other sexual topics

Other Topics

Here we cover all the other topics that don't neatly fall within any of the other sections. The contents of this section are subject to change, so keep an eye out for new sections if something disappears!


Foods, drinks, devices and behaviors used to increase sexual desire. Some are effective, but many should be viewed with healthy skepticism.


What could be more refreshing than a 'sperm-shower'? While not for everyone, this genre is now enjoying a 'cum-happy' boom.

talking dirty basics
Dirty Talk - Basics

It's not what you say - it's how you say it! A wonderful turn-on, or turn-off. Here are the basics to make sure it is received the right way...

Talking Dirty advanced guide
Dirty Talk - Advanced

Now you are comfortable with the Basics, it's time to move up. Find out how to say all those kinky things on your mind, but without getting slapped!


Learn the in's and "outs" of this age old technique and explore the erotic, not to mention peculiar, uses of the enema.


'The good thing about incest is that you can keep it in the family', as the old joke goes! Here we take a look at the 'relative' issues... j/k

phone sex
Phone Sex

A fun & spicy alternative to actual physical contact with a partner; or, one of the few physical options for the long-distance internet romance...

Public Sex
Public Sex

This is not 'getting caught short' and needing some action now; this is where the thrill comes from the pre-planned urge to get down in full public view...

Role Playing
Role Playing

Not just dressing-up, this is where you both take on the persona of your roles to really live it out, even if only within the confines of your own home.

Sexual Exhibition

Usually a bit more restrained than 'Public Sex' with lots more options, this is more about the thrill of 'showing your all' with a bit more discretion.

tantric sex
Tantric Sex

Through the use of meditation, consciousness & positions prolong your play - read these sex tips on how to release this potent orgasmic energy.