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Kneeling 69 Sex Position

More strength is required than for the Sitting 69, but it is considerably easier than Standing 69. The lifting partner will require considerable upper body strength. The position is lower to the floor than Standing 69 and is therefore safer and requires less overall strength on the part of the lifter.

To get into this position the lifting partner needs a fair amount of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should kneel down and help their partner manoeuvre into position (perhaps off the edge of a couch or bed), with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.

The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

i love it but all of my blood

i love it but all of my blood rushes to my head but forget about it when my pussy gets sucked on

im want to try this

nice one and wanted to try it now with my husband hehe..

want to try this

my boyfriend and i think it is time to start having some more fun with oral sex but how do you do that? i want to have someone explain how to get to kneeling bc it looks so great

Messed Up

I use to do this to my girlfriend all the time, now I don't bother trying anymore! Sad thing is I absolutely love to do it to her

The Edge

Tried this tonight with GF. She is tall and slim (5'8 125) I am 6-0 and in shape so it worked perfect

Very hot and loud O on her part :)


No way!

u have to be a

strong guy and slim girl

what if he drops you O.O

what if he drops you O.O

we just finished trying this

we just finished trying this position right now!!! he came in my mouth and it shot out through my nose!! real crazy!!

hmm.. looks interested

hmm.. looks interested but..hmm


this looks so hard?!?! is it tricky, do u need muscles and a flat stomach. my bf would neva do this tho.


my boyfriend definitely had enough strength for this one it was the best ever!

would like to

Ohhhh that looks like fun i wanna try that



One to try

God the rush of blood to the head must feel amazing. Creaming just thinking about it. One to try when he comes in.

Good Position for oral sex

This blood rush position excites us very much. We love to do oral sex this position in front of mirror.

i wanna try this one so bad!

i wanna try this one so bad! i got my panties wet just thinking about it!

ill help you do that i love

ill help you do that i love trying new things

try it with me lol

try it with me lol


Her: I really could not figure out how we were to get into this position and then I kept laughing so we had to give up lol

Him: Surprisingly easy to take her weight, but she wouldn't stop laughing!!! Also, her legs would not open wide enough once she was in position (which made her laugh and collapse!!)

ohh, all that pussy in my

ohh, all that pussy in my face, i wanna try that!any girls?

☢ ☢

Tombstone piledriver. Ha.

sexyangel 1
This is nuts!!

No way would i try this!! :0

i wanna try but looks kinda

i wanna try but looks kinda scary.

oh my god, all of your blood

oh my god, all of your blood will rush to ya head. im kinda sked to try that

DaMN me and my BF always try

DaMN me and my BF always try new shit sooooo we gonna def do dis... our upper body strenght is great... we wrk out together

this position looks vary

this position looks vary uncomfortable
but will deff try


we totally mastered this. =] and it was pretty much amazing. I guess we're just circus performers. and we're pretty much awesome.

I don't think so!!!!!!!

I don't think so!!!!!!!

i second that!

this position,ive never tried,i dont think it would be good at all.all the blood would rush to your head.


I dont like this one. A guy's ass constantly in my face is the opposite of a turn on. Plus both ppl have to be hella strong. A lot to think about when u just wanna feel good and cum...

Kristin Kmiecik
Unattainable position

This works well if both are circus performers. Otherwise, forget it.

Anonymous (not verified)

yeah, we just tried it and I must admit that this pose blows.

Anonymous (not verified)

wouldnt all the blood like ..rush to her head by the time he had an orgasm

Anonymous (not verified)

what happens if the guy drops her when she has his penis in her mouth?

Kristin Kmiecik
Ouch is right!

ROFLMAO! Get real with these positions.

think outside the box

they are being real Kristin:) It's about having some adventure and non traditional thinking regarding sex. Check out Kobe Tai and Mark Davis in porn, both husband and wife. He gets her into positions like this all the time and she goes insane. Just another perspective to consider.

Anonymous (not verified)

Bye-Bye's going down with


- the best I've seen on the web!

Anonymous (not verified)
what a workout!

my oh my ... must get my weight set out to prepare for this one :P