fellatio basics

Fellatio - Basics

Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man. It is a great way to give pleasure; regardless of whether it is for foreplay, after play, or the main event. Like all other sexual skills, they must be learned, so communication is highly recommended. Whether the communication is before, during, or after, it is essential to learn the art. Finding out what he likes will invariably go a long way towards performing mind-blowing oral sex.

Before reading further, you may want to get acquainted with this region of his body by reading the His Erogenous Zones section and having a look at the Male Diagram.

Keep in mind, when you are performing oral sex, you are doing this for him. Sending negative vibes about not wanting to or how much of a chore it is will take away from his experience. If you act enthusiastic, chances are it will be over faster, and it will be your turn to receive. If you are really against performing fellatio, explain to your partner why you don’t, and don’t allow him to force you if you are uncomfortable.

Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of sexual play; particularly in oral sex where a bad taste or smell will undoubtedly dampen enthusiasm on the part of the giver. A bath or shower is a great primer, and can be the start of the festivities. If you are uncomfortable with a particular smell that your partner may have, suggest taking a shower with you, because you’ve had a busy day and don’t feel clean. You don’t want to point out the smell (unless it is a very common occurrence and can be prevented), as that will only lead to anxieties and take away from the overall experience.


Finding an agreeable position for fellatio is usually not a difficult task. Both the man receiving fellatio and the person performing it need to be comfortable. For deep throating, it is wiser to choose a position where the angle of the penis and the angle of your throat are somewhat aligned. For a better look at positions for oral sex, have a look in our sexual position section.

The Basics

Too often oral sex is initiated by sucking on the penis. To achieve a more powerful orgasm, it is better practice to start with some teasing. With the exception of a quickie, fellatio should be started with some well placed teasing. Start by kissing and licking around his penis, on the inner thighs, then on to his testicles, and then slowly up his shaft towards his glans (the head of his penis). Once you get there, use your tongue to tickle him around the glans, and especially on his frenulum, the split on the underside of his penis. At this point, he should be hard as a rock and super-sensitive to everything that you do. You can continue teasing if you like, but we don’t recommend teasing too long, as this can become frustrating for the receiver.

One common problem women performing fellatio make is using only their mouth to repeatedly stroke his penis. They continue doing this until either it works, or they get a sore jaw and neck. A good “blow job” should not be too repetitive, should include stroking using a hand and the exploration of his testicles, thighs and (if you and he like) the anal region. By mixing up your style, you allow your muscles to relax, you can avoid getting a sore neck and you can improve your performance.

How you mix it up should depend on what your partner’s likes. Although there is a lot to say about fellatio that can get the job done in a matter of minutes, it is the longer ones that usually result in more intense orgasms, and coincidently are remembered. (Click here to read about stroking techniques).

It is a good idea to keep an eye on his scrotum (his testicle “sack”), as it is usually a good indicator of how close he is to coming. As a guy gets closer to climax, the skin on his scrotum tightens and pulls his testicles towards his body to warm them up. You can let this happen on its own, or help out by stimulating his testicles with a hand, tongue, or mouth.

More Advanced

Once you get the basics, and are comfortable and experienced with them, there are a lot of options to increase the pleasure. One option is using lubricants on his shaft. This will allow you to stroke faster without causing irritation. There are a wide variety of products that can be used,this includes: flavored lubricants, lubricants that heat up when blown on or rubbed, water based, oil based and many others. On this note, using whipped cream, spreads, and other food can also be incorporated to make the “blow job” more erotic.

Sex Toys can add more stimulation. Whether it is a regular vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, or an oral simulator, these toys can greatly intensify the stimulation. These days, there is virtually a sex toy for everything and everyone, so check out our toy store to find a product that is perfect for you.

If your man likes to experiment, we recommend stimulating his prostate gland with your finger or an anal toy to take his orgasms to a whole new world of pleasure. For more information on this, please refer to the anal play article.

