male ejaculation

Male Ejaculation/Orgasm

The formal definition of male ejaculation is “the release of semen from the penis”. During sexual stimulation, semen collects in the ejaculatory ducts located where the vas deferentia join seminal vesicles within the prostate gland. When stimulation reaches climax, a spinal reflex causes contractions to the muscles within the penis, urethra, and the prostate gland. These contractions propel the semen through the urethra and out of the tip of the penis. Although male ejaculation and orgasm occur simultaneously in most cases, they are not the same process. An orgasm, specifically, is the rhythmic muscular contractions that are a release of accumulated sexual tension and result in an intensely pleasurable sensation.

The rhythmic contractions occur initially at 0.8-second intervals, just as in women, and account for the spurting action of the semen during ejaculation. The intervals between contractions become longer and the intensity of the contractions tapers off after the first three or four contractions. Semen usually takes a few seconds to appear … ejaculatory inevitability (the point at which stopping is impossible) … because of the distance the fluid has to travel. During ejaculation, the sphincter of the urinary bladder is tightly sealed to keep urine from mixing with the semen, as well as making sure that the fluid travels forward, or out.

There are a surprising 20 million sperm/ml of seminal fluid, and average ejaculation consists of 1.5-5ml. Semen contains aboutonia, ascorbic acid, blood-group antigens, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, creatine, deoxyribonucleic acid, fructose, glutathione, hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, spermidine, spermine, urea, uric acid, vitamin B12, and zinc -- but all in very modest quantities. Some of this is designed to nourish the semen enroute, while other ingredients are designed to neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina (which would normally be inhospitable to Sperm). In case you are wondering, most of these ingredients are indeed very healthy, and an average ejaculation contains only about 15 calories.

Since orgasms and ejaculation are separate, it is possible to have either without the other.

In situations where ejaculation occurs on its own, there are two main causes. In the first, involuntary ejaculation occurs during sleep, and is known as nocturnal emission (formally) or a wet dream (in slang). The second main cause is known as Premature Ejaculation), which is a sexual condition in which a man consistently feels he has little or no control over the timing of his build up to ejaculation.

Orgasm can occur without ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition where the bladder's sphincter does not close off properly during ejaculation, so semen flows into the bladder. It is commonly found in men who have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or after some types of prostate surgery. Before you get worried, it can also occur occasionally in men who do not have any serious problems. It is not physically harmful, but it can render the man infertile and he may have a different sensation during ejaculation. This condition is also known as a 'dry come' because the man may experience orgasm, but no semen is released from the penis.

There is also a condition known as retarded ejaculation, ejaculatory incompetence, or delayed ejaculation. It is a sexual condition in which a man is unable to ejaculate even though he is highly sexually aroused.

physical and mental arousal

Any problems with male ejaculation or erection almost always is caused by anxiety or discomfort which always boils down to mental state.
Physical arousal can go away without mental arousal and vice versa.

getting guys to come

For all of you that are saying when ur giving a guy a blow job and can't get him to come then ur not performing the blow job correctly. I know cause I'm a guy and I've had guys tell me this same thing that they just can't seem to come when their girlfriend is blowing them and I tell them how much do you want to bet I can get you to explode within 30 seconds and I always win that bet. So it's all about how its done. And yes I'm that good and I'm only 23. I can always get a guy to explode in my mouth.

After my girl finally makes

After my girl finally makes me cum is it usual for the tip to sting a little?

My bf/ ex hubby has a

My bf/ ex hubby has a problem he cant seem to stay hard while we r going at it it dont matter if we go slow or fast or mild he cant stay hard or he says that he can feel him self cummin but it just backs off and then he trys longer and it just stops everything and that when he can stay hard why is this he is kind of worried cause he used to be able to go a long time with me ????

