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Launch Pad Sex Position

Launch Pad is a perfect way to get into a synchronistic sexual flow, whether you employ gentle rocking or deep, powerful thrusts. It's also an amazing way to achieve deep penetration and massage the supine partner's g-spot.

As illustrated in Deep Stick, the receiver lies on their back and raises the hips; the giver is knelt down in front. Once the giver enters and begins thrusting, the receiver’s hips rise and fall with every thrust. A positional aid placed underneath the buttocks will help the receiver maintain elevation in the hips!

The receiver’s leg positions can be modified in plenty of ways, like: bringing both of them over to one side, raising them over the lover’s shoulders, or keeping feet together and spreading knees wide. The receiver can also place their feet on the giver’s chest to bear some of their weight so the giver can lean over top of them; this varies the sensation.

Launchpad position

I have assumed the launchpad position on numerous occasions without knowledge that it had an official name. The launchpad position closes the deal. To enhance the stimulation and create a euphoric sensation,my girl always wear soft footie socks, and stimulates my nipples with her toes while in the launchpad position to finish the session and brings me to the distorted vision state of seeing spots.

This position lets my wife

This position lets my wife control the depth of penetration a little better than some of the other "butterfly" positions since she can push on my chest to keep me from going too deep. But this one still feels really good because her legs are somewhat tight together, making her vagina tighter, as her feet are on my chest. Also easy to grab one of her little feet and suck on her pretty toes a bit in this position since her feet are so close to the man's head/mouth.

Hi Its me again

This is another favorit..

The wife crosses her legs (indian style) giving me more room to stimulate her clit. also easyer to press right down with both hands cuping either side of the vagina,the thumbs can keep on a rotation around her clit at the same time...a fiew short strokes and two hard deep ones...then repeat..ha ha ...that makes her go wild. Short strokes rubing her g-spot makes her quiver...then tap a tap two good shots for cervical stymulation...ha ha..

have fun all!

I do not get vaginal orgasm,

I do not get vaginal orgasm, so this position isn't really pleasurable to me, but my boyfriend likes it a lot therefore we sometimes have fun in Launch Pad position too. Guys really like it!

this is good

we been married for almost 11 years, we tried many positions, my wife loves this position,she says its one of the best positions we tried.

i love this one... it's my

i love this one... it's my fave. my man know's it's the go to position...

i want to try this

my boyfriends got a really big dick so no matter what position we're in i end up moaning for him. i want to try this with him as whens hes having a good time he pulls this face where he frowns and bites his bottom lip which is hot as fuck.. and in this position i could watch that. even when im talking to him sometimes when hes bites his lip i just think of fucking him instantly.

No More Pain!

This position is great for girls who have partners on the big side and want to control how deep they go. It works wonders for me when he gets a bit too excited and starts to go too deep without realizing.

lol i'll keep that in mind..

lol i'll keep that in mind.. my man is quite large and it gets deeper than is comfortable sometimes

If it hurts to much when he

If it hurts to much when he is going deep may be becouse you are not relaxed enouf or excited enouf,'cuz a vagina can hold a good 14 or so deep in full excitment mode...or maby the prop is too heigh or too low,and he is taping directly your cervix(it brusses and hurts) I recomend trying diferent heights raising youre bum and going slow at first then speeding up becouse I realy aint small and my tiny wife takes it all. In the right position you should be right above the cervix...

I love this position cause I

I love this position cause I can hold onto the backs of her legs and bounce her on the bed.(like I would thrusting in and out).

i did this with my fella n

i did this with my fella n it was soooo gd mmmm =P

me and my bf love this one

me and my bf love this one only he pushes my legs open really far and braces himself on my ankles. it opens you up more to it and it feels so amazing. sometimes when were just beginning and hes not yet pounding the fuck out of me he leans down and sucks on my breast while hes working me open enough to fuck me hard. it is absolutely wonderful. i grab his hair, dig my nails into his butt and carve my pleasure down his back and he moans in the exctacy of it all.

wow when i put a woman in

wow when i put a woman in this its over i get real good deep strokes with this plus the way my man hood is shaped its just down right nasty

she Enjoy's it

me and my girlfriend absolutely Enjoy this position it allow's me to go deep and gives her pleasure. But adjusting her pelvis brings a new and different pleasure a different sensation.


i just got back home from school on saturday and my boyfriend comes back this thursday. you must not understand how much fun we are going to have with this one. to much obviously. i wanna try it so bad.....cant wait to see him =)


Damm ima try this one..ASAP lol

DAMN! This is HOT! Making me

DAMN! This is HOT!
Making me wet just watching it.

this looks fun, next time me

this looks fun, next time me n my bf have sex we will have to try this ;D

I so agree with lovesimone

I so agree with lovesimone your legs will be shaking by the time you put your legs on your partners shoulders this position is so good me and my husband done this one plenty of times and i love it i would have to say one of my favorite positions :)

rocket fuel
One of my fav amazin pos to

One of my fav amazin pos to be in !!!!

we tried this one tonight

we tried this one tonight and all my wife told me is it is now our ONLY position so im taking it she loved it by the shaking of her legs for 10 mins afterwards so ya awesome position

man i miss having sex

man i miss having sex

My sweetie and I have had a

My sweetie and I have had a good time with something like this before, and we ended up in it last night but we couldn't get the angle right so we went back to folded deck chair (that we call jackknife) and had a sweet thrustless rock together.

I would have to say i did

I would have to say i did this one tonight with my fiance and she had the best time. You should try this.....