Another more difficult to master skill is deep throating. In this, the performer takes the entire penis into the mouth and down the throat - hence the name. In many cases, the sensation is so intense that climax in men comes quickly. As enjoyable as this may be, it takes time to learn to control your gag reflex. You can train your gag reflex by trying to take as much of the penis as you can when performing fellatio. Your partner should restrain from any thrusting during this exercise! With time, you will be able to go deeper and deeper, until finally you’ll be able to take the whole thing.


Most men find it very erotic to have a partner swallow their semen, but if you really don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t do it. Options include: catching it in your mouth, then spitting it out; using a tissue to catch it; or, just letting it shoot and clean up the mess afterwards. To find out more about semen, we suggest reading our article on Male Orgasm & Ejaculation.

Many women stop performing fellatio right after their man ejaculates. Instead, you should continue to gently stimulate orally or with your hand for a minute or two longer. After a climax, the penis becomes much more sensitive, so try giving it to him a little longer. Be careful though, some men find this after-play too intense to handle.

Warnings and Suggestions

Very few men like the feeling of teeth on their penis. Teeth can cause discomfort, cuts, and scratches to the skin if you are not careful. This is easily avoided by tucking your lips around your teeth before you take the penis in your mouth.

The use of condoms is highly recommended in the practice of safer sex. If you are not sure of your partner’s sexual history, it is strongly advised that you use a condom while performing any sexual act. If you want something a little more interesting try using a flavored condom and by all means stay away from the lubricated variety (the lubricants used on condoms taste horrible). A good suggestion for anyone using a condom during fellatio is to buy a flavored lubricant to turn a normal latex condom into a tasty condom.

Advanced Fellatio Techniques

For more advanced fellatio techniques, please click here.

wide one
best of the BJ's i've gotten

i've been having my dick sucked for a long time, some were great, some good, and some not so good. however the "best" was the 1st time my current wife took me in her mouth. we had literally (30 minutes previously)just met face to face( we'd been chatroom friends for a couple years. we were on the couch, fondling each other, her panties were already on the floor, and she'd cum once already from me fingering her. she stood up ,took my hand and was leading me towards the bed room, she reached back and was rubbing my cock through my jeans, said solfty, "OMG" she backed me against the wall, got on her knees in front of me, unsnapped/unzipped my jeans, and immediately my cock flopped out.
she grabbed it at the base, and gave it a couple of long slow tugs, "i dont think it will all fit, but OMG! i have to try"
she did her best, worked me hard for several minutes, but i didnt want to cum in her mouth, i wanted to fuck her in the worst way.
we made it to the bedroom, her pussy was dripping wet while i liked her to another orgasm. she was begging me to fuck her, she laid back as i slipped a condom on,(we had already discussed safe sex) within a few short minutes, she was asking me to removed the condom. i did and soon filled her tight pussy with an enormous load of my cum.
i cleaned her up the best i could, and she licked every drop from my cock and balls.
my favorite BJ position to this day (15 years later) is standing with her kneeling in front. several times over the years, she's done her best in parking garages, elevators, and motel hallways

eye contact

Girls, look your man in the eyes. Game Over.

just some more help

get hands-on

While your mouth is definitely your star player, calling in your hands as reinforcements will boost stimulation for your guy and increase your stamina since you’re splitting up the work. Focus your mouth on the head while lightly gripping his shaft with both hands, letting them follow as you bob up and down, massaging with your tongue. The pump-and-swirl combo will send him into sensory overload.

be a tease

After slowly stripping him, take your tongue and lightly run it around his southern erogenous zones—like his inner thigh or along his V-cuts—touching everywhere but the goods. Your mouth in the neighborhood will be super arousing, and when you finally make your way to the promised land, all of his nerves will be on high alert. Translation: He’ll be so revved up, he’ll be begging for it.

under pressure

Cup one hand around the base of his penis and lightly squeeze, using the other hand to assist your mouth as you stimulate his head and upper-shaft. Your cupping hand will create a pressure that’ll direct more blood flow to the head, making his pleasure from your oral handiwork even more magnified.

