Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures

Maximizing Gspot Pleasures

Having been let down by so many productions that claimed they were THE authority on g-spots, I was no easy critic. However, “Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures” ended up being without a doubt, THE BEST g-spot DVD I have ever seen! And if you’ve never seen the notorious g-spot squirt, you will be floored by how much footage there is.


What is the g-spot and what does it feel like to be stimulated? Does a clitoral orgasm feel the same as a g-spot orgasm? What is the female ejaculate and what does it smell like? These are just some of the questions that the Sinclair Institute sheds light on in this forty-eight minute DVD, produced in 2007.

The DVD explains that the g-spot is a cushion of tissue that surrounds the urethra. The existence of this urethral sponge is questioned by some, yet others contend that every woman has it - but the range of response to stimulus will differ.

The presentation starts with a Brief History, discussing the phenomenon of the g-spot orgasm and its mysterious fluid. It then switches gears to Anatomy and proceeds to Sex Toys. The most explicit information followed, with Finding the G-Spot, and Body Positions for g-spot masturbation or sex.


I really enjoyed the overall presentation of Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures; the topic is complex enough that it was very appropriate that the g-spot was featured as the sole topic. The production was sophisticated and done in good taste. Focus was put on safer sex and establishing respect and trust with your partner. It was cohesive, thorough and very absorbing.

The layout of the DVD integrates two streams; singles and couples exploring g-spot stimulation techniques, and the host discussing things like how to locate the g-spot, enhancing its stimulation and useful sex positions for sex and masturbation.

Content Quality

The information that was presented was very useful and will appeal to all levels of ability. In terms of sexual explicitness, one ought to be prepared to watch a lot of masturbation, manual stimulation with sex toys and females ejaculating. An average person could feel confident about integrating the suggestions into regular practice.

For those on the giving end, watching this DVD will give you the skills necessary to be a masterful g-spot specialist. For those on the receiving end who haven’t experienced one, this DVD will be uplifting and informative. It’ll also make you less self-conscious; the show explains that women’s responses to g-spot stimulation are varied, from feeling irritation to extreme pleasure. What’s more, a woman may or may not expel fluid, so, there’s no need to think you haven’t experienced a g-spot orgasm if you don’t.

The DVD delves into the good stuff right away; you get the facts along with an informative anatomy lesson, an exposé of the appropriate props, and the right positions for solo and couples masturbation. It could have been a bit more informative about the mindset that needs to accompany an orgasm; you need to really relax in order to let it go.

I was happy to see a range of toys demonstrated and I loved all of the Liberator pillows that they integrated into the scenes. I totally appreciated the list of toys at the end of the production, including the product name and manufacturer.

My only “What’s up with that?!” moment was when they focused on how much and how often people use condoms with toys. Agreed it makes total sense when sharing toys in a multi-partner situation. It also makes sense for toys that are porous, but if someone is that concerned about hygiene why not just use silicone or glass in the first place? I think that condom use is an added cost to the toy that you may as well have invested into a better toy. But hey, if it works for them and they’re happy with their hygiene, more power to them.

Sex Appeal

Maximizing G-spot Pleasures was totally engaging and eerily intimate; I felt like I was spying! The actors were said to be couples and I didn’t doubt it. Nor did I doubt that they were really into having sex with each other. They were clean-cut, realistic and attractive, while the range of age groups represented was diverse.

There was no hesitation or small talk involved in the demonstrations as they went right into descriptive explicit detail, showing the techniques being used from start to finish. The scenes were sexy and arousing; there is definite replay potential here.

Video Quality

This production totally surpassed what I normally expect to get. It was professionally filmed with good editing and voiceovers, great sets and props, with really good devotion of time allotted to each sexual performance. It is very important to set aside enough time so that viewers can see how much patience and dedication is required to stimulate that sensitive area. Moreover, it’s vital to watch how to transition into different body positions, change speed and intensity and manipulate a toy. Also, it did a good job of demonstrating how to effectively direct your partner.

Audio Quality

Sinclair Institute did a good job of establishing the right mood with their music. The sexual demonstrations were supplemented by simple sensual music while the historical and cultural exploration of the g-spot had some good classical in the background.

Extra Features

There were no extra features included in this DVD.

Overall Score

This is a DVD that I want everyone in my sex circle to experience. It was entirely engrossing and proffered excellent facts. Its time very well spent! I give it 9/10.

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