average penis size

Average Penis Size

It’s natural for us to be curious about sex, and discovering how other people look or act reassures us of how close or far from “normal” we really are! That’s why sex researchers have set out on the challenging task of measuring every last detail … from anatomy - to sexual practice - to sexual preference, etc., etc…

However, the task was (and still is) easier said than done, with widely varying opinions and the unreliability of certain methods of measuring what’s hot, what’s not, and every possible inch in between. Thus, the figures shown below come from various sources and reporting bodies, covering a broad representation of actual facts and figures.

So, let’s take a look at some of the more common curiosities…

Penis Length

The vast majority of men measure between five and seven inches when fully erect. According to the Kinsey Institute (founded by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in 1947) the average length of an adult penis measures just less than six inches. However, the British Journal of Urology puts the average length of a penis at 5.08 inches, while the International Journal of Impotence Research puts it at 5.35 inches. A non-erect penis usually measures somewhere between 3 to 4 inches.

The current, living record holder for the longest reported penis in the world is Jonah Falcon, who can be seen in an HBO documentary called Private Dicks: Men Exposed. He measures in at 9.5 inches in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches in length when erect.

Back when the famous Kinsey Report - the first ever scientific study of real peoples’ sex lives - was initially released in 1948, Dr. Kinsey found that the smallest reported penis was 1.75 inches when erect.

A man who has an erect penis that measures less that 7 cm (or just over 2 inches) is considered to have a micro penis. The condition can usually be treated with hormone therapy or surgery.

Penis Girth

The average girth of an erect penis is between 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference, reports the British Journal of Urology International. How about the girth of the fella who holds the world record for longest penis? It’s a lot like grabbing at the middle of males forearm when it is flexed!

Since the majority of women’s sensitive nerve endings are concentrated near the opening of the vagina, a wider penis will have more impact (than a longer penis) on her sexual enjoyment. Why is this? Because putting more pressure on the vestibular (clitoral) bulbs –the erectile tissue next to the Clitoris and extending one on either side of the vaginal orifice - gives a woman the sense of feeling ‘filled up’ while her partner is inside her.

Height and Penis Size

Is there any connection? Most assume that a tall man will usually have a large penis; a shorter man, a smaller penis. However, this isn’t entirely the case. American sexologists, Masters and Johnson, measured the penis lengths of over 300 men and found there was little correlation. An Italian study of approximately 500 men echoed this point, finding only a small correlation between height and penis length.

Flaccid versus Erect

Can you tell the size of an erection based on when it’s limp? An article in Psychology Today said this about the relationship between flaccid and erect penises, “Among men, there is no consistent relationship between the size of the flaccid penis and its full erect length. In one study of 80 men, researchers found that increases from flaccid to erect lengths ranged widely, from less than a quarter inch to 3.5 inches longer.

An analysis of more than a thousand measurements taken by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey shows that shorter flaccid penises tend to gain about twice as much length as longer flaccid penises. Kinsey's data showed that about 12% of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with an erection, and about 7% doubled in length when erect.

(Note: the correct way to measure a penis is explained in our article on Average Penis Size.

Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) put out a report which estimates that (worldwide) only 30% of males aged 15 and up are circumcised. In comparison, The CDC estimates that about 65% of all newborn boys get circumcised in the US, though the practice of circumcising boys for medical and cosmetic reasons has become controversial.

Circumcision rates vary by religion and nationality. Almost all Jewish and Muslim males in the world have circumcised penises, and together they account for about 70% of all circumcised males globally.

The US has the highest proportion of males circumcised for non-religious reasons. 75% of non-Jewish, non-Muslim American men are circumcised; in Canada, it’s only 30%; in the U.K, it's 20%; in Australia it's 6%.

Some Other Sex Stats

Sexual Peak

The age of 18 is considered the peak time regarding a man’s supply of testosterone. However, peak hormone levels don’t necessarily equal peak sexual performance!

Average Length of Sex

Worried that everyone is having better, longer and more sex than you? The findings of a survey of sex therapists revealed that they believe the optimal length of sexual intercourse is 3 to 13 minutes, with a median time that was 7.3 minutes. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that each couple that participated had their own time averages, which depended on factors like energy levels and sexual desire.