bottom to top

Keeping your tongue flat, start at the underside of his balls and lick your way up to the tip-top of his head, like how you’d lick an ice cream cone. On the way up, you’ll hit pretty much every erogenous zone he has down there for a sensation that’ll make his toes curl.
dont forget the balls

Oral sex without the twins would be like a sundae without hot fudge—it’s just wrong. The skin covering his balls is rife with sensitive nerve endings, so if you’re ignoring this key area in your downtown adventures, you’re robbing your man of some serious bliss. Every now and then, take a detour and try gently licking or sucking that skin, all while manually handling his shaft. And when you’re mid-oral and have a free hand, gently cup them as you go.

use a vibrator

Most guys assume vibrators are you-only territory, but not so. As you’re going down on him, grab your smallest vibe and rest it lightly on the underside base of his shaft. Not only will the new sensation be super arousing for him, the vibrations will also heighten his climax. Post-O, we guarantee he won’t move for a solid five minutes.

no hands

Set the pace with a few slow, deep bobs, and then let him take over and do the thrusting for a minute or so. That frees up your hands do to, ahem, other things…like massage his balls, or manually stimulate yourself.

in da shower

There are a few reason the shower is a prime spot for oral action. First, the heat from the water seriously ups the steamy factor—and the look and feel of your warm, wet skin rubbing against his will send his libido into overdrive. Make sure to tilt the shower head so that the water is streaming down his back, which will relax him and increase his down-there circulation. Then, kneel in front of him (he’ll be shielding you from water to the face) and proceed, massaging his package with your tongue. The result? A mind-blowing O with no cleanup.

on the bed

Have him stand beside the bed as you lay on it. Then, put both hands on his ass and thrust him into your mouth. You’ll be in control of how deep he goes (read: no gagging), and you’ll simulate the motion of sex—super hot for him. If you’re feeling adventuresome, flip over and try the move on your back, giving your guy a naughty full-frontal view of the goods.

let him watch

All guys want a show. Lean him back on the bed with two pillows under his back—an angle that gives him the perfect view of you between his legs. Tie your hair back so he can see everything, then slowly kiss up and down his shaft, making eye contact now and then to let him know how much you’re into it. Either way, your performance will be on repeat in his head all. Day. Long.


There’s a reason this position has withstood the test of time—it’s feels freaking awesome for both of you. Our recommendation: Lay him on his back and try it you-on-top, giving you more control of how deeply you take him into your mouth. The simultaneous stimulation obviously ups the sizzle factor for you both, and you can’t beat his view.

flavored lubed

Apply some flavored lube to your finger and dab it around your lips, like you’re applying lip gloss. Then, glide your mouth down the side of his shaft, getting him nice and lubricated. Stop every now and then, lips pursed, to apply light suction to the underside of his head. The image of your mouth sliding up and down his penis will be headed right for the spank-bank.


Mix things up by varying between a slow, sensual pace and faster, more intense speeds. Too much stimulation too fast could cause him to finish quickly, cutting your sack session short. The key is to build up his anticipation, since the more you draw out his pleasure, the more intense his O will be.

just the tip

Yep, there’s an oral version, too. Swirl your tongue around the underside of his head, like how you’d lick a lollipop. You’ll activate super-sensitive nerve endings in his frenulum—the V-notch on the underside of his head, which houses the most sensitive skin on his entire body and is an epicenter for erotic pleasure. Flicking that zone with the tip of your tongue will feel otherworldly.

morning wood

If you’re up before him, sneak downtown and start slowly kissing along the head and shaft of his penis. It may take a few minutes for him to come-to, but arousal is imminent—and you know what to do from there. With a wake-up like that, he’s guaranteed to have the best day ever.

Whether you’re in the back of a parking lot or another secluded area, treat your guy to a little impromptu oral action in the car. It might take some finagling position-wise, but the thrill of semi-public action will make you both feel super-naughty.


