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Pie in the Sky Sex Position

The name Pie in the Sky presents a vivid image! This version of cunnilingus has the receiver lay on their back with their lower back and legs raised all the way up so that their ankles are either side of (and beyond) their own head. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position totally exposes the groin area to the giving partner who kneels there to perform. The giver is also able to use their hands to caress and explore their partner's whole body.

This position requires considerable flexibility on the part of the receiver and it cannot be (fully) achieved by most, but it is wonderfully "naughty" due to the feeling of being totally exposed. Those less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver's thighs at mid-point.


My 2nd Fav position for eating pussy! :D Love this one... :)

I have never had my pussy ate

I have never had my pussy ate in this position. But I would love for someone that loves it like you to do it to me. This has me so wet right now I'm tasting my own pussy juices! ;)

Mistress Marie

loooooooooooooooooooove this it feels so goood

a new favorite

well my fwb loves to do this.its a great test of flexibility and exercise as well. one time i spent a good 45 minutes in this position. by time he finished, his face was wet from me.the best


I kept my gf in this position and alternated it with fucking her. She went insane until she orgasmed and then me deep inside. Best bit was she sat on my face after that and I made her cum again. yes, I did eat my own cum :-)

i like to eat my wife's

i like to eat my wife's vagina until she dies

All positions r GREAT!!! As

All positions r GREAT!!! As long as my tongue is in her pussy position doesn't matter to me.....

Wanna try this

Oh I would love to try this!


i tried this with my boyfreind it was amasing he cum

When i did this with my

When i did this with my boyfriend, i didnt wanna move for hourssss!
i could feel the pleasure, it made me squeeze my titties so hard
& when we were done, i felt so numb man!!!
i miss this , anyone wanna do it for me:D?

I really want a sexy girl to

I really want a sexy girl to do this to me even though I'm straight. I know she would do a much better job pleasuring me seeing as she would know how they would want someone going down on their pussy..

Hehe :P I'll do it for you,

Hehe :P I'll do it for you, I love licking pussy :). Especially in this postion !!!! its sooooooo goooood

I love this one all her cum

I love this one all her cum drips in her ass and i get to suck it all out of her asshole. Best of both worlds

My husband and I tried this

My husband and I tried this last night and it was absolutley mind blowing!!


I LOVE this position! My boyfriend does this to me when I'm on my back. He'll lift my legs up by my head and the sensation is AMAZING. My clit is exposed and I can cearly see him licking me and flicking his tongue. I love watching him suck too. Ugh. It's amazing. I can't wait for him to do me like this again. Incredible. Highly recommended!


Happened upon this position by accident whan I was stretching out my back. I was fully clothed and stretching and my ex BF just got so excited and said "stay in that position"! and he similated screwing me to see if he could do it, but he straddled me not the Pile driver. So needless to say he screwed and ate me that way!!! Deff a good position for both!!

We made it similar way! My

We made it similar way! My gf was wearing the short skirt and thongs. I made her in this position just playing not thinking about sex, but we turned on and I make her to cum that way

love to meet a girl who

love to meet a girl who likes this...most girls are too self conscious.... ie my ex girlfriends

ooo goody.....

This is my fav posisition for eating out i want this done 2 me! Its so so soooo sexxy!

New to the Site

Loving the comments. Hope to enjoy some pleasure soon. I'm single so pleasure is far and between.

: ))

when doing this thing
you man are suckin only vagina or anus too? : )

you could do both... getting

you could do both...
getting your ass licked is such a HUGE turn on for me
so i recommend it to anyone!

I would like to

this looks like something i would tottlly like to due makeing here vulenrble like that will totally get her wet

Yet another great position

Yet another great position for a deep tongue fucking, as it gives you great tongue penetration! And as an added bonus, you can easily get into the piledriver fucking position!

agree CC

I agree, good position to eat then dip, eat then dip..... just be carefull not to pound down to hard, cause of her position.