Sexual Frequency

The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles conducted interviews with almost 20,000 men and women, and found that for women between the ages of 20-29 and men between the ages of 25-34, the maximum number of times they had sex was 5 times per week. By the time men and women reach an age of 55-59, the frequency declined to twice a week for men, and for more than half the female respondents, zero times weekly.

Sexual Dysfunction

Most men aren’t eager to talk about sexual problems, but nearly all of them have experienced problems in the bedroom. The most common issues include decreased libido, Premature Ejaculation , or Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Risk factors for some of these problems include diabetes, heart disease, neurological conditions, smoking, circulation problems, and certain medications.

Final Thoughts

Most men are concerned that things like penis size and sexual frequency are important factors in pleasing a woman, and if any of these stats make you feel like you fall short, there’s no need to worry. As far as stimulating women during intercourse is concerned, the numbers don’t matter as much as ‘effort to please’ – there is no substitute for being considerate, attentive and honing your skills in order to pleasure your partner! So, throw away the measuring tape and focus on maximizing your talents instead - because ultimately, things like size aren’t indicators of good sex anyway!

lovely lilith response

Sorry but I could not help to register, just to put into perspective how ludicrus of a comment a member made.

Think it were along the lines of being able to fit a 7-9 thick cock easily in her mouth and deep throat lol.

First of all less than 1.1% of the male population has a dick thicker than 6' plus, so your gonna be incredibly Lucky (to find that needle in a hay stack...pardon the Pun), or your going to be highly disappointed.

Second of all, I dont even know whether you passed maths (appears highly doubtful from the statement made) or whether you still cant convert mm to cm's (possibly mistaking them for inches).

Let me put this into proportion for you. I have quite a thick dick, going to well above 6 (part of the 1.1% club), and I aint met one girl who can easily accommodate a dick as thick as 6, not to mention 7-9 lol.

I will do some simple maths for ya. Try sticking a coke can in ya mouth, then add another inch to it.

If you can do that hun, then maybe the next stop is the circus. 7 inch thick is 17.5 cm around, and 9 is 22.5 cm.

So in other words your either terrible at estimates, or those fellas of yours have been taking advantage of your gullible Nature.

Men lie about there sizes and the fact that women can never calculate size misleads women into the dimensions of a mans appendage, and then the other vast majority (within the average orange) of men who are already being intimidated by horse like dicks of porn stars have These exaggerated sizes thrown around by women mislead men into thinking they are lightweights in the bedroom department.

You can start to grasp how the combination of media and over exaggerated dimensions (like the ones you been fed) Lead men into thinking they are inferior or abnormal from all this.

Apologies for the rant, when I start writing I find it hard to stop ;-)

Lovely Lilith
Lovely Lilith's picture
Size Matters, Sorrynotsorry

Yes, size does matter. All of the women that I have talked to agree that 5 inches is SMALL. Girls tell guys that small dicks are okay so we won't hurt their feelings.
As for the issue of having a gag reflex when giving oral, just practice. I remember when I first started giving head, I had an EXTREMELY sensitive gag reflex, but now I can fit thick 7-9 inch cocks down my throat EASILY.
Seriously, to everyone saying that having a small dick is okay, you're probably either a guy WITH a small dick, or a girl who is dating a guy with a small dick who is in denial and trying to convince herself that she's happy being with a guy who has a Vienna sausage for a penis.

wide one
her 1st above average sized cock

i never thought about my size that much until i met my present GF(now wife) the 1st time she saw my cock, as she was releasing it from my pants, i was 1/2 hard, and slowly growing in length and girth. by the time she pulled my pants down, and started stroking me, i was at full attention, nearly 7" long, and thick. she looked up at me, (she was on her knees) and mumbled something like, "thats awful wide, i dont think it's going to fit"
she tried her best, but could barely get past the head into her mouth. we fucked 2 or 3 times that night and drifted off to sleep.
the next morning, i awaken to her with my still soft cock in her mouth, and her sucking away, it started growing again, and she had to stop.
her ex husband and a couple previous BF's didnt quite "measure up" to my standard. she loved the filled up feeling she got with my larger cock, she stated that "i hit places she didnt know she had" deep inside her.
she's tried a couple larger sized dildo's and they were uncomfortable, so i must be her "perfect" fit.
the biggest key to good sex, is not cock size, but making her cum in different ways.
practice up on your pussy licking skills, introduce toys, and have fun fucking