With your mouth cupped around the head of his penis, make a light humming noise that resonates in the back of your throat. As he enters your mouth and moves in and out, the sensation will get stronger, creating a slight vibration around the base of his head—which will feel so so good as you massage him with your tongue.
hot and cold

Before venturing south, take a swig of water and hold a smallish piece of ice on or underneath your tongue. (If that feels too cold, try using a strong mint, instead.) Then, wrap your mouth around the head of his penis, stimulating the up and down motion as you normally would. The mixture of warmth from your tongue with the occasional blast of cool from the ice will give him chills…in the best way. ;)


Okay. I have tried to have oral sex, but whenever I try to give it my teeth get in the way. Is there a way to give oral without having the feeling that you're going to bit him? Cause I just can't!


I used to give head to my ex-boyfriend and he never went down on me. He used to guilt me into it and then I stopped doing it. And now I have been with this other guy for three years and we are going to be married in August and he has never had a blow job. I have this fear now because of my ex, and I wanted to know how to get over this fear of giving head. And my fiance is way bigger than my ex. I don't even like to look at penises anymore, and it makes me feel awful. He goes down on me all the time and I want to give back but I am afraid of to do it. I want to get over it for his and my sake. Any advice on what to do? On how to get over the fear?


So, last night my fiance and I tried 69, it was great but he said the only problem was I kept accidentally using my teeth. Like I would accidentally bite him, or when I tried using my tongue, I would accidentally scrape him with my teeth.
Does anyone have any advice on how not to do that??

(Note: I can't fit him all the way in my mouth (if that helps at all))

A BJ position not illustrated...and should be!

I enjoying giving head when I'm seated and he's standing. For some reason, this position isn't illustrated. The last time I did this I was in a 5 star hotel suite where there was an armchair and footrest. I sat on the footrest while my man put his hard cock in my mouth. I think it's a good position for amateurs because the girl is comfortable and the man can help by moving his hips back and forth--which is so sexy. It's also a turn on to have my man stand between my open legs.


I give my boyfriend a blow whenever he wants to but I can't finish him off doing just that. He says he was never into it.. Can that be true? I really try my best. I deep throat and lick and suck. He gets hard and drips a little but he makes me switch to a hand job or sex and then I ask him to finish in my mouth so I can swallow..

And does cum really taste strong and most times bitter..?

HELP. I do not know if what I'm doing is right!

ask him to tell you what he

ask him to tell you what he wants you to do or apply the hand job techniques to the blowjob. my bf was awful at telling me what to do while i was giving head, but he showed me what he liked when it came to handjobs. turns out the first few times i gave him bjs i wasn't doing it fast enough. also, he jerks off making a ring with him thumb and index finger, so squeeze with my lips making the same kind of ring. if he likes cork screwing during hand jobs twist your head.

if that doesn't work, idk, maybe he just doesn't get off on the idea of reviving oral and you're doing everything perfectly.

my bfs cum tastes salty rather than strong and bitter, but hes the only guy i've done that with. i hear it depends on what he eats.

i love giving blowjobs to my bf

My bf is really sensitive, and its such an ego booster to know I can make him cum just through oral sex alone. Just recently I told him to hold off cumming as long as he can. I made him orgasm so many times and he moaned louder that usual. It was such a turn-on for me that I was making him lose control. He came so hard in my mouth, that was the most amount of cum he's ever shot. I made him lose control :)

So sista's its totally rewarding if you can make your man cum with just your mouth (Swallowing is an option). Just imagine the possibilities of making your man putty in your hands... Giving head is such an awesome way of giving pleasure. Just enure equal pleasure is given if you allow him to go down on you. Giving out and not getting back is a pain.