What's wrong

When I have sex I come very quickly like in the first couple minutes but I don't ejaculate anything but I still lose my erection,however 5 or 10 minutes later I can get my erection back and if I get head I cum normally. What's causing that issue?

can not come

me and my girlfriend have sex for about fourty minutes and i cannot make myself cum we try oral sex and masturbation and still no results . what can we do ? I have been taking cialis and it isn't helping either. I am not sure what else to do .

the first time i gave a bj

the first time i gave a bj and hand i was 20 and with a man well it didnt go well he had told me he would help out but when i started he like went into a trance didnt respond to me had pre-cun and it tasted grows so i tryed to back off but he cam more and shot to the back of my throat so a gaged and kind of bit him he cam more i throw up all over him haha and he cam more lol but he said it was great i think i have more to learn although we have divorced any help for the next guy or to why it taste like i ate 1 table spoon salt to this day i WILL NOT EAT SALT

fast cum

hello all , plz who is can help me for my hubby can have control for he not cum fast

putting a condom on

So, i am a on birth control but me and my boyfriend still want to b safe and use a condom, but when we take the condom out and im about to put the condom on my boyfriend he goes soft. This isnt a once in awhile kind of thing. It happens everytime, what can i do, or what can he do to keep him hard enough to put the condom on? why does he go soft?

Finishing problem

Hey everyone, im 19 and just had sex for the first time about 2 weeks ago with my girlfriend, since then we've done it two more times and I have yet to finish. I can ejaculate normally when I masturbate but not during sex why is that?

hey does this happen to

hey does this happen to everyone... when i get horny this clear slimy liquid stuff slowly just goes out bit by bit and when i start to masturbate it helps the skin on my head slide a lot easier, does this happen to anyone???

Yes, this is called pre cum

Yes, this is called pre cum and it also can impregnate women, which means that having sex without protection and "taking it back" doesn,t work at all!

But basically yeah, it is normal and it is semen.


When I have sex with my gf my erection just gives out. What can I do to fix this?

the cat
Lover's hot cum

Why is my lover's cum so hot??????? The tempture is the warmest I've ever had. I just love that hot juice running down my throat and swallowing. YUMMY YUMMY Just wondering why???

If I recall my science class

If I recall my science class correctly, the testicles need a temperature around 38 degres celsuius to secrete semen, which is 108 farenheit. It still is warm when your lover cums since it just left the warm environment.

Okay, so, the first time I

Okay, so, the first time I gave my boyfriend a blowjob, I completely did it with my mouth and he came fast and I swallowed. The next couple times were the same. Then after I had been deep throating him, he asked me to get off, and I did, and he started jerking off. I was surprised, but then he offered me to keep sucking him and he came. After that, he started doing it more and it would take him longer to cum. Now, blowjobs are just me sucking on it for about 20 seconds then he jerks off for a minute or so then he just has me swallow his cum. It kind of hurts my feelings... Does anyone know why he does it?

A rather large load...

I'm only 14, but I masturbate quite a bit. I masturbated today and had a huge lad of cum!! Like way more than normal! Does anyone have any idea of what I did? By the way I was using redhead porn to get turned on on case that helps. Please let me know if you know what happened.

i remember when i gave my ex

i remember when i gave my ex head in a staircase and i was at it for like 15 mins and while i was going at it he laughed and said "this is how u know the sex is gonna take forever :)" i busted out laughing i couldn't help myself


My boyfriend and I JUST started getting very intimate last week when I slept over. I gave him four handjobs and only 1 out of four times he cumed. I gave up on the other three. I feel like if he doesn't cum SOON that I'm not doing a good job or not doing it right. How long does it normally take for a guy to cum?


It depends really. I've had had sex all day with my girlfriend with a couple of breaks here and there and not cum until I really worked at I guess that would have tallied up to about 6 hours or so. One time...just for the sake of us knowing, she wanted to know how fast I could cum. 5 minutes and 8 seconds according to her iphone. As far as how many times a guy can cum, I'm not sure. I think my max has been 4. After the first two...keeping it really hard feels like a lot of work but the orgasm is really intense. I believe timing and the mood are key factors for how long it takes. Generally for me, I like to have sex for about an 45 mins to an hour. If you think your not doing a good job...although it might be embarrassing...ask him what he likes.

i love 69
15-25 minutes but i depends

15-25 minutes but i depends on the guy

Alright my gf gives the best

Alright my gf gives the best blowjobs and handjobs I have ever had in my life but she cant get me to cum while getting a blowjob or handjob, I can make myself cum while jacking off and I can cum while we have sex but when it comesto the handjobs and blowjobs nothin. So can anyone help me out with this and tell me whats wrong with me or tell me what I need to do to cum while getting blowjobs and handjobs from her?

my bf has the opiate he gets

my bf has the opiate he gets off harder and more then i give him a hand job or blow job and not so much when we have sex wow


Hey all. I'm looking for a little advice. When I cum, I'm sad to say that little comes out and it just dribbles. :( Does anyone know how to get a load and know how to really shoot it?