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Cock Sizing

I always Start out by explaining how small my size is & when they accept it & find out that I have 7+..."Everybody's Happy" or Start out jokingly by explaining why your last relationship didn't work based on the fact she thought you had 12"...when she questioned you about it...you told her to flip over & you'll gladly give her the other 6"...LOL...No Matter what, Have fun & Phukit !!

Just above average

My penis is a decent 7 x 6...but still wish it was bigger, I think porn is to blame for it and male ego/ acceptance from peers and female so called desire for a big stick !

Your cock is very desirable

Your cock is very desirable just the way it is ;)

size does matter!

I am not small; maybe a bit above average. When I start a new relationship I always introduce the idea of "would you like to try a big penis...they always say "sure"...so I buy a vienzy extender...they always go NUTS when I fuck them with it on...its not real huge but it BIG...I consider myself to be an excellent lover with exceptional cunalingus skills, but my lovers never loose their minds until I fuck them with that thing on: let the squirting begin...nuff said; SIZE MATTERS!!!!!...simple biology :) get one of them and try it yourself...make sure she is very turned on before you gently slid it in...and don't ram it to her; unless of course she wants you too,,,,like my X wife :)

Am I small

I don't think I hit puberty, but I have never been taught what that was, anyway I am 12 years old and think mine is just too smal 2 in erect estimated, am I too small? I know size doesn't matter but I just wanna know and don't laugh if it is I'm a little on the sensitive side

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No such thing as too small!

No such thing as too small! Well, I mean, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I have tiny boobs (like AA) but I try not to let that bother me.

Am I Small

At your age your still growing. So no your not small. Puberty usually hits around your age. So just be patient you'll grow. And besides your already bigger then me and I'm 23 years old and mines only 1 in a half inches when I'm fully erected. So your not doing bad in that department.

Is it Normal

Oh yah and I almost forgot she said that I'm the same size as her 5 year old little brother. Which really hurt.

Is it Normal

I'm 23 years old and my penis is really small I'm 1 in a half inches when I'm fully erect and the first time my girlfriend saw it she busted out laughing. So do girls really mean it when they say size doesn't matter or are they just trying to be nice.

All those guys who are

All those guys who are worried about being 'small', I think you need to concentrate on pleasing your woman rather than on your penis size. I think the perfet size for me is 5". A large penis can be off putting to a girl when giving oral to a guy due to obvious factors such as the gag reflex and so 5" for me is perfect for intercourse and giving oral. I have been with men with large and small penises but what really counts is how you please your woman before the intercourse starts, like 'RAscorpiopassionSQTR' said size doesnt matter as long as you can give your lover mulitple Orgasms.


I'm unsure of my exact length and want to know how to measure correctly. For both length and girth. I mainly want to know so I can just know for myself.


Ok You Insecure Men Out there! If your reading this article you must be thinking you don't measure up. I have enjoyed 4" to 12" Cocks...but really Size doesnt matter as Long as you Can give your Lover mulitple Orgasms! If you are smaller than 4"long but your Thick & Lick excellent Pussy your good to go too! I personally prefer the Average 5-6" which is perfect for "All" my Wet Holes...lol...Sorry to the Really Long & Thick they have a downfall to having their Lovers try or do Anal. I Love anal so NO Biggins ---Do Not Enter! Enjoy & dont give Up you can Please a woman MANY Ways Small or Huge!

masturbation king

you made me feel secure..

Penis Size

I like your comment Thanx

Oh, so girth is more important. Great.

