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Licking the Flag Pole Sex Position

A variation of Ear Muffs, Licking the Flag Pole places the partners on their sides with the receiving partner placing their lower thigh under the head of their performing partner, while the upper leg points to the sky - hence Flag Pole. This position really opens up the groin area and is a big hit for the additional hand stimulation that can be provided.

The giver can use a free hand to help support the receiver's extended leg.

my bf loves this so do i he

my bf loves this so do i he says because he can get both my ass and pussy

I've actually never...

I've actually never been eaten out.. hopefully i will be someday and its this position we use

Well hopefully it will be a

Well hopefully it will be a guy who loves doing it, and this position is a fun one

Love this position. My

Love this position. My ex-gf had very sensitive thighs, so made it really easy to nibble on those and go back and forth. The teasing drove her the best way.

Yuuuuuuummmy !

Sooooo going to do that ;) it so sexy...


This is one of the most involving and passionate ones out there.. perfect for long sensuous waves of orgasms

first time i did this to my

first time i did this to my ex while she was watching tv. i put my hand in her panties, eased her panties down her legs and off, held her leg up and put head between her legs,she gasped as i started licking her. moaning and moaning she finally came. needless to say she missed her show that night as she decided to return the favor. the shock and awe is why i like being unpredictable and spontaneous

this one is gr8 as long as

this one is gr8 as long as he licks nd not sucks its alot better it makes me want more every time with his tongue rolling round my pussy hmmmm :)

i agreee. my bf used to suck

i agreee. my bf used to suck but now he just licks and licks and he sucks on my clit so hard that i just scream his name over and over. and im really flexible so once im screaming he takes my leg and pushes it back so he can go deaper and then he enters me and its amazing ;)

We love this position and the

We love this position and the screamming never stops......

my ex girlfriend used to

my ex girlfriend used to love when i did this for her.She came from this first time we tried it

who wanna try this

damn i do that all day


so i tried this with my bby daddy the first time we mad love or lust an lets just say that this was the most wonderfull thing i have ever felt so now because of him any man that i now get with has to smash and suck like a pro lol he set the bar high

I love it!

I gotta say if you had me the bar would prob. go higher

so good

I love this position as I can burry my face deep inside her clit with my long tounge.

i was at a sleep over at my

i was at a sleep over at my friends and his older brother had a sleep over too and my boyfriend was there too neither did my best friend they live in a big house and there parents were both gone for the whole week and there aunt who was watching them was all ready asleep so my friend told me we could use one of the rooms to you know......and we did he and i were so exited so we hurried up and rip our clothes off and stared doing it and my best friend too we both love it me and my boy friend and my friend told me they did it more!!

that sounds amazing

that sounds amazing


So you had like a threesum?

Hum havent tried

I personal havent tried this yet, but i think i might tomorrow nite:) Ive heard n read great things bout this one n it wouldnt hurt to try..

I would like to

dang this postioton looks wasome I would totally like to try it


so my gf said for me to do anything to her and i told her to put her leg up like this and she did and i slipped her pink lacy thong to the side and lick her pussy like crazy and pinched her big nipples.

This is probably my favorite

This is probably my favorite position for going down on a woman, makes for very deep penetration of the tongue!

it's like licking a big

it's like licking a big lollipop...i didn't know that me and my ex did this position because while we were doing the 69 sideways(just learned the word from this site) she raised one of her foot while i was licking it..i got closer to go for deeper penetration but at that tym she immediately put back her leg and i was engulf in a wet pussy all over my was dark for a long tym dat afternoon....

yes. it is not bad.If the

yes. it is not bad.If the leg had an support,It would be even better

Gotta love it

This position is great. I ate out my fuck buddy in this position last week. It was great. Got her all wet!!!