What you might wanna try if

What you might wanna try if you wouldn't want to wait for you to 'stock' cum up is to get yourself really horny and riled up (touching or no touching) calm down, then repeat a few times if you want then cum. The circulation, muscles, and such make the amount of strength in your urethra build up. So when you're ready to blow, your urethra holds it for a while and keep building the pressure so once it gives, it gives hard. Method always works for my boyfriend, I get him so worked up then he gives me a huge, powerful load. Explosive even :)

what you eat can affect it.

what you eat can affect it. what i do is stock up. i'll go days sometimes weeks (2 at the most) with out sex or masturbating, then finally do it. It builds up more and more (your body is constantly producing sperm and semen) then when you release the load amount increases exponentially. And as to the dribbling problem, right before you cum, hold it in for a little bit. kinda as if teasing yourself, then when you feel the urge to cum release. hope this helps

hey do all Dear friends

im my name is aryan im 22 ,as i knw my friends say wen we sleep we see a sexy dream or orgasm came on Dream .but still im 22 i didnt see any sexy dream and ever came my orgasm on dream
but wen i had sex wih my Wife my orgasm came but lile leat, i dnt knw is that any problem with me or not ,pls pls i need answer for that coz im so worrid
plz answer me i really need ur anser
thanks from all

A little advice pls

Ok so I am totally hot for my boyfriend and I want him, like all the time. All the things leading up to the sex are great, but the sex itself always seems to hurt. I've talked to a few gfs and they said that I'm probably just not wet enough. Yet, if I was anymore turned on... well yeah you know. Any advice?

well i have something that

well i have something that hurts while i have sex anything in me whether its a finger or a cock wet or not i cant remember what its called u might want to ask ur obgyen???

i get that to i was told its

i get that to i was told its a medical problem pain with any kind of intercourse is what i have i forgot what it was called sorry but i can get wet and yet it would hurt like hell yes im a women


JEEZ THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. okay, lube, lubed condoms. if it doesnt work completely then have him lay down and you get on top, you put it in yourself so you know what to do and so you have control, once its in right and it doesnt hurt lean forward and have him move his hips however feels the best for both of you. if it hurts wait a while and dont touch it. if youre really wet it doesnt always help, because its also the outside. the friction with the base of his pubic bone and around my vag hurt like hell, and the lubed condoms make it easier to slip in and out with ease. trust me on this, i know how you feel and that you think you cant get wetter...that will help even more.

HEY, yeah you aren't wet

HEY, yeah you aren't wet enough girl but that's not a problem, use lubricant it might sound weird but it works! KY or what ever brand, it will be AMAZING trust me!

for a lot of women who are

for a lot of women who are having trouble getting their man to cum, it might not be your fault, but his... for several reasons:

1) does he masturbate alot? if yes... then this dosnt help, being a man myself and only recently turned 18, i have a very high sex drive and i use to masturbate maybe twice a day.. sometimes anything up to 5 times a day if i was extremly horny. I later found out that because of the amount of times i masturbated i couldnt cum when recieving sexual pleasures. afterlearning to stop masturbating every time i felt the urge... i can now cum almost all the time my lady wants it.

2) Anxiety!.. obviously, some men seem "pressured" to perform, "will i please her?" sort of thing... if they can cum while they masturbate but not when you give them sexual favours, this might be a reason... not being a doctor i cant realy help here but try and be a little more understanding that not all men can cum at whim to the girl of their dreams :)

3) a problem with his "bits", least likely but always a chance...


hey there i am a male aged 17 and i am worried about my cumming issues well when i wank i either cum to early or i can last for a while but when a girl give me a blow job or a hand job i just cant cum but when i have sex i can never last over 15mins and i am not sure why and its annoying my girl friend gets fed up with it and i think she might cheat on me some time soon cause i cant last long but i can always give her the best time when i finger her or lick her out she says i am a good shag and all but last for 5-15 minutes isn't really a good thing i love my girl friend to bits but i am scared to lose her so can anyone please help me out!! thanks for reading XD


you posted this a bit ago so you might have solved this problem but in case and those for those who have this problem theres a lot you can do. if you feel too turned on while inside her slow down for a bit, tell her youre afraid youre gonna cum, it might turn her on more. then try to switch positions, this will help give you a break and you can focus on something else for a bit. have her get on top, tell her to have control, see if this helps. do other things to her first. and for some reason my bf lasts longer when hes wearing a condom, i dunno. like he sometimes wont cum while hes in the condom. when hes not in a condom he doesnt last too long the first few times, but about the third time around hes good for a while.

