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My husband wants prostate play. How do i perform?

Has anyone tried this with your husband or boyfriend? Whats the procedure, how do you find it, positions?

Do you ladies use rubber latex exam gloves? Lube? Would a dildo get the job done? If so what kind?

Im a little concerned about poop. How can i tell if he needs a cleanout. Enema?

Can i make the pleasure for him as good as a female orgasm?

Thank you!


Strapon my husband

Strapon? I'm playing around with the idea of purchasing one. What types are best and comfortable for beginners. I'm looking for something that is snug. What position should I put my husband in? What's the procedure? What do you wear under a strapon? I imagine it might hurt with nothing underneath it.


Can't orgasm with dildo. :(

I used a 6.5" suction cup dildo with lots of lube. I was on bed and sat over it and started riding it. I went fast but no orgasm.. :(. Am I doing it right?


Positions for baby making

what positions would allow for deep penetration so that the cum reaches?

Super foods?

I am wondering what changes can I make to my diet to tune my body to last longer and get harder faster.
This might sound silly, but I was diagnosed with a Urinary tract infection. After taking prescribed anti biotics for a week (they ran out and the prescription as not to be re filled) I took a local farmers advice and drank cranberry juice for a day straight.
After that my symptoms went away and haven't come back.

Female Dom needing help

Hi everyone I'm just new to this...

I'm recently separated and I have found a new man who I have known a long time (we're both under 30) and we've been flirting a lot this week.
We have arranged to meet this weekend for the first time in 8 years and I'm pretty nervous. To make matters worse we have been talking about how he really enjoys being a sub but is switch which I feel I could be very into as well. I think from my personality I can be switch too.


Recently my husband's sperm makes me gag.

I am premenopausal, & within a year my husband's sperm makes me gag, even the smell of it. Nothing has changed with him. So could it be the premenopausal change im going through? I do also have loss of sex drive but I work through that. Please help