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Kneeling Lap Dance Sex Position

Kneeling Lap Dance is as all purpose as flour: it is versatile enough to be part of most people's sexual repertoires and can be done almost everywhere, from the couch to the backseat! And for those who like to see themselves in action, it's a great one to do in front of the mirror!

Lovers position themselves similarly to Lap Dance, with the exception that the person on the bottom keeps their legs fairly close together so that the performer can comfortably straddle and ride them. The giver's hands are free to explore their lover's body and can easily reach in front to manually stimulate their companion.

The only foreseeable downsides are for the performer:

    1. Their legs may tire quickly, depending on how much they sink into the seat cushion; correct this by placing firm pillows underneath the knees;

    2. Penetration may be too deep, but can managed if the receiver hovers over their lover; and

    3. Knee strain is also a possibility.

I so want to try this but I

I so want to try this but I want him to tie my hands behind my back first and massage my boobs and play with my nipples til i'm begging for him to stop

i love it when my wife rides

i love it when my wife rides this, she also loves to ride me like this.we do this while watching TV and end up not understanding what were watching, bu t who cares!

Had done this for the first

Had done this for the first time this week it was amazing. I am so hot thinking about it right now, I want someone that likes to fuck!

im 17 my parents never leave

im 17 my parents never leave me alone because they dont want me to have sex and i can never go any where alone, how can i have sex with my bf without my parents knowing??

Rubin' the clit

I wet my fingers a soon as she is about to mount when she does its on I start to bang her as she rides me. Then she reaches back to give me a wet kiss never fail with the ladies.


Oh my god i love this one its so fun to do a stripp tease suck a lil cock and licked and then just do a naked lap dance my man loves this (: oh god makes me horny just thinking about it

looks yummy

looks yummy

My husband goes insane when

My husband goes insane when we fuck like this....It's even better if you as a woman have hot spots with your hips...There is nothing more amazing then your man grabbing you by the hips and controlling your speed and depth and how hard it is when in this position, its also a good way for pregnant women to feel sexy for your man....Mind you my husband doesnt think there is anything sexier then a pregnant woman!!! This is a HUGE top one if your a woman who likes to feel deep penetration :):):)

What is it called?

What is it called if you do this same position, probably on the couch or the edge of the bed, and the girl puts her feet up on his thighs? That is such a hot position and one I fantasize about with my girl, but she is a bit too tall...really the best for small, super flexible girls, no?

Whooo!! this is the first

Whooo!! this is the first position i always do with my guy and it gets him turned on with access to da boobs and to my clit.. DAMN it felt so good! But then again, it just turns him on n we end up doing another position.. but dont get me wrong, he knows where the good spots are when he gets turned on. ;) Love this one! :)


My boyfriend is a major boob man and he convinced me to try this with him. AMAZING, he penetrated so deeply and he lasted longer than usual. and he loved that he had full access to my breasts. Definately a top position

this is great

this is great

F**k that is too sexy. I

F**k that is too sexy. I wanna give my boyfriend a birthday suprise with a strip tease. I think this will make it perfect.
Where is the best place to do this? Bed? Sofa? Anywhere else that comes to mind?

bed is best

the bed is the best cause if u do it ther u can easily switch to different positions were as doing it on a couch limits the positions u can do


i did this with my ex and he would pull in close and put his hand on the front of my vagina, squeezing gently and rubbing with the other hand around my breats ... felt so good!! i suggest to anybody they should try it:)

bf likes it

he likes it when we do it on the bed and mostly likes it cause well i have these enormous boobs and he loves to lick them and knead them and here he can pinch my nipples! he licks me too on the back which is weird but the two things he loves are licking and my boobs!

What man doesn't like big breasts?

How enormous are we talking here? ;)

Goddess Amaterasu
looks like he can reach

looks like he can reach around for some clit and boob stimulation.... now if i just had a bf ;_;


Or, Just do it withsome random bloke ;)

gd gd

this is in my to do list with my boyfriend

seriously good

this position is nice, feels more comfortable compared to when the lady's feet are on the ground.


holy i tried this with my

holy i tried this with my friend..and oh my god the penetration is just amazing !!

This looks hot!

This looks hot!


this is great. I love how my boyfriend can get really deep and he loves playing with my breasts when we are like this, too. So hot.


I'm deffintely going to try this one the next time I get a chance.