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Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus Position is an adaptation of the Jellyfish. To get into the position, the giver sits cross-legged (lotus-style) while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.

This position is so

This position is so relaxing, I have the most craziest orgasms when he slowly lays down and pulls me on top as i sit up on his cock and he bounces me like fucking crazy as my feet are locked in under his back/hips, i end up cumming all over him, he loves it.

cant wait to do this with my guy

just being in my bf's arms my first time while we do this will be so romantic

my girlfriend and i wanna

my girlfriend and i wanna have sex soon and i want it to be really romantic and intimate, would this be the best position for people on their first time?

yea, either inverted

yea, either inverted missionary or regular missionary. inverted- she can control the penetration but it may be too much for her if its her 1st time and she may give up. missionary- you can control it but listen to her very carefully. my 1st time was painful and i made him stop but we tried again a couple days later n were fine.


Dude unless you have fingered your girl alot and she is through most of the bleeding the deep penatration will be super painful for her. maybe too much to handle. But great thought about romance. :)

thanks man, you got any

thanks man, you got any recomendations though? about which one would be best?


Inverted missionary. Have fun and dont hurt her.


this one is very romantic and intimate. i've never orgasmed with it, but maybe in time i will. but as of now, i've just used it as foreplay.


Love this :)


not recommended first time having intercourse but good position for orgasms, ive done this hundreds of times and allows deep penatration


Looks pretty lovley.. We'll try this one tonight i guess. :)

this position is the best

this position is the best for multiple orgasms. my boyfriend and i came in from playing outside in the rain and we were soaked and got in this position. it was so romantic and felt so freakin fantastic.

Thats cool

Thinking of this as me and my gf's first together :)

slow rythm

lovee this! i love the feeling when my breasts brushed with his chest, and this is one of the most romantic and passionate positions ever!

this is my absolute fav

this is my absolute fav position everrr. i did this the other night and it just blew me away, i want more!! ;D

this one is SO hard for me

this one is SO hard for me and my boyfriend to do. it just doesnt work for us.

This one looks really

This one looks really nice... Put it on my list of things to do lol.

sexy blonde emo...
any advice?

i'm 16 an i was thinking that my boyfriend might be the one... i am a virgin an this position looks like it might be perfect for our first time, but i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me... also i am very worried that it is going to hurt so much that i'm going to have to make him stop, i dont want him to feel unsatisfied with me not being able to finish what i started so are there any suggestions for that? somebody please help me, i am very lost on what to do an what to expect

hockey boy30
heyy im 16 too and to be

heyy im 16 too and to be honest its hard the first time if you dont know what to do :P me and my gf found that the easiest was just her going on top with me laying on my back and my legs in between hers so that way you can sit back as far as it is comfortable for you to do and he can do the work. all you have to do is go on your knees on top of him with his legs between yours and let him do everything. good luck :)

missionary is easiest for

missionary is easiest for first timers. My first time wasnt long ago, and its what we did, then try other things after it doesnt hurt, as it usually does first times.


if its your first time and you cant finish, climb off, hide your pain, give him a cheeky smile and start sucking him. he'll think this is just your way of being kinky, and the fact your sucking off your own cum from his cock will make him so aroused.

Don't worry about "finishing

Don't worry about "finishing what you started," he should understand that as a virgin things are going to be completely new and unknown to you. Having fun, not having an orgasm, should be the point of sex... and an orgasm is not necessarily required for that to happen! Good luck.

It Hurts only a little bit

It Hurts only a little bit but it also depends on how big your guy is. and if you want him to finish just ask him to be gentle at first. thats what i did. but i also suggest that you stick with the basic missionary position on your first time, after you both get more experience you can do more exotic things like this position.

omg i love this position.

omg i love this position. makes me think about me and my bf doing it

mmm yeah.

i don't get exactly how thiso ne works. Anyone care to show me? (: