Pain after 3 yrs of no sex?

Q. I have recently started conversing with this guy that I met. Due to a bad breakup with my son’s father I haven't had sex in 3 years. Since it's being a while, will it be painful when we do decide to have sex and, if so, can you give some tips as to what I should do.

A. You’ve engaged in sex before plus you’ve had a child, so chances are sex won’t hurt. However, the shape of his penis might be different than what you’re used, so be prepared to experiment with Sex Positions to suit your comfort level. Because he’s a new sexual partner, you might feel a little nervous, which can make it difficult to get wet; bring personal lubricant to ensure a comfortable session, especially just in case you experence some Excessive Dryness. If you don’t feel like asking whether he has Condoms or not, make sure you are the one that brings protection.

Experiencing jitters about being ‘back in the saddle’ is completely natural given your situation. When you prepare for your first sexual encounter, indulge yourself with a pampering and wear garments that make you feel beautiful and confident. Abandon any sexual expectations you have of yourself, or of him. Finally, set the groundwork right by being honest with him about how you are feeling and what satisfies your erotic needs.