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Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus Position is an adaptation of the Jellyfish. To get into the position, the giver sits cross-legged (lotus-style) while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.


When my boyfriend pulled me onto him into this position, after four seconds, I kid you not, instant orgasm.
A few thrusts later, and ANOTHER.
Almost too intense; I've only been having sex a few months.
But I recommended it to my friends all the same.
Totally mindblowing.
And boyfriend says while it was good for him, he found he had a longer endurance with it, too!
Pluses all around!!

How did that happen? My bf

How did that happen?

My bf and I tried this and we can't seem to be doing it right? Suggestion's?

my gf wants to try this one

my gf wants to try this one ..cant wait to see how it goes

We get into this one

We get into this one sometimes when I sit up from the Cowgirl position, and it's ok for a change of pace, more like a fancy hug than a good fuck. Then she gets flipped back into Deck Chair.

dirty sex is better.

dirty sex is better.

so special

can't wait till i see my fella, this one will make up for all the lost time...:)

for those really in love

They did this position in the movie The Notebook. It really shows more of it, a full view, in the extras on the dvd that could not make a pg13 rating. It was very intimate to see and believe me you wanna try it afterwards.

guys opinion

OK i get it...women all love this position cuz its so intimate, yadda yadda yadda...... what do guys think? will my boyfriend like this? im not really into lovey dovey sex...this sounds slow and boring

*points up*

See my comment above.

i love this one you can

i love this one you can maintain eye contact and hear each others sex noises. Totally fu*king awesome

i dunno about realaxing! me

i dunno about realaxing! me and my bf tried this one and we both luved it. all i could hear was him moaning. when we both came i screamed so much my neighbour complained. but we still did this again last nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so special...

this one really made me fall in love...its soo intimate

this one makes people feel

this one makes people feel in love

Can't wait to do this with

Can't wait to do this with my partner, looks so cute :D


I love this one, cuz we can be close but big problem, neither of us can get off at all. period. So its great if you like to give gentle romantic kisses, but if you expect to get off like a gentle but rock hard monkey, you can forget it.

I can't wait

I can't wait to try this one it looks like it could be really sweet and soft

Anonymous (not verified)

it is very romantic. my boyfriend since we were 12 (yes we are older) did this one our first time (: it's relaxing and to me, it makes me feel closer to him.

Anonymous (not verified)
Yeah I've Done This Position

Yeah I've Done This Position & As A Girl I Feal Its The Easiest One.

Anonymous (not verified)
the one

being a 17 year old boy it is hard to not want to f**k the first girl i see but i havent. so im still a V but i'm hopfully going to marry this girl so i guess i could give this one a go for when i do marry her. xxxx

Anonymous (not verified)
I know I will enjoy this

I know I will enjoy this one,
but every time my boyfriend and I try it it hurts him because I have to sit on his legs. Any suggestions?


have him spread his legs a little wider....i know it helps me last longer...

Anonymous (not verified)

ha. wowo. just did this for the first time. 15 minutes ago. thank you soooooo much. INCREDIBLE! and my girlfriend seemed to like it even more! great way to relieve stress after a big test.

Anonymous (not verified)
my first time

i love this posiion..i tried it with my first and it brought me to feels sooo good.

i love this one, makes me

i love this one,
makes me cum so hard.

Anonymous (not verified)
one of the positions i

one of the positions i reserve for only someone i'm in a relationship with. way too intimate for a one nighter for me personally. i love this position.