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Riding The North Face Sex Position

All the pleasure and control of Cow Girl also comes in the oral flavor via the Riding the North Face sex position. The performing partner lies back on a bed or the floor and has their partner kneel over their face. The position is popular because the receiver has a great deal of control on what their partner is doing; they can lower their bodies for more pressure, raise them for less pressure, or rock forward and backward to change the area of focus.

sexy beast
So I am a 16 year old female

So I am a 16 year old female and me and my bf are thinking about having oral sex is this the best to start out with? Or is there a better one?? I mean this one looks soooo amazing and makes me horny even to watch the animation!!! Gosh I'm already getting wet watching this!!!!!

Love riding a guys face

This position can be a little intimidating for guys to try, but when I find a guy that likes it, it is magical. There is just something about grinding on his face where time slows down and all I can think about is how good it feels. Usually doesn't take long for a guy to make me cum all over his face.

I love this position

Mmmmm I love when a woman grinds on my face and squirts her juices all over my face

I love it when my bf licks my

I love it when my bf licks my clit in this position. I let him rub my nipples too til I come.

Stew's fave

Stew would love to see my breasts moving up and down with this one even though he's never seen them before. He does write great stories about this, though!

calumsgirlghost's picture

Never tried this one, it looks gorgeous, will ask my boy to give this to me tonight ^_~


I just love this position because when girl comes i get all those juices in mouth and face, my favorite sex thing.

the best

my friend when he comes around does this to me and i love it.he have me moaning for hours to the point of screaming. then he folds me and pound me real hard. by time wwe finished, a good part of the day has passed. oh god now i wanna do this. especially after work

I love this position

OMG I love this position. Having her sit on my face in complete control. Just grinding her clit against my skilled tongue as she cums over and over again into my awaiting mouth. It also works rly well for water sports if she has to pee in the middle of things. Just make sure you swallow quick. :)

Good, but...

We make this position sometimes, its cool, but for me
the spread eagle position is the better on.

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can't wait to try this on

can't wait to try this on thursday :) it's going to awesome. my boyfriend is so good at oral. the favor is always returned too ;)


i did this with my boyfriend and then i gave him a blow job then we did a cowgirl position till he cummed inside me it was great

double ahh

Did you have him go down again after he came inside you? If not I'd recommend trying it sometime. A couple girls I know love it, and say its the most intense orgasm of the night since their already so stimulated from fucking, and this positions perfect for it.

Finally tried this!

I finally went for it and did this with my bf. Needless to say he had me coming in just a few minutes. He absolutely loves to eat my pussy and I'm soooo happy to have finally found a guy who loves to give me oral. He is THE BEST!! And yes, I return the favor and love to suck on his dick til his cum is spewing into my mouth and running down the back of my throat. Any girls who haven't tried this yet are missing out!

Best 1 ever!!!

i just love how my bf sucks my pussy HARDCORE and plays and squeezes mi tits

Best position ever!!!

I know that there are many great positions and I really do love getting oral in any and every position.
But, this one is extra special!

Perhaps it's the memories that I have from it too that leave me tingling and wanting it every day.

I met a man last week who was very keen to try watersports and as I love it we gave it a go.

I started standing over his face so my pee trickled down my leg where he licked and sucked it from my feet and toes.
I then knelt over his face a peed in his mouth before rubbing my wet pussy into his face.

In this position I was able to pee while he was sucking my lips and also to close my legs and smother him a little as punishment for making me so juicy :-)

This really does allow for deep tongue penetration too so I really expect a man to work hard and not just lay there getting me to do all the work.

The ability to ride hard and fast and having the freedom to please myself is such a turn on.

I always cum several times in this position and can easily ride for hours until the orgasms leave me a quivering wreck completely unable to hold my own weight :-)

This works really well for teasing too. Standing over a man's face while wearing just knickers and letting him glimpse what he is about to taste is just heaven.
Facesitting wearing knickers is a test of how much a man really loves to lick.
Frantic licking and sucking followed by begging to remove the knickers always ensures a juicy and rewarding experience.

