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Lap Dance Sex Position

The Lap Dance (previously known as Reverse Mastery) position is one of the highest rated; it puts the receiver on top while keeps penetration mobility high and its rear entry while remaining very intimate. To get into the position, the receiver sits, facing away, on top of their sitting partner.

The Lap Dance position is incredibly versatile, so make sure to experiment with it on other furniture... a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: a bed, stairs, or the edge of the bathtub.

Love this position

I love fucking like this, just sitting in his lap and bouncing and grinding away. I love to feel his hands on me, playing with my breasts and rubbing my clit. He can also nibble on my neck and ears. It never takes that long before I'm gushing all over his cock.

our favorite!

We have a big armchair in our bedroom. She rides my cock like in the picture but she leans back against me, spreads her legs and rests them on the arms of the chair. Then she just relaxes while I stroke her pussy and her nipples. And she can make me cum by just tightening and relaxing her cunt on my cock. Oh yeah!

my teacher is fucking hot

one day i was wering a short skirt and no undies i stayed after school to finish a test i walked up to him a then he grabbed me and shoved my boobs in hi mouth then ripped off mt skirt and bit my clit hard to get back i took out his balls and bit hard then he shoved up my ass and ended up with the flag pole man he sucked my pussy

i LOVE doing this!

i LOVE doing this!

I haven't tried this

I haven't tried this

Did this one last saturday

Did this one last saturday night, So good!

joel r
Ohhh well

I gotta do this position. I bet it would feel soooo good to have my love bounce up and down on my hardddd
cock until I blow my hot, sticky, load and she throws her head back and clenches my cock with her pussy muscles.

There is nothing like

There is nothing like watching a round ass dropping down my dick. Like all the girls say it offers easy access to her clit. I like making a girl lose control on my cock like that. Pm me if your horny and want to talk about it some more.

sexy beast
Damn you sound like my man!!!

Damn you sound like my man!!! ;) Love it when he does that to me it just makes me lose control!! And then when I can't do this position anymore I just give him an amazing bj!!!!! ;) gosh he LOVES it!! ;)

Like giving him a lap dance

He loves seeing my ass bounce lol. What a workout though!

My boyfriend wants to try

My boyfriend wants to try this, i know hes got a fetish for naughty school girls so im planning to dress up for him( slutty tight black skirt, white tight shirt and sexy underwear and stockings) and have some dirty role play with this one.. hes likes my bum so ill play alittle music before we try this and strip down before we try it ;)

Robin Lovebug

I love dressing up for my bf and giving him a show before we do it :)

I so love this one

I so love doing this one while my guy plays with my clit, then after he cums right up me we relax back onto the sofa and he plays with me till I shaver and shake with delight really delicious

I have done this before, but

I have done this before, but I want to try it anal.... I am just worried it is going to hurt too much! I have tried it but have always had to stop because it hurt too badly! What is a good way to start out?

o this 1 requires alot of

o this 1 requires alot of effort wen we did it i cuddnt b arsed nd changed position

i am a virgin...and i want

i am a virgin...and i want to have sex reeaally bad and so does my boyfriend afraid of getting pregnent! almost anything gets me wet tho :) <3 dicks

There is something called

There is something called birth control and condoms. Try it.... lol

I love getting lap dances.

I love getting lap dances. Just seeing that ass bounce on my cock....

Makes it even better when

Makes it even better when the guy plays with the clit....

When I do this I'll tell him

When I do this I'll tell him to do that.
sounds great

My ex and i did this in the

My ex and i did this in the movies one day...
talk about action:)

lol, didn't people

lol, didn't people notice?
how do you do something like that without getting caught?

ive had this done to me at a

ive had this done to me at a movie too. pick a movie thats been out a long time and either an early weekday or late week night showing, you can do almost anything.

On my boyfriend's birthday I

On my boyfriend's birthday I gave him a lap dance and grinded on him hard. That led to going into this position and experiencing sexual heaven.

Almost gave this one guy a

Almost gave this one guy a lapdance for HIS bday, but then we changed it to bondage fun, then I chickened out ^-^'