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Plumber Sex Position

The Plumber version of fellatio has the receiver kneeling on all fours, with the giver laying further down the bed with their head between the receiver's knees. The giver performs oral and can use their hands to caress and explore their partner's whole body. The receiver can dip and raise their dips to carefully thrust in and out of the giver's mouth.

didnt know

Heck, I've been doing this for years with my female FB.. didn't know it actually had a name... she love my cock deep in her mouth and throat like this...and I'm never gonna complain...


I had a girl roll me over to try this once and I am very large in length and girth. There is a subtle difference between a girl moaning and having a good time and one that is choking to death and needs air and just got an amateur tracheotomy. lol

Performed this on my new bf

Performed this on my new bf this morning. I said 'Ive got a suggestion - slide yr cock up thru my tits and into my mouth' which seemed to appeal! He was moaning the whole time I was sucking him, loved it. I made him cum on my tits and then sucked the residue off his cock until his hard-on subsided. Great all round!

yea this is awesome if u

yea this is awesome if u stay on all fours and she licks your ass and tickles all around with a whip. licking ur balls. alot of fourplay


i love giving head.. i have a tongue ring and i love making guys twitch and roll their eyes into the bak of their head.. i love wen they moan and cum all in my mouth so i can swallow it...

Can I try

Could I come in ur mouth I have never done that to a girl before

I have a tongue ring too.

I have a tongue ring too. I've been dating my bf for a year and a half and we usually do this position 2-3 times a day I always used to wear the ring. This mornng I decided not to have it in and my bf immediately said something about say how much he loves it when it rubs on his cock

Same here girl get sum

Same here girl get sum edible loction n swallow a little it numd ur thoart nd deep thoart his dick

My dream girl!!!

My dream girl!!!

Yum for him

My Boyfriend , is very much in charge. He told me to try this on him. I did. I was gagging and swallowing. He seemed to enjoy himself.


Ohhhh ! I like this. I like to start with plumber and finish with 69 and may be a re-play after a lil while for repeat action and double pleasure..... any takers? Am male :)

A position for dirty cum dumpsters....

The only way I would describe the women I've done this to would be to use the term "cum dumpster"... I like it because this posiiton defiles them in every way, and when I'm finished with them gagging and slurping all the pre-cum mixed with their drool, I cam blow a nice big load all over their face -- then get up and leave.

i love it

i love it

I love doing this 2 my

I love doing this 2 my boyfriend its a great position 2 get all of his hard cock deep in my throat he loves cuming all over my face in this position and when he does that its guaranteed 2 get me so fucking wet

wow sounds good

wow sounds good

Love making a mess all over

Love making a mess all over your face. Then, maybe if I'm in a dirty mood, make you lick it off my fingers and down it! 3:-)


this is great

chelsea holland
this is great.i love sweaty

this is great.i love sweaty ass crack in my face while choking on a fat one=)

cant wait to try this this

cant wait to try this this weekend and throat swab too!!!

Where were you when I was 16?

I'm just saying... wow girl!

I have like no gag reflex at

I have like no gag reflex at all so I can take my fuck buddies really deep in my mouth so rather than me do the work, I like to have the guy just pound into my mouth. Sometimes I'll stop them right before they are about to cum and tease their cock slowly until they can't take it anymore and start thrusting into me again. Then I suck again until they explode. It makes their orgasms so much bigger!!!

Awkwardly Positioned.

Two words. Neck pain. :3

Jennifer Max30
In my throat

If you relax and with the right angle a guy can push his dick down into your throat. Let my first say I'm one that gags and chokes but several times I was able to get just the right angle and take his dick far into my throat. When he came his sperm shot down my throad without me swallowing. I was amazed. It was a strange feeling his warm cum down along my throat area. As he pulled back somewhat I was able to take in the rest of it in my mouth. It was a feat for me, something I just can't do as well as they make it look on those x video's.


that just sounds amazing. how did you not gag tho, and if i get my girlfriend to do this what do you think would be a good treat for her after?

omgoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! this

omgoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! this one was so amazing! my bf made sure that his dick was in my mouth..and i loved every minute of it!

i wanna try diz out. ~GoD oF

i wanna try diz out.