Totally the best

I most love this one because after we finish cowgirl my wife loves to hop off and sit on my face and let me lick and suck away until she is totally clean again. We find this absolutely magical and she gets many orgasms while I am removing my cum from her beautiful pussy.

You are one lucky guy! I have

You are one lucky guy! I have been trying to do this for years and its just not happening!

I need to find a new model I think.

Alice Of Eroticland
Feels like the First Time with a big Twist

First time my Lover say climb up on my Face. I was back in school. I never had a really good partner to thrill me oral. I really didn't want too, but I didn't want to say no either. So I climb up awkardly. I got comfortable. All I can say is Oh My. (Sorry I was panting there) I ran my fingers through his hair and all I wanted to do is to grind my hips downward. Hard. I will have to say that is my first time because, the others before couldn't compare to how friggin' good it made me feel. Totally Sensual.

This position is the best. I

This position is the best. I just love it when a girl rides my face.


Really?? Because thinking about it, I am extremeley terrified of smothering... Then again I was never completely comfortable with receiving cunnilingus. I guess I need to let go of my stupid inhibitions and go with it.

Yeah, really. There's no

Yeah, really. There's no need to be terrified about smothering. Just go with it. Go wild, you'll love it.

Happily Married
Tastes of pussy

My wife's pussy seems to get sweeter the more aroused she gets while I am licking her. Starts with the familiar musty smell/taste , then as she gets closer & closer to orgasm seems to get sweeter & sweeter & sweetest when she cums & gushes. Am I imagining this?

Flavor yummy...

I have to agree with you... It gets better and better... So we get some apple flavored "fun juice" (lube or what ever), she rubs it all over my cock and just starts going to town on my member. She's giving me oral as hard as she could, I mean I couldn't even thrust her this hard, then she we transition to some cowgirl, and mish, and scissors, and then back to face to face, and I say, how about some 69, she get's a great big smile, and flips around, and back to the face pounding on my member. It's about an hour and half later sence the lube job and her pussy tasted so sweet and yummy, I had no idea. It was like candy on my face! I couldn't stop! Probably 10 minutes into it I think I finally got rid of the apple flavor and it was just her, but I couldn't tell the difference anymore.

This is my favorite position of them all!

I love eating pussy, really is something I enjoy doing :)
I love this position!!! especially my bf he loves when i cum all over his face!!!

the best

i love this position!!! especially my bf he loves when i cum all over his face!!!

fun but scary

my bf and i did this yesterday. and even though he is very strong and im only 130 lbs, i was scared i was going to sufficate him. but outside that i loved it. he loved to lop up all my juices and played with my clit till i was letting the neighbors knowing what we were doing. ;)

I love eating pussy, really

I love eating pussy, really is something I enjoy doing :)


My fiance loves this position. At first she was afraid of hurting or smothering me, and wouldn't really grind her pussy on my face. But after she abandoned her inhibitions and realized how intense her orgasms could be I didn't get much argument after that!

I absolutely love it for a couple of reasons; first, all I really have to do is lie there with my tongue out and let her grind her clit on it whatever way makes her feel best. She thinks I'm doing a lot when, quite frankly, she's doing most of the work and I just get to enjoy her wonderful wet, shaved pussy. Second, the view from below is amazing. She's a beautiful woman with fantastic tits, and I can reach up there and fondle them the whole time.

I'm sure a lot of guys might not like this because they think it makes them a sub, but nothing could be further from the truth. To give a woman pleasure this way is to exercise an amazing power over her, sort of the way my fiance feels powerful when she gives me head. But I digress.

Give it a whirl guys, and you'll make this a regular after you have her screaming for more!!!

Guy On A Buffalo
Going to try this in an Hour

I love to eat, lick and suck pussy but I admit I stick to Spread Eagle. I am skeptical my girl is going to be able to cum because in my experience the woman needs to be able to relax the musculoskeletal muscles and concentrate on her love muscles (and grind that way).