This one looks great, I gotta try this one out over the Christmas holidays!

this one i like.

this one i like.

ghost lover
Love it

This is one of my favorite positions for eating her out. I love to eat ass so this position is win, win for me!

lol... damn it now I can't

lol... damn it now I can't wait for my husband to get home.


Please describe what happened when your husband got home.

mmm best position for eating

mmm best position for eating pussy, great to lick ass at the same time

oh yum. my boyfriend did

yummeh. my boyfriend did this to me once. when i came it was hard to scream because i was in such an awkward position but at least he got the full view. he ate it all and even licked his plate clean ;)

A little alteration

I love to do this but on the opposite side of the girl, doing a little 69 as she sucks my thick dick while i eat her out over and over. God i love the taste of pussy...

You have to be really flexible

I did this once and it was kind of tiring. It's worth it when a guy licks well and deep his stick like a screw driver. If u like 2eat pussy, try mine I always keep it clean and shaved.

really you want a guy to do

really you want a guy to do this to you?

Its okay.

My girlfriend likes this position, but she'd rather do the normal one on her back and me down licking. She likes the normal one better because its just relax and get the pleasure :p. And honest, i like both because its both relaxing for me ^^

my boyfriend dislike to eat my pussy

I always wanted my boyfriend to eat my pussy and he admitted that he didn't want to do it. I told him that he did it to me before. I didn't understand why he stopped it. He did not explain it to me. and also, he stopped to lick my tits too. Why's that? I always keep clean and am petite too. Any advice?

Couple you

Couple you dress in Lingerie or do anything else to get you/him ramped up? Also, talk to him about it, he may not really like it. Do you go down on him? Sometimes guys will feel much more inclined to go down on a woman if she goes down on him. Lastly, see if he would be up for something like lotions down there...see if he'd do it if you were tied up or something like that...all sorts of the end of the day, he may have figured out he doesn't like it.

If he won't tell you why he

If he won't tell you why he won't lick your pussy, it is hard to guess why he would stop. I personally love to eat pussy and try to go down on her every chance I get. It is so much fun for me and she loves having me on her pussy with my mouth. This is a great position to do oral. It gets her tired in this position and she can't remain for too long. But it gives me great access and a great view. Good luck. May be time to find a new boy friend.

God damn

I SOOOO wanna try this!!! Hope my girlfriend will let me.

Looks nice

Sounds like its really good for the girl. And thats whats important, pleasure the girl. So i think i wanna try this to my girlfriend ;). Do you think it would be uncomfortable for her ? She's a dancer. Really flexible. So i'm wondering if its uncomfortable for her in the long way :o. Dont want her to be uncomfortable while doing this. So if anyone can say if its comfortable or not, please say :P.

Surprisingly, yes, it is

Surprisingly, yes, it is comfortable. At least it was for me. I was in ballet for awhile, but it's been years, and despite that I'm not terribly flexible. If I can comfortably get into this position (I actually didn't get into it on purpose, it just sort of happened on its own), your girlfriend should be fine. Though, of course, your mileage may vary.


Mmm.. I love eating a girl's pussy. It feels so good for her, and so DIRTY for me. Nothing better!

danggggg im lovin it :)

danggggg im lovin it :)


Oh god I fucking love this it's awesome. While my bf is eating me out he licks my ass and fingers it a bit too it's fucking amazing!!! Right now he can get four fingers in my ass, the more the merrier!!! Oh, and all the licking helps it lubricate to make his fingers go in easier, i'm hoping for a full fist tonight, wish me luck!!! xoxo


well sorry we didnt get a

well sorry we didnt get a full fist in baby but that tear will heal! kisses xoxox


ahhhh i love this po my girl is a dancer and can get her legs right over her head and stay comftable like that forever. omg i really can eat her out well in this po get my tonge right in god her cumming in my face is more of a turn on that sex itself omg

i want my bf to do this so

i want my bf to do this so badly to me. i'm flexible, and could def scream and orgasm over and over with his face in my pussy. licking me all over, in and out down there. i want him eating me out NOW!

seems interesting

i think i'll give this one a try 8)