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Lotus Sex Position

The Lotus Position is an adaptation of the Jellyfish. To get into the position, the giver sits cross-legged (lotus-style) while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.

give it a try!

my lady has a good share of curves and this position worked for me and definitely worked for her. i wouldn't suggest starting in this position but once both partners are...warmed up...this is a great ending...

First time, first position?

I like the look of this position. Looks calm and comfortble. Just seeing it makes me wanna go and ask him if he wants to do this position. I think it looks like a good first timmer position don't cha think? :3

not only do I just like

not only do I just like being held tightly during sex, this seems like a good position to try anal with a guy and then use a dildo :D

does anal hurt i have been

does anal hurt i have been to nervous to ask my bf for it =/

it can

anal can hurt but if done right with the proper preperation its amazing.i believe there is a sticky or more to do with anal

I adore this position! It

I adore this position! It feels so good!
My boyfriend loves it too, It gives up both a chance to catch our breath and feel pleasured at the same time!

sooo goood

Me and my boyfriend tried this position last night, and damn did it feel good!

We also tried a variant where we lean away from each other, he held me with his hands on my lower back, and I hand one hand on his shoulder, one hand behind me, and we both could watch him entering me. It was so erotic to actually watch that, I ended up just going absolutely wild! ^.-

this looks amazing

I really want to try this. My husband and I are planning a european vacation and I really want to do all new things on this trip. From reading the posts it doesnt sound like a very difficult position and Im wondering if it takes a lot of strength and edurance. Also wondering if anyone has tried this with a cock ring. Weve never used one before so any stories of experiance would be wlcome.

hii i just did this with my

i just did this with my boyfriend, and u deffo have to try it, i thought with all my weight on him it was gunna be difficult, but it really wasnt, it was really easy to move, and felt so nice. It was really intimate too, and i deffiantly recommend it! sorry i havnt used a cock ring before either! but was thinking about trying

Interesting Transition from the Drive Thru to the Lotus to the

Figure this out. If you can't figure out the connection then go to the Drive thru link, it explains it properly.

Allow me to be the person who adds in the fusion of sex positions....I find it fun to seek out what wonderful transitions one can make from a sex position.

me and my boy freind tried

me and my boy freind tried this a couple hours ago.
but we like half way did it..
it was still grrrreat doe :)
and it was cute being face to face with him :)

Damm juss looking at this

Damm juss looking at this position is getting me wet already, i cant wait too tryy this with my babyyy gurl:)

hah me and my boyfriend at

hah me and my boyfriend at the time did this one our very first time in a car. feedback? very romantic and intimate(:


This weekend coming up my girlfriend and i decided to have sex, i have done it before but she is a virgin. she wants to do this position but i am afraid i will hurt her, what should i do?

well, this position allows

well, this position allows for intimacy and you can control the depth. first of all, if you are afraid to hurt her and if it's her first time...go slow.

Finger her. This position greatly allows for intimacy. Loosen her up...kiss her, fondle her, stroke her...make her feel desired. Whenever you draw her close into this position, let her know you aren't in this just for sex, it's because you embrace her for her.

This is one of those sexual positions that encourage and bring out true desire, trust, intimacy and love.

I'm kind of biased when it comes to sexual positions, so I'd say leave this one out if it's just for casual sex. But if you love your gf and have been with each other long enough, this position is used to solidify trust. Don't abuse this position

I have to agree with this.

I have to agree with this. Dont just enter and fuck her cause for a first time go'er the girl would want to understand you understand her wishs.
I know my first time was hell and shity too.
but when my ex and i did this i wanted to actually feel wanted. So i had him kiss me head to my belly button as he fingered me once i got wet enough he lifted me into the postion and we did it nice and slow but ocne we got used to one another we hit it off right away we did this for hours but i never once felt pain from him .
i hoped this helped some

this ones great i love the

this ones great i love the feeling of my girls legs wrapping around me


this is one of my new favorite positions, i started looking closer at the pics on this site and turns out theres quite a bit of stuff me and my gf havent done yet.. i rlei liked this position,, very intimate :D thank sexinfo101


I'm glad my husband found this site, I was sick a few weeks ago and he came here to find new positions to "cheer me up". I love the Lotus, he's a very physical lover and I love how cuddly this position is ^^
whenever we do it like this he gives me almost a full back massage before he climaxes, I love the slow yet plentiful orgasms I can get during this position

also, he gets deep penetration and it feels wonderful when he ejaculates that far inside ^^

I love this position! My

I love this position! My boyfriend and i always use this one as our go to if an experiment goes awry.

I loved doing this one with

I loved doing this one with my ex, shame I've got nobody to do it with now :(

i liike ediis wan reali

i liike ediis wan reali intamite wid each oda!! x

me and my gf couldnt get

me and my gf couldnt get this one to work for us


This one is just totally amazing and romantic! 1 of the best!


This weekend will be my bf and mines first time together and i wanna try this position so bad!! Its so intimate and sensual.