I want to try giving a blowjob. I'm not dating anyone but my best friend is a guy and I want to try it with him. He's gone further than I have but I'm not sure how to bring it up with him... any ideas?

well, if i was you, i'd talk

well, if i was you, i'd talk about how cool it would be to have a friend with benefits a lot maybe he'll get the hint and offer himself up. or just ask him straight up. just be like "hey... i know this is kind of random and awkward, but i kind of wanna practice doing sexual things and you're my best guy friend, so i was wondering if you'd let me give you a blowjob"

Your walking on eggshells

Your walking on eggshells with this situation... talk about that ashton kutcher movie "friends with benifits" or whatever its called, and ask 'Would you ever want to be a friend with benifits?' see if that helps. Then see if that can lead into the blowjob thing. Or if your totally confident in your friendship and know it won't be awkward, just ask him straight out; "Since your my best friend, can i practice givin head on you?"


i find that some dont have a big enough mouth for me or not enough practice. im 7.75 inches long by 7 inches circumference. i find the feeling of teeth a turn off and won't be able to cum unless they use a lot of hand to stroke me off

blow jobs and braces

About a month ago I got braces...lame I know. Usually the giving of the blow job is great for my bf and I, but now that I got braces I'm a little scared that I'll hurt him in some way so I haven't given him one since I got them. I'm going to be stuck with them for about a year and sex with no blow job is a big no. Any ideas or tips on how I can give him pleasure without hurting him?

Its ok

When I met my fiance she had braces. She wasn't great at giving head but she learned and got better. One of the things that I thought braces helped with was helping her keep her teeth out of the way. She was constantly rolling her lips over her teeth to not only avoid teething my cock but to avoid rubbing her braces on my sac.
Having braces wasn't the worst thing for us, it helped her learn the right way to give a blowjob and in fact once that improved, we taught her how to deep-throat. Confidence breeds confidence. You can do it.

i've never given a blowjob

i've never given a blowjob with braces, but i don't think it'll make any sort of difference. if the teeth ever hit, it would be the bottom, not the flat part that the braces are attached to.

I have braces too, and

I have braces too, and expanders in the top of my mouth and I have the same problem...
I think maybe with your situation don't worry about it as long as he avoids your teeth (which I think? He's supposed to to anyway) you two'll be fine. Act like they're not there.

a couple weeks ago

About two weeks ago I gave him a bj hahaha yeah he walked me through the whole entire thing. When I started he just wud moan and rub my back and whisper "a little more baby girl". He cummed in my mouth and I swallowed the whole thing. then he fingered me for a bit.... we've done this about five times since and we're closer then ever ;) I'm soooooo glad I did it

I've read through a lot of

I've read through a lot of these comments and a lot of you seem awefully young. Don't rush anything. Definatly don't let anyone pressure you into anything. Wait until you are ready! The wait will be worth it. I lost my virginity to the man i love. SO glad i waited. :) I love giving my man head. And he loves getting it. I like to try new things every now and then. Once i tried just licking his balls a little bit and he LOVED it. Then i tried sucking on them a little bit and i couldn't tell whether he liked it or not. I won't be able to do it unless he is shaved though. No one likes the feeling of hairs in their mouth. And for those who can't swallow, try jolly ranchers. Guys tend to LOVE when girls swallow. Jolly ranchers make the cum taste sweet. :) Careful not to swallow the jolly rancher though. Bad ending right there.

ilove suckin' my man, he

ilove suckin' my man, he loves it when i start out at the base of his dick and lick upward, i use one hand massage his balls, i start licking his dick and go all the way around and work my way to the top...when i get to the top i take it in my mouth and go all the way to the base and start suckin' ...he will give out little moans and his breathing deepens....the more i suck the better he likes it...i start off slow and easy then i get more agressive...just before he blows he will ram about 4 fingers in my pussy and the harder & faster i suck the harder he fingers....ahhhh i can almost taste him now....guess what will happen in my bed tonight

I loved giving my friend a

I loved giving my friend a blow job. I was a little scared the first time I did it but he loved it. He kept saying "you do this like you've done it before" I had him cumming in the first 5 minuets. Sure wish I didnt have to move.

Eating Cum

I love when my girlfriend sucks my cock...how can i convince her to eat my cum? I also love to suck her pussy but she really doesnt like that idea..

i never had a problem with

i never had a problem with eating my boyfriend's cum, maybe (like one person suggested) try tasting it. if it tastes really bitter maybe change your diet to make it taste better? but it goes in the back of her throat anyway, so she won't taste it for very long.. ask her why she doesn't want to. point out that if its already in her mouth she might as well just swallow. its less of a mess.

my bf wants to eat me out as well, hes withholding sex until i let him do it. mean, but effective.