~GoD oF SeX~


when i look at the animations they get me realll wet :0


Same, well i get a hard on just looking and reading things on here, itts really bad :L, but still fun ;)


well what can i say i love this one you get the great tension from it a hard suck is great xx

Hee hee. We've tried this


Loved it

Did this a week ago for the first time. A week ago, I met a gorgeous guy with a great body at a bar. Went to his place; while making out he told me to get down on my knees. He pulled his cock out which was already fully hard. I stared at it, then he put his hands on my head and moved it closer so I took him in and sucked while he took off his shirt. Then he took me to his bedroom. Laid me down on my back, propped by head on a pillow. Suddenly, he was on top of my face. I did not know what he was doing, suddenly he was in my mouth pumping just like in this picture. I was in a was so awesome. His rhythm kept changing..sometimes slow, sometimes medium, sometimes super fast. I was just waiting for him to cum in my mouth,but he pulled out and shot on my face. I want to do it again, but want him to finish the job in my mouth.

I ran into this same guy

I ran into this same guy later on and asked him if he could do it again. It was most fun the first time, when he was agressive and just did what he wanted to satisfy himself, but I still love being face f***ed by this huge, muscular guy; now on a regular basis. He alternates his movements so I never know what to expect. Sometimes he rubs himself on my face til he finishes. Sometimes he just pulls out and lets it shoot on my face. Sometimes he cums in my mouth. In this position, I don't taste much because it just goes straight down. Sometimes I don't even know he came.
So when I want taste his cum, he'll now face f**k me with me on my knees and him holding my head pulling my head forward back and forth. I asked him that when he cums to be almost pulled out so it won't go straight down. But when he's near done he slams it deep. I've found a lot of other guys to do this with and explore various other FF positions. One black guy is the most aggressive.


That's a really great story. I'd like to have my way with you like that.

that sounds so hot!

that sounds so hot!

Tried this with my BF last

Tried this with my BF last night...he LOVED it! Never heard him moan so much or cum so hard!!! Will def. do it again!!!

there is NOTHING better than

there is NOTHING better than a great skull-fuck!!! this is one of the top best, but girls hang ur head off the side of the bed... u'll c y...


I would love to try this i like being fucked hard in my mouth


I wanna def try this one with my man!!! ooooooohh, its gettin me hot.

Give it a try, it is a hot

Give it a try, it is a hot position. I like to do a little bit of titty fu*king and then she likes to pull me up and suck on my cock. About all I can do is moan and enjoy the feel of her mouth on my cock. I get stiff just thinking about it myself.

room mate loved this

I have a 22 male room mate that i tried this on,,, Let's just say, it turned me on hearing him moan & telling me to fuck his dick

virgin15 :]
haha dude i bet shes like

haha dude i bet shes like choking, haha she should just get on her knees so he's not shoving himself down her throat


depends how long he is...

Im really wet,,kinda of

Im really wet,,kinda of bored my cut buddy getting old, need new exictgment,, need sum sex

sexyangel 1

As soon as my bf gets here, i'm gonna suck AND lick his c**k AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! MAybe I should change my name to Hornyhellcat. Opinions anyone?

take it easy on him now

take it easy on him now

My ex bf luved this one he

My ex bf luved this one he would always thrust and make sure his dick was all the way in my mouth.


i love doing this it makes him cum so mucgh over n over, i aloso like plaayin wit nself when hes cummiingg :D its great!

Love it

Love 2 have him hold and place in and out and make me go deeper



i've actually done this but

i've actually done this but reversed, as cunnilingus, not fellacio. i liked it, and would deffinately do it again!