So, I have a pretty average 6 inch erect penis. But, girth-wise, i'm about 4.3/4ish, last time i checked. Fantastic. I get really fucking depressed whenever I read "Oh don't worry about your length! It's girth that counts!" Right, so since everyone's unanimous on that being so, I guess I'm just stuck with a dick that will never give any girl that 'full' feeling. Hooray for me; crap at sports, nerdy and sexually unfulfilling (apart from my delayed ejaculation that has the nice side-effect of allowing me to 'last' for as long as my body can take it). Other than that small bonus, I appear to be made to die, and leave everybody else turned off.


Hi Narc,

Dont be disheartened by something Duch trivial. We as males spend (waste) too much time worrying about our penises.

First of all porn does us no favours, as were automatically bench Marking ourselves on These dimensions.

Second of all, the majority of women are bad at estimating a size. If it does anything for yourself esteem bend the truth (add an inch or 3 like alot of guys).

Women are not overly concerned on your size, as long as you know how to use it (Mate your above average length so you can easily pleasure a woman) and if you good with fingers and tongue then your onto a winner ;-p

So still worrying about something so trivial, would you really be as bothered if it werent for the influence of media vastly over exaggerated statics by our race,

Hope that helps :-)

I find this crazy people are

I find this crazy people are on here n asking if 8in is small and shit are you serious thats gud as hell especially when your young so its a blessing

josh is curious
this is why

The reason y we wonder is cuz we have nobody to ask like me im turning 17 im 8in. Hard and i dont brag abt it but i dont brag cuz im still unsure. Girls out their my dicks 8in a and as thick like abt a quarter is that good or is it average cuz we wanna be sure whether its big or average ;) rate me

Size doesn't matter

Ok, my penis is about 5 1/2 inches soft, 7 erect and i'm fine with that, all I have to say is that size doesn't matter. When me and my fiance have sex she just gets on top and does all the work, but that does not make me selfish, she enjoys going on top and is able to get the great orgasms from that as well as me but back to the point for those of you not so well endowed don't worry about it sex isn't just with the penis remember there is oral as well as anal so jsut get expiriment.

well on a good day I can get

well on a good day I can get up to 6 - 6.5, however, I am very narrow. My new gf never complain, but my old gf few times mention that she wish I was thicker. know what I realised, she was the problem. she bought a dildo, and would use it everyday, sometimes twice. so her pussy just got too loose. so guys, note that the problem is not the size, but finding someone who can accept what you offer and do things that will make you feel like 10 inch fella

Hey guys.As far as I

Hey guys.As far as I know,size doesn't always matter,cause genetics play their part too.But it does matter sometimes.I mean ppl with tools 5inc and above shouldn't worry.But I am like 18 and my tool is 4inc(pathetic).5inc+ shouldn't complain.There are lucky compared to ppl like us

Hey yall I need some

Hey yall I need some advice?
What is the one way that is
proven to increase your size?

Im 7 inches hard 5 in wide
and 4 inches when limp
and I hate it, im trying to make if
fatter and longer, what is
a good way to do this?

My gf says she loves my size because
its just the right size for her but
I dont think so, I want in bigger
atleast 10 inches length and 7 or 8 wide.

Anyone have any good advice how how to do this
thanks for listening :P

You crazy!!!

Dude you got to stop watching porn, it is rotting your brain. Anything above 6 a few would turn you away. 7 plus and they be running for the hills pal. Mate get a tape measure out and measuring off 10, probably end up putting a woman in hospital pal.

Your gf right mate, as long as she Happy then worry you stressing?

thats way too big! i dated a

thats way too big! i dated a guy who was 9.5 hard and 7in wide and i had a hard time taking him. i screamed and cried when we did anal it was so bad.

listen to your gf!

listen to your gf! That is more than enough. I would hate a guy to be 10 inches, that would just hurt! Instead, maybe think about how you can be the best lover; oral, turning her on, kinky ideas, what are her fantasies? That is waaay more important.
"..it's the motion of the ocean" ...well...that's not always true. I've been with a guy who was..I'm guessing about 4.5inches...and it was pretty shit...but I think he lacked on both accounts :/ lol In saying that, even at that size when we did doggy style was alright..
Anyway, focus on her. She says your penis is the right size for a reason!

