Positions for a larger penis

Large Penis Positions

A hefty penis can afford a tight squeeze and an abundance of deep penetration, but just because your manhood is super-sized doesn’t mean you can have it every which way in the bedroom. For some women, there are certain sexual positions that are just too intense when they're done with an overly endowed partner.

This article will explain the sexual positions that are achieved most effectively by those with an above average pecker; they ideally give comfortable as well as highly gratifying intercourse. We’ll also look at the challenges of a behemoth member and reveal tips to solve any issues arising out their size.

Shallow Thrusts

Sticking with positions that keep him shallow can be highly orgasmic for both parties. The receiver is especially rewarded; because the g-spot is positioned so close to the entrance of the vagina, there is a high likelihood that it will be stimulated with superficial thrusts. Missionary is a traditional pose that makes it easy to manipulate the depth of coitus. The receiving partner can arch their hips according to the level of penetration they feel comfortable with.

You can modify many sexual positions to become shallow, but it does take some focus. There will be times when he feels strongly compelled to thrust hard, especially when a stroke feels particularly good to him. It can also take more physical strength on her end to avoid bearing down too hard on his penis. Try positions like Butterfly, Cross, Delight, and Spoons; they’re generally some of the easier ones for controlling the level of thrusting.


Standing poses, particularly face to face ones, are a snap for the more well endowed. While performing this group of active moves, there’s less chance of him slipping out and more opportunity for both of you to relish in the adrenaline rush. As long as he has adequate endurance, he can perform positions like Stand and Carry and Wheelbarrow. As long as she’s flexible, both can take pleasure in Ballerina and Downstroke; the added benefit of these two positions is that they’re powerfully effective at stimulating the g-spot. Finally, Slow Dance deserves an honourable mention as long as there isn’t a significant height difference between the partners.


If you have an endowed sexual partner, there’s a good possibility that you can successfully perform many of the exotic moves in our sex positions guide such as Arm Chair or Bumper Cars. When you trade in the intimate for the exotic, make sure you partake in some activities that complement it well, such as genital touching, tongue teasing, hair pulling, spanking … you get the idea!

Far Stretch

The benefits of a Leviathan lover are plenty and here’s a case in point; when a sex position creates some distance to separates your genitals, his shaft can still adequately penetrate! See how you fair in a pose where you’re facing one another such, as in Bended Knee. Then, face opposite directions as illustrated in Bent Spoon or Jockey.

Can you be too big?

For some couples, sexual activity can actually suffer when a penis is overly ample. A woman may only be able to receive penetrative sex for a short while before she needs to stop. Intercourse can begin to hurt after a few minutes - or in some cases even immediately. This is bound to lead to stress for her and he’s also apt to experience guilt over the hurt that he has caused her. Extra lubrication and more foreplay are very important preliminary ways to assist a female to loosen up.

However, you’ll still likely need to incorporate appropriate sexual positions to make female enjoyment possible. Here are a few to be conscious of...

    1. Anal

    For a female lover experienced in anal sex, a large penis won’t deter them from enjoying some butt play. Unfortunately, those who are faint of heart or just on the fence may decide that back door action ought to be restricted to toys and fingers only. If you’re keen to try it, check out our erotic guide to Anal Intercourse.

    2. Deep Throating

    Men of any penile size can indulge in oral attention, but if they thrust back too hard or push too deep, there’s a good chance their lovers will choke or gag. If you are ‘blessed’ with size, make sure you don’t pump it past your partner’s comfort zone.

    3. Woman on Top

    Although it may not be a concern for some, there are women who experience a painful pressure against their cervix when they’re on top during intercourse. While it is mainly the case during deep grinding, there are variations on this theme that are simply too intense to partake in. Fortunately, if she possesses good stamina, she can control the depth of penetration to suit her liking by using her legs to hover higher over his penis when she’s in Cowgirl, or her arms when she’s crouched in Missionary (Inverted). Another easy one to start with is Book Ends and a more active one to work up to is Bent Spoon.

Intercourse Alternatives

Just because your bodies aren’t sexually compatible doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy being intimate with one another; you just have to redefine what constitutes pleasurable sexual activity. There are plenty of sensual acts other than intercourse that are mutually satisfying. A woman can still be intimate with an endowed lover, the two of them just have to work around the size that he is. You may not be able to solve the problem totally, but you can be creative with the type of sexual activity you partake in.

Expand your sexual activity to include ample amounts of oral, mutual masturbation, erotic massage, shallow penetration, frottage (the act of getting sexually stimulated by rubbing up against one another), dirty talk, viewing erotic imagery, etc. The list can be endless if you’re open to think outside her box. If there’s any doubt as to how deep you should go, start shallow and make sure you encourage her to communicate how it feels by using words like ‘deeper’ and ‘harder’ when she is ready for more, rather than just asking you to back off or pull out because she has had too much and is now sore.

One great idea to simulate the sensation of intercourse for him is to let his erect member lie against his body, position it in between her buttocks and have her ride it in a forward and back motion. The easiest way to do so is when she’s on top in Cowgirl or Rodeo. Instead of actual vaginal penetration, try adding a c-shaped vibrating dildo such as the Rock-Chick; a pleasure toy like that is easy for either one of you to maneuver while he performs this move.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve tried all that you can and you still can’t achieve painless sex (and especially if the penis is average-sized), it may be worth the female partner seeing a health practitioner. Some women have unusually tight vaginal entrances due to a physical disorder; this may be correctable with a surgical procedure.

Otherwise, bear the above tips in mind and you should find that highly pleasurable and satisfying penetrative sex can be achieved by ALL concerned.