Give Her a Gspot Orgasm

G-Spot Orgasm Positions

The experience of having a G-spot Orgasm is different for every woman. It is a great unknown for some and comes as easily as second nature to others. Many women state they’ve come close, but lost ‘it’ before it came to full fruition. The reason behind this array of outcomes can be attributed to a range of factors that impact her physically and emotionally.

Confidence and sexual freedom emerge when a woman feels secure enough with herself (and her partner) to fully surrender to orgasm. After reading our article on G-spot Stimulation, and editorial on Why is it so Difficult for Women to Have a G-spot Orgasm?, you can appreciate the many reasons why women have difficulty climaxing and/or ejaculating from form of stimulation. In this article we will prime you on the most effective sexual positions to stimulate her G-spot, and reveal the reason why each is an indispensable part of your sexual repertoire.

Positions for G-spot Stimulation

Luckily, SexInfo101 has devised a series of sexual positions, carefully arranged to support a woman ‘going all the way’ with her orgasm. The sequence builds anticipation slowly, gently steering her towards relaxation and receptiveness. All the while, her G-spot is being stimulated at the right pace and suitable intensity:

1. Spread Eagle - In order to prepare a woman for her G-spot journey, it’s best to divert her from all other distractions by lavishing her vagina. In this position, she can really relax as the giver’s tongue and fingers have access to the entire genital region. Build up pleasure with gentle caresses so it gives her enough time to open up and absorb the way the sensations are feeling.

2. Under the Hood - A perfect transition, this pose allows the receiver to rest on her back but her legs are bent far back to engender abandon and surrender. Her partner can support her legs or use their hands to assist in a sensual assault on her clitoris, vagina, anus and (of course) G-spot!

3. Spoons - When it comes to stimulating her G-spot through intercourse, it doesn't get much better than this! With the penetration happening from behind, and height having been removed from the equation, the results are the head of his penis is pointed right at her G-spot on entry! Remember not to go to deep with this one, as doing so will slide you right past the sweet zone.

4. Delight - Get her to sit on the edge of the bed, or prop her up on a stool or low counter. A seated pose such as this one allows for intimate, face to face contact; moreover, it allows the partner to massage her G-spot from many different angles.

5. Butterfly - A perfect transition from the previous pose, you merely lie her down on her back. This position is famous for getting her to open up and enjoy herself. It is also renowned because it gives her the freedom to raise her buttocks; having the ability to influence the movement empowers her, getting her another step closer to G-spot heaven.

6. Deep Impact - Step three of the seated poses, all you have to do from Butterfly position is raise her legs over your shoulders. Once you’re in flight, this move allows the phallus an all-access pass throughout all areas of the vagina surrounding the G-spot. This is a great one for incorporating circular motion so she can lose herself in the whirlpool of pleasure. At this point, the G-spot should be swollen and full.

7. Doggy Style - Standing - Truly one of the best G-spot positions, this saucy rear entry pose puts more pressure on a woman’s G-spot than the traditional Doggy Style position. In fact, it allows the shaft to push forward against her G-spot, which intensifies stimulation and helps build up her ejaculate. Not only that, if she splashes her partner with come, it’s easy for her to pull away from him.

(A couple more cunnilingus positions are thrown in at this point in the series to offer her respite from penetration. This is done for a few reasons. The modified activity slows her down so she can get grounded and tune back in to her psyche. When a partner goes down on her post penetration, it gives her the confidence that her vaginal juices are still pleasurable to her lover. In fact, this could give her the self-assurance she needs to surrender to Female Ejaculation and finally climax!)

8. The Butler - If she hasn’t already come, you’ll probably welcome a little rest. After an active session of standing doggy style sex, this is a great way to shift gears. Her partner has a great angle to sensually caress her buttocks, not to mention lick in between. Very naughty...

9. Forbidden Fruit - In keeping with the rear entry roll that we’re on, the placement of the wedge will give her body support but she will stay on all fours. At this point in the series her button will be very swollen and highly sensitive to touch. Using fingers, her partner has another opportunity to perform a deep massage on her G-spot, rubbing it back and forth and all around; you might also want to squeeze and roll it between your fingers.

(At this point in the routine, you’ve probably noticed that she’s responded better to some sexual positions over others; they may have provided her with ideal physical stimulation or made her feel most at liberty to let go. To bring your lovemaking session to a close, choose from one, some or all of the following positions. They make the most of key angles and encourage her to feel safe, free, and uninhibited. However, if you’re not quite done, go back to the list and repeat!)

10. Missionary - Inverted - Being the lady on top gives her great control and the ultimate in clitoral stimulation. Moreover, the physical intensity might be just what she needs to keep her mind unfettered from distraction and feel grounded in her body.

11. Cradle - Any inhibition she has left will be gone after she’s spent time suspended in this position. It alleviates tension in her PC muscles; in addition, it lessens any pressure that might trigger her to clamp down on her urethra, so she’ll be free to shower her lover’s groin with her pleasure. It’s also an amazing form of ‘sexercise’.

12. Cowgirl - This is a very popular G-spot position because the female has lots of control over depth and angle of penetration; it’s also a great one for grinding deeply. Vaginal penetration in this pose can also induce a simultaneous clitoral orgasm; however, her clitoris can be accessed by either lover to stimulate manually.

13. Prison Guard - For some women, being bent over and restrained is highly arousing; it might actually be just what she needs to finally submit to orgasm. Less intimate than most of the other G-spot poses, this position made the ‘G’ cut because it affords deep penetration and wicked eroticism. Modifying the positioning of her feet can open her up even more, helping her to submit fully to the orgasmic experience.

Added Tips for G-spot Stimulation

A woman ought to feel reassured that she is free to communicate her needs and emotions to her lover. If you really want her to experience this liberating form of orgasm, be an encouraging, accepting sexual partner.

Sometimes women feel embarrassed about their bodily fluids; worrying about her partner’s reaction can thwart her climax. She should feel encouraged to fully let herself ‘let go’, and the outcome (her ejaculate, physical response to orgasm, etc.) is welcomed, beautiful and sexy. Location and preparation will be invaluable to this process; try it in the shower, on an old rug, outside, and so on.

Her responsiveness to stimulation can fluctuate at various times during her menstrual cycle. According to “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot” by Deborah Sundahl, ejaculation is easier during the twelve days before a woman’s period as well as during her period. Women are also better able to G-spot when they’re pregnant.

Note that a female can ejaculate with and without an Orgasm. If the female has ‘spotty’ experience G-spotting, then it might be helpful for her to separate the notion of orgasm from ejaculation. Getting used to the feeling of ejaculating without the extra pressure of having to experience an orgasm will be helpful.

She may or may not be able to ejaculate while a phallus is in her vagina; when she feels her climax closing in, try using Fingering or a small Sex Toy to help her finish.

Final Thoughts

Sex Positions will certainly aid in stimulating the G-spot, but encouraging your female partner to fully let go will seal the deal. Every woman responds to this sexual activity differently; don’t make assumptions, just carry out lots of practice for you both to get to know what works best for her.

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