Try swallowing your own

Try swallowing your own load, see if you like it... about lickin pussy... um...First ask why she's not into it. Then ask for permission to slowly get into lickin pussy. Ask 'If i'm gentle and slow, may I try licking your pussy?'. Read up on the cunnilingus tips. note LICKING not sucking.


Cum is definitely an acquired taste. I'm frustrated that nature didn't make a man's orgasm taste as good as a woman's. Why is that?!

After 22 yrs. of my own sexual experience, I still have not gotten used to it. For those that don't mind drinking it, I envy them. They and their partners are pretty damn lucky. The closest I can get to letting him receive the full pleasure is to let him cum and keep moving my mouth over his shaft without sucking, then wipe my mouth out with a towel once he's relaxed.

Sorry - I guess my best advice is to try to find a way to be satisfied with what she IS giving you vs. being fixated on what she simply CANNOT do (I have tried and I, personally, just can't).

By the way, have YOU tasted it yourself? Try putting a load of yours in your own mouth and see if you can swallow. Once I told my husband to try that, he stopped asking and is happy for what I CAN give him.

As for the "sucking pussy" - I think you need to waltz on over to the "Cunnilingus" topics to see if you're performing it right. If you're just sucking, all I can say is, "OUCH!" The sucking should be saved 'til she's really wet and just about to come. There's so much more to get to that, and it's got nothing to do with sucking. A woman's pussy is not like a man's cock and you have to be - generally speaking - patient, slow, and tender.

i use jolly ranchers. or a

i use jolly ranchers. or a candy of that sort. you should try it. to make the cum taste better. careful not to swallow it though!

I love getting head. But my

I love getting head. But my partner don't do it very often. How can I get to do it more? How can I last longer while she does it?

Lasting longer?

Ask her.
Communication is vital in sex and relationships.
If your partner thinks and see that this is important to you she may be more inclined. If thats the case dont expect it for free though.

Do things that she likes more often.

As for lasting longer:-
- use flavoured condom's - trust me, you still get a great feeling, especially because you'll last longer.
- ask her to take her time - this way she can control when you go, how and where. Oral isn't just oral. What of the surrounding areas? she could also switch to her hand for a moment to rest her jaw.
- switch positions - as it says really. Personally I like to do her orally as I recieve, so its all preference.

Hope this helps

- Jordan

joel r
All I can say is

It feels so good to get head from my girl. I have never had a problem cumming either.

I lovee giving head! The

I lovee giving head! The feeling of a hard cock in my mouth just can't be beat, it's soo amazing and i love pleasing my partner, hearing them moan and tasting their cum, it's just amazing!


I can't stress this enough. LADIES WATCH THE TEETH. SHIT HURTS lol. but i had this girl give me head one time and it was amazing, then i started getting head from her once every week and it kept getting better. then we stopped for a week(she went on vacation) and then when she got back it was Horrible, teeth and biting. Moral of the story practice makes perfect, and skipping practices equals bad performances. haha

I like a bit of teeth

I like a bit of teeth myself.
a bit of nimble never hurts anyone.
Plus as long as its careful, its all good x3

bad blowjob

when i gave my boyfriend head he said it hurt him that i was sucking too hard.then the next day he said his dick was sore i think i did a bad job lol but its cuz i jst wasnt in the mood

hes not going to get any

hes not going to get any pleasure out of it if he can sense youre not into it.


i like giving bjs to my bf. he loves when i go down on him. But i sometimes feel akward when giving him one, is there anything i can do to feel less akward?

My frnd is a sucker

I have friend he is 2 yrs youger than me, we meet only when i go to my uncle's town. As a teenager we used to give handjob and blowjob to each other and matter of fact we had anal sex many a times. Now i dont like it but he still wants suck my penis when we meet, yesterday he pleaded for it twice and i allowed him to give me blowjob. Is this right, what should i do?

