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Kneeling Lotus Sex Position

The Kneeling Lotus is another adaptation of the Jellyfish and is very similar to regular Lotus - with one obvious difference.

To get into the position, the giver kneels back while the receiver sits into their lap facing them. The receiver wraps their legs around the giver; both wrap their arms around each other for support. This provides a good angle for penetration.

The giver and receiver together set up a rocking (fluid) motion to gain movement during penetration.


My boyfriend wants to try this one, but aint sure if i can balence, help? x

I love this one. My bf and I

I love this one. My bf and I have done this about 3 times and each time hes given me more than one orgasm, and I can make him cum faster in this one too. We love the eye contact and if we aren't making eye contact one of us has either finished or hes enjoying my breast ;)

this is a nice position. Me

this is a nice position. Me n my partner did this, we kept eye contact and orgasm was amazing! It was so hot seeing his face as I moved my hips. OMG you gotta try it XD

imma hav my first time soon

imma hav my first time soon would this b good to do

looks good

I'm a virgin and my bf is not, we just got back together and this position looks like it would really be a lot of fun. It looks so good to do as well.

big G lodd
looks good

hi im a 16 year old guy and just lost ma v 2 months ago i want to try this position but all my sex buddies dont dus any1 want to ty it with me ?


I like this position, easy to kiss breast and deep in to her pussy

Would this be good for a

Would this be good for a first time? Cause then you could ease onto him gently. Please, help, me and my bf don't want to do the normal missionary for our first time, we want it to be something a bit different, any advice?

this is actually very good

this is actually very good for a first time Go For It

i am thinking about him

i am thinking about him doing this to me and i am feeling i am cumming whooops !!! i just OH GOD i love it

Jade <3 Kevin
Woooooooooooooooooooo this

Woooooooooooooooooooo this givesmeee shiversss!!
I soo wanna do this with my boyfriend looks fuking amazing,raghhhh just the thoughtofhim doing that now,makesme want him sooo bad!!!

this one looks very sweet

this one looks very sweet and intimate- if you could handle your legs being stuck in one position for so long. to me, it looks like the guy could cramp up easily and like the girl would run out of energy quickly. the idea's very nice though.


This seems great, have to try it when the boyfriend wakes up. :D Or maybe I'll just wake him up myself. :D

Really good..

This one is really good too.. we were doing this and he was fingering me from the back... OMG!! SOOOOO peacefull

mmm im getting wet just

mmm im getting wet just thinking about doing this one.


This feels really good when you want to relax.
Sometimes I slide my body up and down his shaft in this position really fast so my breasts shake around. ;)

good one

this one i loved doing it with my boyfriend, but for better results, the girl should be fit, and be able to handle strenuous movement-and is much more comfortable on a bouncy bed.

Um, no.

Actually a girl doesn't have to be that fit to do this position.
I went a while doing this position and I'm not fit at all. So, yeah. No.

I agree. I'm skinny but I'm

I agree. I'm skinny but I'm not super fit or skinny. I do this with my BF all the time so yeah. You don't have to be.

does it hurt the girl if you

does it hurt the girl if you have a really big dick? mine is 10 inches no lie.

dear bigdick

i actually think your girlfriend would not oppose to that. in fact, she- if it were me- would love it!

Doesn't matter!

Im a girl and my bf has a 10'' dick and it feels soooo good.. Try having sex and your gf will get really horny, she will release a BAD,Sexy side of herself

Anonymous (not verified)

this one is great if you want to burn some calories while having sex.
quad workout though, after 30 seconds the burning sensation in your thights WILL make you need to stop.
really intimate, try necking at the same time to heighten the senses.