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Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus Position is an adaptation of the Jellyfish. To get into the position, the giver sits cross-legged (lotus-style) while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.

Warm wet pussy on my lap,

Warm wet pussy on my lap, mmm, so hard ;)

Amazing =)

This position has sooo many different, amazing uses: A good warmup/startof position to get things going hotter, a transition between positions like cowgirl and suspended mastery, or just a nice position to get really close and intimate and finish off in ;)

I would so love to have a woman in my lap right now! Just rocking in slow and deep...


this is a great way to calm down during sex, especially if your a fan of pounding it out, it also gives you some time with her breasts

this looks so fun. i wish i

this looks so fun.
i wish i could do it..

lotus position

its easy, just go slow first time to get the feel for it, not recommendable for first time on intercourse but its just as good as missionary with the girls legs around the guy

i'm a fan

i LOVE this one. sometimes after we come, we hold completely still and press against each other so we can feel each other's hearts beating. SO romantic.

the only problem is that sometimes his legs start to fall asleep, but we fix that by him lying back so that i'm on top. problem solved.


That looks complicated =/

it's actually not that hard.

it's actually not that hard. (get it? hard? teehee)


this position is so romantic too bad i have to find another women just to answer my sexual needs .. sounds stupid LOL!


This position is so intimate. My hubby and I did it the other night, and i remember why I love him so much. He's so gentle and caring and passionate and this position is another one to bring those qualities out.

He ate out my pussy. Then he sat in the indian style position, pulled me on top and stuck his meaty, long, yummy, rock hard dick into my very wet pussy.
This allows him to get deep inside my pussy and it feels amazing. He can play with my boobs and kiss my neck, it's amazing. Everyone should try this!


i agree 10/10 for romantic position, it feels intimate and the orgasm is amazing xx

Aye Aye!!

You so is trully a very intimate and my ex gf used to try this position and what you say about gentle caring passionate is soooo very true!!

This is definetely a true loves position!!


this one is uh-mazing.
he can go REALLY hard into me and i get to kiss his neck and bite his ear.
ooh i want to see him bad.


Yesterday was the first time i tried this position... My boyfriend is going away for a while and we had a little sexy time together before he went! He invited me to his house for dinner and i went so we had dinner and watched a horror movie. Suddenly he starts taking his clothes off and kissing me(Hmmm)Then he was licking my pussy SOOOOOO hard, I was getting really HORNY, that i had to get undressed and tease him abit! For all first timers try this one-It will ease the pain.

helpppppp plzzzzzzz

my gf wants to F*** but i never get the a gf was soopr horny the other day and my parents were there and we tried to do it but my parents walked in while we were was soopr embarassing...god what do i dew???????? I NEED answers...and btw my parents were watching tv and they usually have it to about 80'ish so the groans would b drowned out

my advice

we all know the parent thing when were young... there are many places you can go bud... 1) you can take her to a public pool (preferably a big one) ..there are family changing rooms for adults and kids...take her in, you can lock the door and have your thrill.
2) you can find an older friend or a uncle or cousin who owns a house or an apartment and ask if you and her can come over for a night ;)
3) take her to a public park. (be very careful with this one,get in and get out. cause if your spotted and someone calls the authority's, you can be arrested for indecent exposure)
4) get ur license and a vehicle..and you can look up many positions on this website that can help you in a tight vehicle
5) last but not favorite do it in your room loudly make your parents know that your fucking your girl and theirs nothing they can do about it.. hope i helped

Haha I love your 5th

Haha I love your 5th one.

Everyone at my boyfriends house calls me Moana :P


my GF fucking love this one, no joke right away as soon as i start rocking her she starts to moan like crazy and when i moan in her ear, fuck! she moans louder n she cums real good. i dont know what it is about this position.. but the deeper i go in the more her pussy opens up. and that thing throbs and grips my cock so hard it makes it tighter and it feels so fucking good. i love this position. and there is moaning non stop. even when i stop.. shes still moaning.

The eye contact in this move

The eye contact in this move seems so awesome and just having her in my arms and everything lol i cant wait to try this with my soulmate bestest girl ever love of my life! =)

sexy foxy
i got to sex with my bf

i got to sex with my bf since i was 14.. and i was very young before.. this position is one of my favorite.. my bf really get so deep in me.. he's cock really fucks my pussy so good!!! and after 5 yrs we are still together.. he says that im really good in bed.. fucking with him is so amazing.. i can go with it all over the night.. and every time we do thid positions i really squirt so good then we 're gonna change position and he's going to lick off my milk over my pussy then after he's gonna fuck me again so deep and good.. i like it so much when he's fucking me.. i can do it with him any time.. fucking is such a heavenly obsession.. i like to fuck everyday and make him so satisfied.. lol!! =)


me and my girlfriend are not getting this damn position down. in need some help on how pelvic movements should be done and if we should be doing them at the same time or one after another?

Go Deep with this one

OK. From a guy's perspective, I can go really deep.I think I hit bottom sometimes. It is also easy to maintain control (until the kissing starts!!!).
Try both leaning back on your arms for different penetration angles moving side to side, then back up to finish off hard and dirty.

Simply Amazing

The intimacy is phenomenal. Eye contact, kissing, playing with the breasts, necking (my girlfriend and I like to bite, apparently it's VERY stimulating...) Her entire neck area is an erogenous zone, and I've even caused her to orgasm just from a couple of minutes of concentrated kissing, licking, and sucking on her neck.

While she enjoys the intimacy... we usually end up switching to Folded Deck Chair or Drill as she enjoys a good hard fuck just as much, if not more so.

Stonking brilliant

This one is awesome! Provided the girl sits kinda between the guy's legs and not on them to avoid distracting discomfort then you can have a great time with this position. The closeness is really exhilarating - you're close enough to feel each other's breath on your neck, or stare into one another's eyes; whatever you prefer. It also gives you great penetration and an amazing slow build which makes the climax incredible. You can vary the speeds, and if you prefer it fast and dirty to slow and romantic, then just lean back and go for it!
Also, it gives good opportunities for leaving scratch-marks down your partner's back. My girl does that quite often, and in the heat of the moment neither of us notice - until I walk past a mirror later! Girls, check your nails and guys, wear your catscratches with pride!

i've never tried this

i've never tried this position but i've heard it is amazing even better than missionary even for him! i will try it with my boyfriend and get back to you on how great it was.