If you aren't comfortable

If you aren't comfortable with it anymore you need to stand your ground and tell your friend to stop. You should'nt do something that you're uncomfortable with and you need to make sure your friend knows that you aren't into it anymore.

first time blow job

im a virgin and i wat to have sex with my friend but i cant because i dont belive in not wearing a condom
"hes ges a rash when he wears one" but i am willing to give him a blowjob im a little nervous about it any other tips for a first timer?

doesnt believe? pfft sorry

doesnt believe? pfft sorry but thats a small price to pay if you consider the consequences. What of STI/D's?

my guy realli likes when i

my guy realli likes when i give him head he always ends up breathing heavy and stroking my back so that i kno he likes it. all i do is take his rock hard in my mouth circle it with my tongue. then i go a lil bit deeper but constant with the tongue, he realli likes that. and just go deeper periodically as it is still comfortable. i find it works when i switch up from it being a little in my mouth to it being lil deeper and so on ;)

my bf loves bjs

my bf loves wen i give him head. i dont like givin him bjs but i love makin him happy.he love da way my tongue rong feel on is cock n he loves da way it feels wen i swallow wen he finishes.

No Happy Ending

I have never came while getting a bj. It has always been something I wanted to do, but have never been with a woman that spent much time trying to get me there. Maybe someday!

I love giving my man a bj. I

I love giving my man a bj. I find that he loves it even better when ive licked around his balls and the tip of his dick before i take the whole thing into my mouth. Swallowing isnt my preference so i only do this occassionally but either way i know he enjoys it cause he begs me for more


im not sure when i should start performing oral. ive never done it before so i dont know if i should do it during foreplay or during sex? how do i know when to stop?

Sooner than Later

I think the easiest way to answer your question is to say that you can do oral before, during, and after sex. With the foreplay, the thing that always does it for me is when all of the kissing is going on and the heavy petting just start moving down. First with your hands. Then move your kisses down, but KEEP rubbing the body! You have all of these tools for a reason. Might as well use them. Eventually your face will be far enough south to start.

During sex can just happen randomly. It is easiest in between positions though. AND it is a great transition if you ask me! =)

As for stopping... Well, I guess it depends on what your goal is. If you want to prolong it as long as possible, talk to your partner and tell them that you either want them to cum or not and to let you know when they are close. Although the better you are, the quicker that point will come.

The key to everything is this. If you are a beginner, just practice and make sure that you tell your partner to TELL YOU when you are doing it just right. It may take time, but don't get discouraged. This is one skill that is well worth learning.

when to go for it

basically, im not confident in giving head. im just not sure when to go for it. like should i start while we're kissing or during sex?

i was 12 wen i had my first

i was 12 wen i had my first blowjob it was amazing i came loads and i was woried that there cud be sutin wrong with me icame loads even wen i masterbate i come with like a cupfull and a bit are my glands 2 big

i've given blow jobs a

i've given blow jobs a couple of times with my boyfriends, but i've never had cum in my mouth. the first i gave a bj i was 13 and so was my boyfriend at the time; so he didn't really at all even when i gave him a hand job. the second time i gave one my boyfriend pretty much just forced me to give him one, but i didn't let him get to cumming because it was a first date; and i mean come on that is a little fast to be doing anything.

is this normal after bad oral?

ok so yesterday i got this blow job and it felt uncomfortable because I kinda felt teeth.....Itold this person not to use their teeth and they did better second go round. After the BJ, they also jacked me off, and it involved saliva and slightly aggressive masturbation...okay like after this experience, my glans felt VERY sensitive to the point whrer i cudnt even let it rub against my boxers because it wud be easily irritated, I examined my penis when I got home, and it looked normal at first, but I stretched the head out to examine it closer, and felt around, the sensitive part was a little rough and slightly bumpy, and when I touched them I realized that this was the area that was giving me trouble....is this normal???remember, I did feel their teeth at first so I'm thinkin that this is the cause, but I want to be sure this isn't an STD...