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Peepshow Sex Position

The Peepshow version of fellatio has both partners lying on their sides, both facing the same way, head-to-toe. The receiver opens their legs to allow their partner's head between their thighs from behind. The giver performs oral from a side-laying position. The giver is also able to reach around and use their hands to caress and explore their partner's lower body.

Mizz BrandyD
Cant wait for my bf to visit

Cant wait for my bf to visit so we can try this position. Gets me hot just watchn the video.

I agree!!! I am hoping to try

I agree!!! I am hoping to try a few of these out tonight, I am SOOOO ready to get at him ;)

My ex moaned so oudly the

My ex moaned so oudly the first time i did this to him i think its safe to give it a two thumbs up.

this is just like a sideways

this is just like a sideways F*ck face

and this is bad....why?

and this is bad....why?

i did this postion with my

i did this postion with my bf last week and his 10inch dick knock my throat in to my stomach

I don't think it is bad at

I don't think it is bad at all! Most guys would love this, being able watch the girl suck him off!


after reading about thid on here... i tried this on my man and i havee never heard him moan so loud before when giving him a bj - 2 thumbs up


we did this a few weeks ago and it drove him CRAZY. He was extremely verbal and told me over and over how it was the best oral he'd ever had. We will be doing this again, definitely.

mouth f

omg he went crazy n so did i!!!!!!

awww man

he's gonna love this!! i think i will too!

gotta try it

I gotta try this one, looks like it'll make him cum reeeeeaaal good!!

Tried it..

...and couldn't manage. My head between his thighs ok, but his dick is then way above/away from where my head is... I mean as he has a hard-on, it sits pretty hard against his belly, not toward where my head is. I guess I would have to bend it towards where I am, but that would be uncomfy for him.

What are we doing wrong? This position looks so cosy and sexy, I'd love to have my head stuck between his thighs...

i wish my g/f was as

i wish my g/f was as passionate about oral sex as i am.
i love to eat her pussy, i would do it all day if i could but she has almost no enthusiasm when it come to oral or sex for that matter. its a shame our sex drives are mismatched

try something she love and

try something she love and kind enjoy. When she do enjoy it, then kind of sneak on what you like doing. Catch her off guard


me and my bf tried this. i really likd it when he grabs my head, but gently, and gave it a little more thrust

Yeah i like that too but I

Yeah i like that too but I think he's a little shy about grabbing my head tho :) Hair stroking is nice too :)

love sucking

he went crazy when i did this to him last night, it was fun and i just love sucking his dick

Fuck in Mouth

A nice way of fucking your partner in the mouth. We enjoy it.

This move requires strong

This move requires strong thigh muscles. If the man has sissy thigh muscles, there's no way in hell he'll keep her there. Best to open this move after a long night of drinking when she's passed out in her evening gown, or at 4am on a weeknight. And you finish fast, or she'll asphyxiate.

The guy isn't gripping her

The guy isn't gripping her head between his thighs, he's just opening his legs while lying on his side so she can get to his dick from behind... so she's doing all the work. Hence easier if she isn't passed out! :P

Great position

This is also another of the positions I just adore when my BF mouth fucks me. I have a variant though which is just as exciting.I love to cross his legs over and get his shaft and balls protruding backwards out. He now has no control as he is locked in a position whereby his penis is protruding out backwards and his crossed legs preventing it from pointing forward. I then apply a backward suck and this turns him wild. I can tell by his load explosion.

Wow that sounds good!

Wow that sounds good! Doesn't it hurt his penis a bit to be bent down and out between his legs instead of pointing "up"?

yea looks like

me and my baby gon have to try that one

look like imma have to try

look like imma have to try this one with my bf....