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Pearly Gates Sex Position

A variant of the Acrobat position, the Pearly Gates position is one of the favorite positions for intimacy. Unlike its close cousin, regular Rear Entry, this position offers incredible access to the receiver's chest and neck while offering a great penetration angle for g-spot or prostate gland stimulation. To get into the position, the giver lies on a bed with their partner lying on top in line with them.

Note: since the receiver doesn't have very much leverage, movement is mainly the giver's responsibility.

Morning Sessions

My boyfriend and I usually start our morning sessions off this way. He will usually cuddle me and start rubbing and kissing me until I start thrusting my ass into his hard cock and then he knows he can throw me on top of him and start pounding away. Usually stay like that until it gets too hot and he throws me forward on my stomach.

my bf and i tried this

my bf and i tried this position it was kinda difficult but we got the hang of it. i like this one cuz he plays with my tits while kissing my neck. and his hands will make their way down and rub my clit right before he penetrates me. it is really intimate and steamy. he starts out slow and then speeds up. sometimes that man doesnt know the meaning of gentle even if it hit him in the face. so before he gets rough he makes sure im really wet and then fucks me hard. funn fun fun love this one

Try to rub ur clits by

Try to rub ur clits by urself. Ur man will feel a contract experience which will make him want more of u


When DH first slid me into this position I felt like I was in a porn video and someone was watching us, dunno why! But interesting position, not one of my faves though but good to do when I'm tired of the usual.

one of my faves

I love the opportunities to manually stimulate while doing this one. I can't wait to try this with my new GF.

really good position! hard

really good position! hard at first for us to get but it was great once it was mastered!


Ok so im 18 and one of my boobs is bigger than the other. Is that normal ?

everybodys body is 2 diff

everybodys body is 2 diff sizes

totally normal. my left one

totally normal. my left one is a little bit bigger than my right one.

yeah.. i wouldn't worry

yeah.. i wouldn't worry about it to much

Our position

My wife and I gravitate to this position every time. It starts out with us in the spooning position then, after getting warmed up, I pull her on top of me. My hands are roaming around her breasts and belly and the other is basically masturbating her. We both cum EVERY time. Unreal!




Have done this, it is a bit hard to do and penitration my not be to deep. But it is fun to do so he can touch everything. Have also done a variation of this sitting on the couch, you just leaning back angled againt the arm/back of the couch. This way seems easier and more penatration, cuz the angle is slightly different. Plus woman can help when on the couch.

oh goodness...

my boyfriend really wants to do this...

i'm heavier, but curvier too. so i'm afraid that i'll squish him, but...i think since we've had sex already and i've been on top most of the time, he likes me on top- haha!! :) i'm not so scared anymore & it is amazing, so maybe we CAN give this a try...


I had the same worry, that I

I had the same worry, that I would squish him. But we tried it and most of your weight is going to be on his cock...he wont complain trust me.

We love this one for all of

We love this one for all of the access it allows me to have with her.

Last Star
try it

when she is up in this position and your angle is correct, its best, ...............I like it when my lady is with me

Luv this one.

For some reason I've always loved the pearly gates. There's just something about having access to my wifes tits, neck, and clit while I'm fucking her. I just texted her right now to tell her that I want to rip her clothes off tonight!


hi im 17 and i wanted to know how to convince my girlfriend of over a year to let me fuck her anal........ she tried it but it hurt and i learned how to do it and she doesnt trust me..... well i have a few questions... did it hurt her the first time, is it easier to cum, is it easier to get an orgasm for her, and over all how much lube do you use? plz plz plz help me and PM me

G spot?

How well does this one stimulate the g spot?


this actually made me enjoy anal sex and made my partner very happy
:-p xoxoxoxox


My ex and I tried this by 'accident' lol, we were just fooling around and he picked me up and i lied on top of him and it went from there wow, this position is great, very intimate. To make it easier on the man if he's not as strong, ladies kinda do a crab walk at def helps :)

It is a little bit difficult!

How is this possible because to me there is going to be a difficulty for the man and if not, the man might experience some kind of pain. Anyone that thinks I am wrong should share his/her opinion.

i'm deffinitely gonna try

i'm deffinitely gonna try this one and acrobat with my bf this weekend. it looks like it could be a lot of fun and it kinda turns me on thinking about it (:

It would be so great to do

It would be so great to do this position and have my bf touch me *o*
i wana do it so bad!
looks fun