If you cannot control it, at

If you cannot control it, at least try to get her off before you cum. Speaking from personal experience, she will not be as upset. Sometimes, my bf does not last longer than 5- 10 minutes and there is nothing worse than when he explodes just as I feel myself about to cum. He knows he cums fast, so he always focuses on me, gets me off, then explodes! Then, the second round is usually longer. Do you usually do it again right after? Because I noticed some guys just need to get that first one off then they ready for a long Round 2


kay, well 2day i was sexting my bf i guess. lol nd well i sent him a picture of my boobs nd i didnt kno that he was at a friends house, well he got hard and came in his pants twice without touching himself at all!! i honestly didnt kno that was possible! he said it was the best feeling he's ever had. just thought i'd share! :)

that must have been a nice

that must have been a nice pic. :)


does anyone have any advice that can help me time my ejaculation with my gf's orgasm? I have been trying to time it perfectly ever since we started dating and have yet to accomplish. if anyone can help me out that would be great and I am sure it would make my gf happy

I replied to a previous post

I replied to a previous post something similiar... There is nothing worse than having our bf cum just as we are about to orgasm. Unfortunately for us women, it happens more than often. So, I would suggest you just letting her cum and THEN you cum right after because its kinda hard to time it. It does happen, just rarely because MEN don't realize that they can mess up our orgasms when they cum at the same time. Because your mind is spinning, your body is jerking, you start bucking wildly... taking away that feeling that had us close in the first place. The the penis goes rigid... and then its all over! I'm just saying, yea it's possible but just remember not to get so caught up in your orgasm that you completely forget u gotta keep applying that PRESSURE that got her to that point cuz women can lose that feeling EASILY


I have a small problem. I can give my boyfriend a blowjob/handjob/mixed for hours and he won't cum.When he masturbates, he cums in like 2 minutes. He says he holds it back when I am doing the work because it feels good. I dont know how to bring him to that moment of intense pleasure before my body gives out.I mean he can really hold it in. He will feel it coming and I will continue what I am doing and it never comes. What do I do?

you guys are lucky im 15 and

you guys are lucky im 15 and have only came once in my life when i was 13
i dont know, why i have an orgasm i just dont cum but there is sperm in my pee thats it

I would just say if it still

I would just say if it still feels good an you "cum" keep on jacking off, you'll get there
Might be that you're just not there yet
Myself when I was about your age couldn't cum, but my friends did.. I think it's just a matter of time

talk to your doctor about

talk to your doctor about that... thats not good.

First a couple of things,

First a couple of things, I've been reading the comments sayin that guys find it attractive when the girl swallows the cum... I've always learned that swallowing cum is better than spitting it out. When swallowing the cum, ur stomach acids break it down. (u cant get pregnant from swallowing it) but when u spit it out, its a way of transmitting a disease (if there is one) because it can enter thru cuts in ur mouth. My boyfriend has no trouble cuming. Its natural. At first I couldnt give him oral cause I'd gag when I did it. But I learned that deep throating isnt a good way to start off. So I worked my way down and now he enjoys it.

If he has disease, you will

If he has disease, you will catch it whether you spit it out or swallow


Hey guys. I'm 13 and I can get an orgasm but I can come. What age to guys usually start being able to come?

it can be any age from 13

it can be any age from 13 through to 18 or even later, just depends on each individual, so dont worry!

I've give my bf a blow job

I've give my bf a blow job but could never swallow his has a bitter taste. is this because his a vegetarian??

i heard that you are what

i heard that you are what you eat, females and males taste better when they eat more boyfriend loves to load his food with salt, and his is salty, so my thought is that it could be bitter because hes a vegetarian