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Lunges Sex Position

The variation on Asian Cowgirl, the Lunges position is basically the same with the receiver's front foot planted, but the rear leg is extended out behind them and between the giver's legs. The giver simply lays on their back with legs slightly open.

Although not overly difficult for the young and nimble, this position can be extremely difficult and tiring for many receivers, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible.

Another one to add to the list

This is one I can't wait to try! I can only imagine how how this would be because it would open up my pussy more for him to pound it in deeper.

wow, my girl loves this

wow, my girl loves this position. but she puts my hands over my hand and pin me down with her feet while riding me. feels awesome

I do this as well but I also

I do this as well but I also raise his legs up and wrap my arms around while clutching his neck. he loves to be dominated.

Neko in love
my bf loves it when i'm in

my bf loves it when i'm in control....I cant wait to try this XD


this looks awesome. im still a virgin, but my boy isnt n i wanna try things with him. he will get a kick outta this.

Oh!!!! I definitely wanna

Oh!!!! I definitely wanna try this with my man.He is going to loove this,he loves it when Im on top =P


when my gf want deep. try this for me

good position, very deep

good position, very deep good stuff for both partners! well worth trying

we have a small footstool we

we have a small footstool we place near the side of the bed. I lay with my head and shoulders on the bed and my butt on the footstool, that way my g/f can support herself by having her legs on the floor, but it is essentially the same position as this. She rides by going up and down, back and forth, and side to side. She comes many many times in this position because she can get my cock hitting right where she wants and needs it, and control the depth, speed, and intensity.

this looks soooooo amazing

this looks soooooo amazing

might try

this looks super sexy but the girl should probably stretch out first.. ha
o and take care not to knee your boy in the balls!

yeah, agreed! i remember i

yeah, agreed! i remember i pushed him onto his bed, try to jump and land on his hard member, so it will enter my pussy. but i missed and sat on his balls...he couldn't lift it up for the next week. but he's fine now


I think I'm going to try this one...Oh and btw...I love how you guys changed to the animated pictures...not being a perv or anything...but it adds to the imagination:)

doing it right now

me and my bf were doing that like 5 mins ago :-O, we are goin to try all of them before the night is out (L)

wow. This is a position that

wow. This is a position that will save the woman gym fees!


holy shit i think i just got my panties all wet.. this looks so amazing... i need to try this one..but with who?

Mind the pun, but...

I'd definately be UP for this ;)


Not good at all. It didn't feel good for him and was difficult for me.

Guaranteed to help give you

Guaranteed to help give you abs and thighs of steel!


Bumping this one to the top of my "to try next time we get a space bigger than my car" list.


gonna try this one
looks tiring though


Women get the work out men get the orgasm!!!!


This looks a little difficult, but I think I'm gonna show my BF this. He says he likes it when I'm on top better than when he is lol

I am not surprised, when

I am not surprised, when woman is on top it feels great and gives you more control, basically we do less work (not that sex should feel like work, but hopefully you know what I mean.)


i surprisingly have never tried this position before but it looks amazing... i will have to try it pronto with my man. i'm getting so hot just looking at it! ;]