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Kneeling Amazon Sex Position

Easier to perform than its close cousin Amazon, this adaptation provides the receiver on top with some extra leverage and support because they’re on their knees, rather than in a squat. Thus, this position facilitates added positional control as well as endurance. Don't be fooled though, the receiver still gets a workout!

The laying partner simply draws their knees open and back towards themselves. The other lover then kneels on either side of the giver’s buttocks and uses the back of the receiver’s thighs to adjust position accordingly. Finally, either partner carefully bends the phallus back for the receiver to climb on to. Lovers can enjoy a unique angle of penetration and have a great view of one another from this vantage point.

Kneeling Amazon instils a sense of power and virility for the receiver, not to mention deep penetration and possible G-spot stimulation!

I just wish

I wish one day some girl will put me in this position and use me as her prey.

She pushed my legs back and

She pushed my legs back and rode me like this, I was ok untill she shouted... "Your my wife now"...

I've tried to ride my guy but

I've tried to ride my guy but I can't. His dick comes out, I hurt him rather than pleasuring him. I can't seem to fully open my legs wide and his dick is not that big either, what can I do?


baby try another guy is easier to taste this lovely position

him in folded deck chair

It's very easy for me to put my hubby in the folded deck chair with this position. We do yoga so hes flexible enough. I suppose just place his ankles on my shoulders and lean forward. more leverage and greater penetration.

i might try this

i am willing to do new stuff and my man likes it when i am on top so i might try this out and see if he likes it....

Looks like fun

Haha, now if only I could find a girl to do this stuff

I have a small dick, 5

I have a small dick, 5 inches. Is this one a good idea?

yer that ent small really

yer that ent small really

no harm trying, and you aint

no harm trying, and you aint that small!


very orgasmic cant get enough of this

Really Good Grip

My woman ("widereceiver") did me in this position and I was in heaven. The view of her above me moving up and down on my cock was arousing and the sensation of her pussy gripping my cock and grinding on it was exquisite. Add to that her warm juices running down onto my stomach and I was ready and able to stay in that position all night! She was able to leverage on my 8 inches (she calls it my M8) to her max. Guys and gals, do this one for sure!


to say the least, gals...gripping my guys cock in this intimate position is definitely heaven...sooo deep, be prepared for the BEST SEX EVER! However, I have the BEST DEEPDRIVER and M8 in the your heart out!

Has any1 done this

Oh my this looks difficult..but im always up for a challenge

Ah. Challenge. I love a

Ah. Challenge. I love a challenge. I find challenges like opportunities so irresisitible and seductively tempting. :)

I got to try this one

I got to try this one hopefully..that will
hit the spot and give me the big O!

Well, why not try it out and

Well, why not try it out and find out for yourself? :)

I really want to try this.

I really want to try this. It looks like u will be able to get the whole d**k in you and nothing to block it. Can't wait to see my ex I'm going to give it to him like this.

Wow.. sounds like fun. :)

Wow.. sounds like fun. :)

raunchy gal
reply:Amazon Kneeling

my new bf is begging for me to get on top,am a little self concious and shy,but will try anything once....especially if it help me have a great orgasm and please my bf as well

gonna fuck him like tht

gonna fuck him like tht

This looks great, I love

This looks great, I love going on top for my lad, he seems to feel things really strongly when I do, so i'm going to have to try and minipulate his legs into the right place... but he does like surprises.

so wet looking at it!

so wet looking at it!

want to try this tonight.

I love a good position where I can offer my woman some good deep penetration. Hopefully I will be able to hit her G-Spot. I love the fact that she is incontroll and that I can have a grat view of her tits.

It's good for her

This is a great position for my girlfriend, whenever we've done it, but be careful. Your penis is at a precarious angle, and if you slip a bit, it can -hurt.-

It still gives the woman a -lot- of pleasure, in my experience, though. So I'd say worth it.