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Overpass Sex Position

In this version of the Pile Driver, the performing partner positions themselves perpendicular to their partner, who is engaged in a deep forward fold beneath them. The partner doing the thrusting ought to be fit enough to repetitively perform the mini squats illustrated; leg and abdominal conditioning will improve the execution of this pose.

In order for Overpass to be comfortable for the receiving partner, they too must be equipped with muscle strength, agility and flexibility. This inversion can be physically exerting, so it's recommended that you practice it on your own before having sex in it. Get a good warm-up before you engage and don't forget to stretch before and afterward!

For more on how to successfully perform this move, read more of our tips in Pile Driver and Pile Driver - Reverse.

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Anal sex prep!

Anal does hurt, but there are ticks to make it less painful. If your partner is girthy, have him slowly stretch and prep your anus with his fingers. First, GENTLY insert one finger, move in and out slowly, when the anus muscle relaxes go for two using the same gentle motion, some people want to go up to three. . After the anus has relaxed and has been stretched to about the size of the penis head, you can place the head in slowly and gently. Work your way into the ass one or two inches at a time, using the in and “all out but the head motion” do not pull completely out. . Slowly work your way in give a few thrusts per inch and ask if she wants more before adding the other inch or two.
Remember it’s not a race take your time. I like to use a vibrater on my clit to distract myself from the initial discomfort. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube on both the fingers and penis.. any dryness will cause unnecessary pain for the one receiving. It also takes repetition the first time hurts but the more you do it the less discomfort is felt, if you take too long of a break it is like hitting a reboot button.Also anal can get messy. If you pre plan for it plan to do a little extra cleaning, like a light ennama if you have recenly "gone" that day,you probably dont want to use the good sheet either, and have extra wipes on had or a shower nearby.

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Not possible for me

My penis will not bend down any further than straight out in front of me so there is no way I could do this.

This is great advice!

This is great advice!

anal hurts

lol my boyfriend was going at it and he slipped out. he was a bit too hasty trying to get it back in and he ended up poking my ass...i wanna try anal, but just that little poke hurt so bad!

Clit Rubber69
it does hurt!!!

the same exact thing happend to me!!! it hurt allot but felt really good to him...... i wanna try it so he can get pleasure but im kinda nervous to now!!!

We just tried it.... but not anal

My hubby and I just tried it. Couldn't do it anal... but I guess my body size made it easy for him to enter my pussy. He pounded me so hard in my cunt. In the beginning I felt the pounding on my upper back... but absolutely no pain.... after about 5 minutes... The spasm and sensation in my cunt made me forget about my back. i squirted all over the place. O! I farted as well... he was laughing at me. But ladies, your man has to have a big long dick though. He hit me right to the cervix. It was so intense. He pounded me non stop for over 15 minutes... in this position alone. GOSH! I loved it... AWESOME!


ilove anal but it just hurts the shxttttt out of me lol

James Joseph
maybe the cock your using is

maybe the cock your using is to big.... if your in the right position and use lots of lube it should be ok....

Kawaii Meows
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there is no way...


one worddd AWESOME!!!!!

I think me and my boyfriend

I think me and my boyfriend need to try this...

dont try

it may hurt you baby

Strong Back

I've tired this a few times and it's fabulous, but she has to have a strong back, otherwise it hurts her