have the Right Attitude for Sex

Not all coital positions are easy to perform, but that doesn’t have to limit anyone’s opportunity for pleasure and excitement. An attitude that includes anxiety, fear, or a disparaging self image can block you from experiencing intercourse that is both physically and emotionally satisfying. It can also limit your capacity to engage in activities that please you and your partner. Keep self criticism out of the bedroom and focus your attention on cultivating desire and erotic potential; your beliefs will get in the way of pleasure far more that your body shape will.

Final Thoughts

Once you discover positions that provide adequate penetration, get creative! You may only be able to perform certain manoeuvres, but creating variations on a theme is an important element of lovemaking. And as much as we've focused on sex, don't forget the importance of activities like fondling, Masturbation, Oral Sex, fantasizing, and caressing.

2 Fatties

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im a skinny guy and i love

im a skinny guy and i love bbw. i find the Missionary be good. slide a few pillows under her ass so i can be on my knees, grab her knees or thighs and pump aways. also like using the regular doggy position, love watching her ass.

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I'm a large guy and I find

I'm a large guy and I find it more enjoyable for my wife to be on top, for one she gets to control how she wants it and two, my hands get to massage her whole body. Hope this helps.