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Oral Therapy Sex Position

If men had to choose one way to spend the rest of their lives, this would probably be it; Oral Therapy. It combines two of their greatest pleasures in life: receiving oral sex and laying down. The receiving partner simply lays back while their partner performs oral from a kneeling position. Although not overly intimate, it is a great treat for the receiver... Note: not everyone likes to have their head palmed while they are performing, so if your partner doesn't like this, it's in your best interest not to... if you have to do something, help keep their hair out of their mouth :).

I like doing this one to my

I like doing this one to my guy but I always trap his arms so he can't wander or play... it teases him so much more and gets us both really riled up and horny

wide one
good morning

i fell asleep on the couch last night, wife says she tried to make me get up, i was awakened to the sight of her blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock. i tried to act like i was still asleep, but she was doing an excellent job, and she heard me moan... she quickly got on top of me so i could suck on her clit, and fingerfuck her ass and pussy.
i finished her off like she likes it, deep inside her pussy

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one of my man's faves

basically whenever we're laying on a couch together watching tv or whatever, he ends up trying to get me to blow him lol. yeah he has told me he loves the side view of me giving the bj, and also his hands are free to explore my body. he used to play with my boobs, lately he's been spending more time rubbing and fingering my vag and my umm asshole. he likes holding my head too and guiding my movements a little, n also he'll usually pump a lil bit but thats pretty much no matter what position im giving him a beej in

Man I can't wait to see my

Man I can't wait to see my boyfriend soon so I can pleasure him like this. I love sucking his dick. He always makes these amazing sounds that get me so horny and riled up.


I did this today to my bf! he went nuts when I went down on my knees and took him in! i loved it and def doint it again and again!

Awesome position... just because

This is one of my BFs favorite ways to have me blow him because he has a good side view watching me as I perform.

This position makes me damn

This position makes me damn happy i was born a man.

I'm with sexybrook on this

I'm with sexybrook on this one. My wife and I do this to each other on the couch sometimes during football games. If my team scores, she does this for me, if her team scores, I lick her. Great way to make the game more interesting. Sometimes she does it because we both so very much enjoy it...and yes, way cool.


Face Fucking is my favorite, this one cums in second. My man gets a kick out watching TV while I suck him off. Very cool!


My boyfriend's cock has a natural upwards curve, and as - of course - my throat curves downwards, this position allows for some compromise between the angles and lets me deepthroat him, which we both really enjoy. I have long curly hair, and I tie it up in this position so he can see the action, which he loves. Gotta love oral therapy <3

On My Bday...

My wife told that she will pamper me and do this one on my B day. I'm hoping she'll allow me to finish in her mouth take in my cum!


yes this therapy has helped me, even helped my cock grow an extra inch from 8in to 9in at full erection.and it has led to me giving my ex her own type of therapy,i was rewarded with her cumming on my face, so we were enjoying eachothers therapy and its results

oh how i wish

cant wait for my girl to do me like that!!!

ok i seriuosly wanna suck my

ok i seriuosly wanna suck my boyfriend right now

I love gettin my hard cock

I love gettin my hard cock sucked....

I was 13

My friends sister who is super hot was staying at my house because she is my older sisters friend and in the middle of the night she came over and did this to me I cam all over and it was so awsome

help plz

Me and my gf are both virgins, im 15 and shes bout to turn 14 (plz no things like ur too young)nd she told me when in a bout a month shes ready for sex, but idk what to do meaning wat style...shud she dominant nd be on top or shud i take charge in bed plz help or she only said she wants losin her virginity to b memoriable

the missionary is great for

the missionary is great for beginners..... and jst look up some other thing ull do fine

Is there ever a bad position to get your cock sucked?

I had a GF once that used to greet me like this whenever I would come over after work. It was our little ritual. I'd lay down on the couch, turn on the TV, and she would go to work like a good little slut. Remember to SWALLOW when you're done, ladies!

My wife always swallowa,

My wife always swallowa, even depthroats while swallowing, she's the best ever.

hahah sounds like me and my

hahah sounds like me and my ex bf. he' come home i'd be in a sexy outfit or sometimes nothing i'd push him on the couch rip his pants off and just start sucking. he called me his cock slut. mmm i love sucking cock ;)

It's always nice to hear

It's always nice to hear from a woman who knows her place.

my favorite session of my

my favorite session of my partner

Is there anything I need to

Is there anything I need to know before for my first blow job?

I wana try this with my gf

I wana try this with my gf and i thk it looks amazing, any tips for the first time?