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Kneeling Mastery Sex Position

This is one seriously sexy position. Lovers of virtually every fitness and skill level can enjoy the benefits of Kneeling Mastery. It is intimate, erotic, and naturally gives rise to plenty of kissing, thanks to the face to face contact that affords it. Because of its ease and simplicity, couples can go at it for ages!

Find yourselves a comfortable couch and have the receiving partner straddle their mate's lap facing them. Because the receiver can perform this move unassisted, the sitting partner is free to explore their body or augment their movement, using their hands underneath the buttocks to bounce the receiver or draw them closer. However, although this kneeling pose is comfortable and fun, those with knee problems may find it a bit of a strain.

Using a firmer couch prevents the receiver’s knees from sinking into the cushions, which allows them to move more freely and improves their capacity to go the distance.

I love this one especially

I love this one especially when he pins my arms behind my back with one hand and uses the other one to play with my boob and teases my other nipple with his lips and tongue mmmmmmmmmmm

The perfect way to have sex anywhere in the house

I love this position, as it's perfect for fucking all around the house. I've done this on the couch, or on his favorite chair. You can use your hands to touch every part of each other's bodies, and you can pick which speed and how deep he goes inside of you. And it's easy to transition to other positions as well. There is nothing hotter than being picked up from this position and fucked against the wall or tossed onto the bed.

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Lost my cherry...

This position was how i lost my virginity. I had on a skirt and on the couch making out. That's as far as we ever went doing this except grinding and letting him take it out. He felt i was so wet, he wanted to put IT next to my pussy. I was cool with that, so he moved my panties to one side and started rubbing IT between the lips. Before long the head was slipping in and out. Then he put IT in just a little, of course i said "not to put it all the way in" Stupid i know. After a few times of putting the head in a little more, he put the head in and pulled my butt to him and he slipped in even more. I could feel the preasure, i asked him to come out, but he back off then thrusted slowly, that's when the pain hit me. Remember the pain? lol I kinda held on and asked him not to cum in me, but after several thrust he came as he tried to pull out. Of course, after my period, we were at it again in this position. It's the best for making out and making slow love.

This was a great way to get

This was a great way to get my ex off the video games. I'd just straddle him and unzip his pants and go to work. He would drop the controller so he could grab my ass and suck on my tits.... works every time.

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Great thought.

I totally want to try that when I can. I mean seriously it seems like it'd be fun if only my guy and I didn't live in two seperate states. I guess that's what I get when I have a few things I have to finish before I can go with them where the Navy stationed him. Hmm....I wonder if he will let me try that.


I have always dreamed of doing this position just watching her use my body for her pleasure while my hands explore would drive me crazy!

I've got to remember this

I've got to remember this position for when he gets home from work and I'm really horny. I'll have him sit down on the bed and we'll do this.

Ummm my favorite! He likes me

Ummm my favorite! He likes me ridding him and I love to be in control. Great for my Gspot and he loves my bouncing boobs in his face!!

my favorite since i can suck

my favorite since i can suck my wife's breast and ca see the pleasure on her face while she is riding me,we usually do this when the kids are with my in-laws.

this is good in the back of

this is good in the back of a car

i did this with my bf on the

i did this with my bf on the couch. he loves this position cuz my tits are in his face "bouncing around". dont like it when he says that but anyways we do this every once in a while. when we do i ride his cock hard and show no mercy. he cums into me everytime :)

Tried it first

I lost my virginity in this position ;)

really enjoy this position,

really enjoy this position, wish i could do this more to be honest, its really no good trying it on a bed :/ he ends up slipping down into cowgirl after a while -_-

remember doing it while

remember doing it while watching a horror movie, late october, it's hot, i'm in boxers, she just wearing tongs, she got scared jumped on me, sat on my lap for the entire time, horror movie showed a sex scene which turned her on, start doing it like this. i remember we were still doing it when the credits finished playing. too bad her parents ruined it for us, came back home earlier than expected, only she came three times, me nothing

Yes please

I like doing this one with my Mista, I often straddle him when he is on the sofa.


I really want to try something from the "face to face" section when my bf comes back from his trip but idk which is better...what would you recommend? p.s. msg me ur advice plz nd thanx

if you can balance, put your

if you can balance, put your arms on his thies. it makes your upper body look great. when i do it my bf can't help but suck my tits and play with my clit.
ahh :)

Nice....cock in pussy, tits

Nice....cock in pussy, tits in mouth, and playing wit clit..... mmmm. Sounds wonderful!!!

mmm just thinking about it

mmm just thinking about it makes me wet...

i'm soooo excited to try

i'm soooo excited to try this one next time we are alone. it'll be my first time being in control,and on top. any pointers that will make it feel amazing for him? :)

Love This

Me and my bf did this one. Well kinda. Neither of us are ready for sex yet so when we saw eachother for the first time in weeks we both got over excited and I ended up stradeling him on the couch while my mom was out. He sliped his fingers into my pussy and started fingering me so hard I was so fricking turned on.

God seeing that 3D image now makes me all horny. I cant wait to see him again!


My Husband and I have found that this is def our favorite position! I love being able to control how fast and deep it goes. My favorite thing to do is get him inside me an go fast then randomly slow down an tease him while kissing him. He practically begs for me to take him. He loves being able to play with my chest while I ride him. Also you can kiss and bite alot, it can get really hot and really intimate. I love when he puts one hand on my shoulder and pulls my body down closer to him so he gets so much deeper and at the same time he pulls my hair. It's amazing. We absolutely recommend.

my boyfriend & i love this

my boyfriend & i love this position! when i'm riding him, i like to arch my back and kinda puff my chest towards him so my tits are right in his face and his cock is sliding in and out. he finds this position so hot when we have sex. mmmmmmmm :)

since me and my boyfriend

since me and my boyfriend always have sex in his dad's office whilst his dad is home, and almost all of the room is visible from the door except one small section of the couch, this is our usual position. i looooove it. it's definitely the most comfortable and best feeling of all the ones we've tried. :)
I did this with my boyfriend

I did this with my boyfriend a while back, but i slid my legs a bit farther up, and he managed to slip up into my ass... it felt so damn good, then as i went up and down he fingered me and sucked my tits. It was so hot, and it felt so good.