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Monkey Bar Sex Position

If you've got access to a bar like this at home and you haven't yet tried your own version of Monkey Bar, now is the time! Not only is it physically invigorating, it creates an unusual sensation of penetration.

In order to make it work, the giver must be prepared to do partial pull-ups repetitively. This requires cardiovascular strength and fit arms. By reaching behind and holding onto the giver's hips or buttocks, the receiver can help keep them steady and direct the focus exactly where it’s wanted.

Height differential might make this challenging but it’s nothing a high pair of heels or a mild squat by the receiver couldn't fix.

vigilant man
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Make sure you have a soft place to land

If a man is even able to ejaculate a sufficient quantity of semen in this position, he's going to lose strength and fall.

I also question the amount of stimulation which can occur given the odd entry angle of the penis and short circuit type electricity produced by unnatural and irregular contact between the penis shaft and vaginal wall muscles.

You will be lucky to get any contact at all between the glans penis and clitoris which are absolutely the best nerve connections available between the male and female bodies. At least have the male and female bodies FACING each other so you can get just a LITTLE electricity!

I do not see how this is going to be enjoyable for the man and even less for the woman who, at best, will get just a minimum level of electricity from the penis thrusting motion and feel an even a more minimum level of semen discharge at climax if she feels any at all.

Have at it if you are trying to just check one more position off the list. But if you want real intimacy, this position would be at or near the bottom of my list.

Robin Lovebug
This just looks... different

This just looks... different (as in WTF!) Def out for me and my bf ;)

I agree...WTF! LOL I'm about

I agree...WTF! LOL I'm about to pee my pants!

haha not happening

haha not happening



same reaction! lol

same reaction! lol

my bf loovvesss to work out

my bf loovvesss to work out aha hmm i wonder if hed be up for this :)

my bf did this at a park

my bf did this at a park feels awesome :D

i did this but my bf had to

i did this but my bf had to stop to much work we changed to doggystyle ;)

Um. Yah. Just because you

Um. Yah. Just because you could bench press 350lbs. doesn't really mean you want to do it during sex, right? So, unless there is something about it-like does it hit a good spot nothing else can..I don't get how it's worth the effort. Then again, maybe I'm just too lazy about the whole deal.

Me and my bf did this at a

Me and my bf did this at a playground, no one could see us because it was nighttime. His penis is almost 9" it went so deep. Felt SOO good.

my bf loves this.. so much

my bf loves this.. so much fun nn hes keepin in shape

ok this is 1 for the park

ok this is 1 for the park bcuz who the hell is going 2 have monkey bars at their house unless u use a pullup bar

black fang

talk about strenuous exercises

sir ramsalot
id give up half way threw

id give up half way threw and eat a hot pocket :D

Robin Lovebug
oh my God this just made my

oh my God this just made my day!


Well, looks a bit painfull if the sex lasts more that a few minutes but if the guy is stron then... ok.

not a sex position

I think they were really clutching for straws when they came up with this sex position.


such a work out


I'll pass on this one..

lol who would want to do a

lol who would want to do a ton of pull ups for a few moments of pleasure right? lol not me!

Wow,quite different...

Wow,quite different...


i have a play set outside in my backyard for my niece and one day my ex bf said lets go outside. well long hot sexy story short this is where we ended up. I loved it.

Highly unlikely With your X

Highly unlikely With your X But ok :)

Who has a random bar in the

Who has a random bar in the living room??? lol

That's what I'm thinking LMAO

That's what I'm thinking LMAO


my bf was one of those people who would workout everyday he had one of these in his room but a small one over the bathroom door we were dating for two months and so i decided that i would fuck him he was on the bed and excused myself to the bathroom and when i exited naked (his door was closed) and as i step up all he did was stared. i said don't worry i only want to do a small workout he got up and ran to me as i tried to pull my head over the bar when i finally got it over and drop to the floor he was their with his clothes off and i took the step stand out the bathroom and stood on it and told him to get on and workout. first he put lube on and then got on he then said i get the back right and i answered shockly yea. he entered me then pulled up and down working out. but after a while we went to the bed i did 69, cowboy, ex sex, scissors,sitting bull, the worm, wheelbarrow, cowgirl and that night i was even superwoman. a wild fuckin night

ps his parent were out of town

This is more doable with

This is more doable with frame that has foot bars and armrest bars. Got my girl planning a session with her hanging from the chinup bar and her legs spread-eagle over the arm rests. I can then stand on the foot bars and while hanging onto the chinup bar, thrust deep into her from underneath. Should be erotic to feel me driving into her from such an athletic position.

hahahah wtf now thats one

hahahah wtf now thats one for the books lol

lol!! who the

lol!! who would have that in their house!


i have one of these at my house for personal fitness and me and my girlfriend love using it to have sex.

big daddy10
ahah fo real lol i dont get

ahah fo real lol i dont get that lol

sixtynine baby

why would anyone have that in their house?


but that does look like a fun work out!