Multi-Partner Sex

Multi-Partner & Alternative Lifestyle

Swinging and Polyamory are lifestyle choices based on an ongoing relationship(s) of an emotional and loving nature, which includes physical sex in Threesomes and/or Group Sex scenarios.

The main distinction is that Swinging does not usually involve an emotional and loving relationship with other sexual partners, whereas Polyamory does (that is, ALL sexual partners are in a mutually loving and emotional relationship).

We recommend you check out our Introduction to Multi-partner Sex first, then explore our other articles for further specifics relating to the alternative lifestyle choices and sexual options available.

Lastly (but by no means least), check out our guide to Safe Sex & Multi-partners to make sure you know what it takes to enjoy the full pleasure, while minimizing the possibility of any unintended 'pain'.

Group Sex
Group Sex - Guide to

Four-play of a different kind! Maybe five-way or more - oh my! When you master the art of group sex, the variations are endless!

Introduction to multi-partner sex
Multi-partner Sex - Introduction to

Have you ever considered the possibility of throwing off convention and indulging in a little Threesome or Group Sex action? Here's your 'Starter Kit'!

Polyamory Lifestyle – Guide to

Shedding light on the hidden world of multiple partnerships & marriages. What makes it possible to share lovers & lives with more than one 'significant other'?

safe group sex
Safe Sex & Multi-Partners

Sex with more than one partner carries increased risks of unwanted pregnancy & STDs/STIs; make sure your nirvana isn't ruined by unexpected 'gifts'!

Guide to Swinging
Swinging Lifestyle - Guide to

A whole new playground, where otherwise monogamous partners permit & encourage sex with others. It's not cheating when permission is given!

Threesomes – Guide to

Known as 'ménage à trois', here are tips on how to explore this fantasy; also, the pluses & pitfalls of sharing your other half with ... another half.