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David Angelo Colt Realistic Cock
Colt Realistic Dildo

You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s going where!?”; but trust us, this ‘better-than-real’ dildo will really broaden your horizons! 8.5/10

sex and menopause
Menopause and Sex

If you thought having a period every month was bad - just wait till you discover the joys of menopause! But there are ways to manage it...

Leather Chastity Belt
Leather Chastity Belt

These panties will please just about anyone - just make sure you don’t throw away the key! 7.5/10

Get Your Online Dating Profile Noticed
Get your online dating profile noticed

Here are five of the best ways to ensure that yours is an alluring profile that gets noticed by the right person, every time.

Anne Hooper's Sexopedia
Sexopedia - by Anne Hooper

There’s no better way to learn the ABC’s of sex than with Ann Hooper’s fully illustrated guide to everything sex. Very highly recommended!


Otherwise known as 'Piles', they’re embarrassing and a real “pain in the ass” ... but did you know that anyone can get them?

269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Men
269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks...

A mini book packed with mega amounts of sex tips and alluring erotic imagery; it’s sure to earn a place on your nightstand! Recommended.

Sex Drive Killers
Sex Drive Killers

Is your libido in park, or worse yet, in reverse? Here is a rundown of the most common reasons why it’s stalled - and what you can do about it!

how to deep throat
Fellatio - Deep Throat

Ready, set, GULP!? It's not as simple as saying "aah", but our guide sure makes it easier to go deep - really deep!

Wet Look Strappy Halter
Strappy Halter

This slick little number is a 'must-have' wet-look metallic top that clings and hugs in all the right places. (8/10)

Female Ejaculation and the G-spot
Female Ejaculation and the G-spot

Curious how to stir up your (or your girlfriend's) natural-born ability to squirt? This is one book you can't pass up! Highly recommended.

Hidden Dreams Vibrating Lace Thong
Hidden Dreams Vibrating Lace Thong

Designed with sexiness & secrecy in mind; this sexy, stretch-to-fit lingerie has a very special surprise hidden inside. (7/10)


Not low libido, but no libido! As an emerging sexual orientation, asexuality is "not just for amoebas anymore".

Art of Sexual Ecstasy
The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

In this illustrated guide to Tantric Sex, you'll reach the peak of 'High Sex': the pathway to whole body orgasm. Recommended!

Friends with Benefits
Friends with benefits

Sex with someone you know, but without the commitment, definitely has its perks ... but only if you’re able to handle this non-traditional relationship.

The 5 Love Languages
The 5 Love Languages

When the 'in-love' euphoria fades, this insightful guide to communication explains how to nurture what really lies beneath. Highly recommended!

5 Relationship Killers
5 Relationship Killers

You can kiss your love life goodbye, unless you learn how to remedy your relationship wrongs. Here’s how...

How to Write an Online Dating Profile
How to write an online dating profile

We show you how to create the right content to make your dating profile a real 'look up', not a 'chuck up'!

Bliss Wireless Vibrating Egg
Bliss Wireless Vibrating Egg

Remote controlled and rechargeable, this super-sized egg vibrator will cover a lot of sensual ground. (6/10)

Art of Sexual Magic
The Art of Sexual Magic

Curious where Tantra can take you? Embark on a path of sacred sexuality that can transform every aspect of your life. Recommended!

Why is it so Difficult for Women to G-spot Orgasm?
Why are G-spot Orgasms so Difficult?

Ever asked yourself why some women just can’t come? They can, and we’ll tell you how to make it happen...

Sex in Ancient Rome
Sex in the Ancient World: Rome

Drunken orgies, rampant prostitution, and public festivals dedicated entirely to sex: the Romans weren’t a shy bunch!

Where is Aids
What's happening with AIDS?

For the estimated 32.8 million people that have been living with this complex disease, there is hope for the future...

Female Sexual Response
Female Sexual Response

When it comes to pleasuring a woman, timing is everything; or rather, taking enough time is everything!

Joy of Sex
The Joy of Sex

A classic dish that’s delicious, explicit & still well worth a read, this was a trailblazing 'sexual cook-book' during the sexual revolution.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Men are from Mars, Women...

Get practical advice from this best-selling self-styled guru on love and relationships. Worth a read.

The 5 Love Languages
Kama Sutra - by Anne Hooper

Classic lovemaking techniques are reinvented for today’s lovers with this modern take on an age old erotic practice. Recommended.

The Game by Neil Strauss
The Game - by Neil Strauss

To 'pick up and conquer'; but can anyone do it? Here is one man's journey from unconfident nerd to master Casanova. Recommended!

Nexus O
Nexus O Prostate Stimulator

Definitely not your average looking sex toy! Nexus promises to send your nether regions to nirvana with its 3-point pleasure system.(5.5/10)

Intensity Stimulator (by JOPEN)

Say goodbye to your ho-hum masturbation routine and get a real buzz from this Clitoral and G-spot Stimulator! (9/10)

Relationship Backsliders
4 Relationship Backsliders

Are you sabotaging your relationship without even knowing it? Here’s a few issues that can easily sneak past you - and how to fix them1

feminine hygiene products
Feminine Hygiene & Products

Some say that 'Aunt Flo' is a woman's curse, but it isn't so bad if you take the right care of "down there".

Sex In Ancient Greece
Sex in the Ancient World: Greece

The Ancient Greeks are famous for their colorful mythology, but they’ve also got a reputation for some notorious sexual exploits.

Amazing Sex Record 5
Amazing Sex Records V

More records to make your head spin! Check out the zany & plain bizarre in our latest offering of crazy facts.

Mycoplasma Genitalium
Mycoplasma Genitalium

Never heard of this STD/STI? Not surprising as even some doctors aren't properly aware of its existence!

Give Her a Gspot Orgasm
Give her a G-Spot Orgasm!

Ever wish you had a playlist of positions that ‘tune’ her G-spot perfectly? Look no further...

average penis size
Average Penis Size

This article covers some of the more common penis size myths, statistics on the average size and performance.

Peyronie's Disease
Peyronie's Disease

A bit of a curve of the penis can work to your advantage, but too much of a bend can be a real pain!


A little-understood feminine genital condition that causes burning, inflammation & pain; this ailment can wreak havoc on your sex life!

sex temples of the ancient
Sex Temples of the Ancient World.

These spots draw curious pilgrims from all over the world wishing for luck in love, sex, and fertility...