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Pirate's Bounty Sex Position

To get into the Pirate's Bounty position, the receiver lies on their back with one of their legs resting on the shoulder of their partner, the other wrapped around their partner's thigh (the mast). The giver enters from a kneeling position. A little easier to perform than the similar Deep Stick, this position holds true to its name, meaning the giver can penetrate with everything they've got, unless of course they are too big. Any genital altitude difference can be corrected for easily by using pillows.

oh god I so want to do this

oh god I so want to do this one... have him tie my hands and playing with my nipples and massaging my boobs hmmmmm

Tie your hands?

Above your head to the bed posts?

mmmm most definitely

mmmm most definitely

last night

fucked the wife last night in this position.
handcuffed her hands above her head, and blindfolded her.
she loves a variety of depth and speed, and it's easy (for me)to control when she cums.
with her legs spread wide, her pussy is a little more open.
closed leg positions are difficult for both of us, due to her tight pussy, and my thick 7" cock.


My ex and I have done this, and wow, I do miss this one!


My hubby and I did this the other night oh my god I love it



I cum every time from this one. If you like the rough stuff, have you guy handcuff your hands above your head. His hands can go everywhere and you just lay back getting some of the deepest cock of your life. It's the best feeling being controlled and helpless.

Good alternative to the deep stick...

if you have a really long cock.


my boyfriend and I did this one last night and I swear I came at least three times. The best time I came was when he stuffed a pillow under my hips. I swear he hit all the right spots for me with this position. I can't wait to do it again.


So my bf wants to have all control next time.would this be a good position?

Yes it is perfect for

Yes it is perfect for exercising control from beginning to end.

Oooooo looks fun!

Oooooo looks fun!


And fun too! Cowgirl always rules though.:)

Looks pretty cool

This seems kinda uncomfortable


Excellent EXCELLENT position! It really lets my bf thrust way inside me. Having one leg up gives me less mobility so I have to stay there no matter how over the edge I'm getting, and having one leg spread out lets him go all the way in, opens me up to him. Definitely a favorite.

im a virgin and i dont wanna

im a virgin and i dont wanna be i dont have a guy but if you wanna have fun and live in antioch ca let me know :)


i'm 15 and im a virgin n i wanna have sex but i dont just wanna do the basics like missiionary, but this looks so good. My boy is much older than me and isnt a virgin and lives on the other side of the world and i want to suprise him with some really hot lingerie wen he comes to see me. I want to try all of these hot positions with him. And I really like this one.

I waited until I was 18 to

I waited until I was 18 to have sex, but I was doing sexual things when I was younger then you. Do not rush into it. You are too young to be having regrets. But by all means, wear as much sexy lingerie as you want.

Aw honey, just wait a bit

Aw honey, just wait a bit longer. You should be enjoying your childhood.

Seriously just wait a few

Seriously just wait a few years, you'll be much happier for it. Also if you have sex at a young age it can be considered as statuary rape against the older person in the relationship. Depends on where you live. Also wear protection. A one night stand lasts until dawn, but herpes lasts forever. :)

wait a couple more years for

wait a couple more years for 2 reasons, 1 your too young you dont realy know what you want yet your heads confused and such

2 guys at your age are stupid, and such

but if you do make shure to use protections, it would suck to catch somthing permanant at such a young age

this position is great; you

this position is great; you can really fondle her clit as you thrust, make her come multiple times - if you're lucky, like me, she'll want you so bad she'll be begging you for more the entire night, and she'll be begging you to cum so hard and empty your entire body into her (groan)

I'm going to surprise my

I'm going to surprise my boyfriend soon and I'm not sure which poistion I should do. I'm making it all about him so would this be a good or great position for him?? please help guys i wanna know what turns you on haha :)

this would work to turn on

this would work to turn on your bf because he can watch you play with yourself while penetrating you

damn this felt so fuckin

damn this felt so fuckin good its rly hot

love it

yeah i and see why she does love it...its one of my favorite.....bomb..

this is great!!i get to put

this is great!!i get to put my strap on on and show my neighbours wife a great time!!!great workout too....

my lady loves this position

my lady loves this position especially when i bend her right leg up more towards her side and hold it flat while i press on her stomach just above her pussy to feel my cock gliding in and out she loves it rubbing across her g spot she cums alot

i like to do this with my

i like to do this with my boyfriend. he likes when i tickle his balls also.. GREAT position (:

-His Gf.

want to try it

I want to try this one soon

My sweetie and I usually do

My sweetie and I usually do this more like missionary with her leg bent up all the way to her chest and we like it!



if you havent tried this one

if you havent tried this one you dont kno what your missing... it feels sooo good especially want he goes hard its making me wet just thinking about it :)

I would like to

I would like to try this one it looks awsome

I came 4 times while we were

I came 4 times while we were doing this!!! I used a nipple erector before we did this position and my bf loved playing with my HUGE titties! It was super hot. This position is perfect for anyone. He loves it when i play with his balls. It also opens you really wide so you or him can also play with your clit. FUN FOR ALL!


well damn I have to try and convince my gf to try this position this sounds like it is amazing for both male and female

you can play wit your clit

you can play wit your clit while doing this 1


yea... someone wanna do that to me?

Sure thing sexy, why not. :)

Sure thing sexy, why not. :)

yeah, the best position

yeah, the best position

what do you mean "someone

what do you mean "someone wanna do that to me"? course i want to ;) that's actually one of my most favorite positions

This one makes me wet just

This one makes me wet just lookin at it! deffo would love to try this ;)

if anyone has any experience

if anyone has any experience with this one i would looove to hear about it ;)


This has to be done! i'd love to do this with my boyfriend, it looks so sexy!i'd love it if we wereto do missonary,and he automatically puts my leg up i'd scream with pleasure without a doubt!! mmmm , this is one we defo have to try!

this one is fantastic

this one is fantastic especially when he gets in so deep you can feel everything and god it feels so good it so easy to cum in this position I would have to say one of my favorites

so like does the female need

so like does the female need to do anything r just lay there?


well im seventeen and i have been wioth the same girl for over a year well i would like to find some new things to try i was wondering if you knew any amazing positions. and if so could you PM me back plz... i would love to klearn

i love this

This one is absolutly amazing. When we are doing missionary he likes to kick things up and move to this. Its such a great change and it goes nice and deep ;) one of my favorites without a doubt

true dat

i totally agree. im a guy and this allows for the deepest penetration i could have imagined.

me and gf are looking at positions, any recommendations? anyone ?

pretty much any of the

pretty much any of the butterfly positions if you like deep penetration... my personal fav is deep stick... nice and rough!!


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