Ok so my penis is 9.5 - 10

Ok so my penis is 9.5 - 10 inches on a good day but my gf thinks its massive compared to other guys she has been with due to the fact that thy were only about 3 inches but in saying that to all you dudes out there whether your big or small it doesn't matter about the size of you weapon its how you use it. I guess I'm lucky ( i don't mean to brag ) but i do know how to use my weapon the only problem is that my gf won't let me try anal because I'm apparently to big so you smaller dudes are lucky if your into that stuff. But as i was saying don't worry about the size of your weapon its all in the way of how you use it and that's what really matters.


All i can say is DAMN! you girl is lucky! haha and i agree with you its not the size its how you use it. i had sex with a guy that was only 4 and he made me cum alot! while my current bf is 8 and he doesnt make me that much! i was shocked! haha he sure set that sterotype straight!

It can be too big

I know this girl, whom should remain anonymous, since for a while right and we've been friends for a long time. WI remember while we were in college she dated this guy, she says had an anaconda between his leg, he was too big. She actually measured him at 9 3/4 inch long and over 6 inch in girth. You'd think she was lucky and sex was blissful, wrong. It was painful for her. They had to use position where she'd be in control. She couldn't take him fully inside or in her mouth. When things got heavy, she would tell friends it hurt her. The lesson is being extremely huge ain't that really exciting for girls. If you 7.5 to 8 inch, you good.

Penis Size

I'll be the first to admit, my penis is not the biggest in the world. It bothered me for the longest time but my g/f flat out told me that the size does not matter. The more important thing was how to use it! She also told me that I REALLY knew how to use it. So I feel better about the size of my penis....and I also try to make up for it with the greatest oral skills!

Wow. Everyone who keeps

Wow. Everyone who keeps asking if your big enough is ignorat. Read the article. Yes size can matter but it also has to do with how well you use it. I am 6 inches long and 5 around. I have been told I'm exquisite in bed. But then again I am enthusiastic, willing to use my tongue, fingers, penis and any other part of my body to please a woman. I listen to their needs and desires, when they moan harder I oblige. When they whisper how bad they wish to one day be taken in the shower I sneak into the bathroom and surprise them in the shower.

Get the point. Listen to what your partner wants and needs. If your thrusting one way and they're trying to change positions then SWITCH positions. They scream about how good your doing it doesn't mean go at a different rhythm. It means stay the course. And if they go from moaning to silent it means you should probably go back to what you were doing.

And most importantly grow some self confidence. Don't go to jelquing or pills. They won't work and you risk rupturing the chambers in your penis. I think its same to say a woman would prefer a hard 5 inch penis over a limp 7 inch penis that can't get hard.

Just like you say that most

Just like you say that most girls would prefer a hard small cock than a big limp dick. I can say it's true, I'm 19 and have a 4" or 5 " dick. I don't really know my size cuz I don't need to mesure it.

I have asked her if my cock is too small and she says " No, your cock is perfect for me. Not too big and not too small. Not to thin and not too thick! " I honestly thout it was BS! Then when I saw her face and how she shook uncontrollably with pleasure I knew it was true. I also asked if shed prefer a bigger dick, she said I prefer your hard cock than a limp dick.

So if your cock is small all I can say is enjoy pleasing your girl and learn to use your fingers or tounge. I'm with a woman that's about 29, and I make her cum and orgasm with my cock quickly. I also finger her when we don't have time for sex and she cums too!

Only problem is I can't cum!
I've only had the opportunity to cum once. Other than that, she feels bad, that she can't make me cum. We can go at it for hours and in different positions but still I can't cum.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?
I keep being told to relax and I do but it's hard. Also I tell my girl that even if I don't cum, it feels good to have sex with her.

Well thanks and happy holidays and happy new year.

Ha well said!! I have had

Ha well said!! I have had some of the best sex with a guy that was fairly small than with a guy that was 7 inches and thick. The small guy just knew how to use it better and was all around more in tune to what I wanted sexually. The bigger guy just thought that since he was well hung that was enough but believe me, it wasnt!!