But she's up for it and horny for this. . .I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm going to finish her in Inverted Jockey after she fucks my face, horn dog slut she is. You know why? Because it's my turn, slut!

My Favorite position of all!

This is my favorite position of them all! I have an insatiable tongue, and love to lick in any position, but getting my face rode is by FAR the best! It's hard to find a woman that likes to ride face, much less LOVES to ride my face as often as I would LOVE to have it rode. If I had it my way, I would get my face rode a MINIMUM of twice a day, every day her pussy was available to be ate. I would not always have to initiate the sex either. She would be free to ride as she pleased. She would be just as insatiable about riding face as I am about getting it rode! So many women get bored if they do the same thing on a daily basis. I'm not saying this would be the ONLY thing we would be doing, but it would by far be the most common and daily thing. I also love it when a woman squirts! (Female Ejaculation) I have no problem getting my face covered, but I think it tastes so damn good that I actually like to swallow squirt! LOL I can't help it, I think it's awesome! If she was open to g-spot toys too, such as glass dildo's, that would be awesome as I have 8 of them! Now if I could only find a woman that loved to ride face all the time and squirted or would be willing to learn AND we got along outside the bedroom too, that would be HEAVEN!!

I could ride all day ;)

I could ride all day ;)

how long ? lol

Can you really ride alllllll day ?


Sounds Interesting! ;)

Blimey GoinDownTown - can

Blimey GoinDownTown - can you please have a word with my new bf!!! Wud luv him to feel the same way about this position as u do.


Make him read my post out loud to you, I'm sure he'll get the hint! :)


this position gets me so wet and my bf will finger me at the same time too and he can get so deep and get my g-spot. love it cause he can squeeze my tits at the same time too

i love getting eaten out and love that he loves it :)


Love this position! My ex would tease me by wearing black panties and smothering me until I was practically begging her to take them off so I could lick and suck her pussy. Wish I had a girl to do this with again ; )

Still trying to convince my

Still trying to convince my gf to let me eat her in this position,but she is always worried about smothering me.Nothing i love better than licking and sucking a woman off to orgasm and her squirting all over my face,makes me so horny


my gf refuses to do this to me because she thinks its gross and wont listen to me when i say i like it and really want to try it. wut do?


ok so.. im a girl that gets extremely wet and never use to like getting eatn out.. until this guy pinned me in his car and pulled my underwear aside and ate me.. god was it good!! now he says he wants to eat me out for an hour straight and have me cum all over his face... in this position.. and he also has a tongue ring so its amazing!!

The Wetter The Better!

The wetter a woman gets, the better! For us guys that love to eat, the wetter she gets, the more sweet nectar you get to swallow! You should not be embarrassed about getting extremely wet and instead look at it as a gift and how rewarding it is for your man for you to feed him your nectar!

eating every day

i LOVE a girl who loves to have her pussy eating, nothing I love to do more! I have gone on for more than an hour in fact my record is 3 hours. so go ahead and pin me down, tell me you want me to lick and suck on your pussy and I would eat you as much as you can take. I totally love eating pussy, would love to do it every day if a girl wanted me to.

Thats amazing, my ex use to

Thats amazing, my ex use to seduce me into letting him eat me out since I was really shy about it but it felt so amazing when he finally got me to let him slide his tongue in me, but I get so wet that I felt awkward and felt bad making him eat me out for more then 15mins since I could get him to cum faster when I went down on him but the times he actually ate me out until I came was amazing, but he didnt love doing it as much as you and the other guys on here do haha. He was more into teasing me and my taste, but not for long amounts of time

This is a 5 star for me, I

This is a 5 star for me, I like to lean more forward though, and place my hands on the wall.


would girls accept a guy doing this to them who was just their friend?




Very sexy

Wow this is for me.

We must try this tonight or any night. I get excided just see this in action. I am willing to allow someone to sit on my face for a wild ride. Go cow girl.

I love the taste of

I love the taste of pussy.....ride my tongue like u ride my cock