What can a 4 in penis

What can a 4 in penis do???
Please list all of them.


im 13 nd i was caught with my penis out... it's 4 to 5 inches, erection-wise. is that too small?

you're only 13 but yeah i

you're only 13 but yeah i was 5in at that age and as you get older it should continue to grow like it did for me. btw i know everyone is thinking about sex it has only been a few years since i got out of school but wait a few years for sex. i look back at losing my virginity at that age and i was too young.

ya thnx.... but what should

ya thnx.... but what should be the average size? nd wat can i do for it to grow?

don't be worried about

don't be worried about yanking your dick or taking pills (btw those things dont work) to make it grow longer bcuz you haven't even gone through puberty yet. your hormores will kick in and most likely it will get bigger(length and girth).it says in the paragraphs above that average is 5.5 to 6.5 inches. you have all these women here saying that what matters most is how a guy uses his dick and paying attention to her needs of arousal and orgasm. sex in real life is not like porn

ok from a girl's view point

ok from a girl's view point i can honestly say that having a dick bigger than 8 inches is painful.. i would much rather have a guy that has average to 7 in and thats about it. i mean that's just my opinion some girls may disagree but in my mind yeah

To guys

To guys with smaller penises: Don't worry! Seeing some guy say, "My dick is nine inches long" actually kinda scares me. Seriously, even if you have a less than average small dick if you're good at oral I don't think you need to worry since most girls get an orgasm from clitoral stimulation. xD

size aint shit. there r a few things to keep in mind.....

k so im 22 lost i have had enough sex to KNOW that size does not have anything to do with how much pleasure a girl will get from a guy. for one thing sum girls can only get a full orgasm from clitoral stimulation or just get a better orgasm that way. the most important things to do r learn how to work ur tongue, have a good stroke and watch to c what really drives a girl crazy mix it up a lil n dnt worry about size..... just sayin

Thanx 4 this comment I agree

Thanx 4 this comment I agree n will use it from now on : )


Seriously, if you are like 12-15 my question is why in the world are you even concerned about your size.??? Puberty has barely hit you, if at all. You shouldnt even be worried about that, focus on video games or hanging out with friends or something.! You have a LONG way to go before your "product" is finished. Besides, you really shouldnt be concerned about sex right now either, it really is OVERATED. If you are like 16-17, okay I get why you may be more concerned because all of your friends are bragging about what they have experienced and how big their "tool" is..I have 6 older brothers I KNOW what ya'll talk about. (involuntarily) Your "product" isnt finished either. My boyfriend and I both had lost our virginity to each other when we were 17, he was about 6.5 inches long and about 5 inches around, that was PERFECT for me. Get this about three months later he had already grown another half inch, if he was any bigger I wouldnt want to have sex with him. One time we were having sex and he repeatedly hit my cervix, it was so painful we had to stop and that was only at 7 inches.!!! So, don't worry if you're smaller,women only need for the G-spot to be stimulated, so we only need like 4 maybe 5 inches if she wants a little extra, 12 inch penises are total overkill and an overshot. Women may not admit it but smaller sizes are actually better, the only thing that really gets us going is thickness not length. :/ think about it...

Haha trust me being too

Haha trust me being too focused on vid games is bad I had an iq of112 the it was 77 after many sleepless nights of playing darksiders

See the girth is what i have

See the girth is what i have a problem with im long but i wanna be wider she says I am a great size for her that if i was any bigger she would not wanna have sex with me but i no dat women do like to be filled up its just something that i always wanted but im great at sucking and licking her pussy she loves it everytime but im kinda over it jus a lil but i still think about it like they say if ur missing something u must pick up somewhere else thats why im great at all of it but not because im not that thick but because i love to please my lover its just me

im just dumbfounded by the

im just dumbfounded by the 12-17 yr old guys on a site like this! lol aye if you wanna get better i guess research is the only way!

that is plenty big :)

:)My boy is 8in :)

I'm 12 and haven't even

I'm 12 and haven't even started puberty. I am about 1 inch around and about 4 1/2 inches long, is this normal for my age and not for hitting puberty?