Masturbating Together

Masturbate Together!

Masturbation does not have to just be a solo sexual activity, it can also be a means of sharing pleasure with your partner. Many people enjoy watching their partner masturbate, and gain pleasure in return from performing this activity for their partner. It can be a thrilling way to start the night, or something you can both do while pleasuring each other

Masturbation also allows partners with different sex drives to feel satisfied within the relationship. You or your partner can masturbate separately, or with each other, to relieve sexual tension and attain sexual fulfillment when the other is unable/unwilling to engage in intercourse or sexual play.

Another benefit of masturbating together is showing your partner what you like. Most people who masturbate don't have trouble getting themselves to climax, and it never hurts for a sexual partner to see some other techniques for pleasuring the other.

Unfortunately, many individuals have trouble masturbating in front of their partner. They believe Masturbation is a solo or secretive act, which they feel embarrassed to share with others. You should never pressure someone to perform something they do not want to do. If you would like to have your partner masturbate for you, bring up the subject, but do not press it if they would prefer not to.

One way you can aid your partner is to actively satisfy yourself and not always expect them to satisfy your sexual needs.

Sex toys for guys

I will list here my preffered male masturbators:
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Best Masturbation Toy for Guys

I just bought one of these bad boys

Honestly, I have never had a better orgasm in my entire life. Definitely recommend you guys check it out.


i wish i had a girl to masturbate with that sounds so hot shot i'm getting excited just thinking about it hahaha ;-]

It is a great alternative

We increasingly masturbate together. L likes to watch me do it and I love it when she does herself. Mostly she wants something inside het like a few fingers or a vibrator on very low speed.

masturbation together

my wife and i regularly masturbate together. Sometimes at the same time and other times we do it for each other. She was a little reluctant to start with, but now that she knows what a turn on it is for me she loves it!
For me i love it when she watches and sometimes i look down and she has joined in. That is soooooo Hot!!!
A nice variation is to use your partners hand and guide it with your own. mmmm

Mutual Masturbation

My wife and I regularly masturbate together - masturbating each other is a great turn on. Being able to get your partner to orgasm is special to us. She loves seeing me ejaculate; be it from her hand or mine. I have always thought seeing a woman masturbate very erotic.

Do it often...

now that i don't have a bf. I did it with him a few times. I like to start him by stroking him then asking him to finish. He would often ask to watch me lol. I would use a vibe and my hand. He would wait until i started to climax or when i was orgasm to f--k me. It wasn't making love lol, He would be so turned on after watching me masterbate.


Me and my boy love watching each other jack off, it's so totally intimate, so love to watch him cum for me ^_^

couples masturbation

I have not been with any females that would not masturbate a male or not watch him. It is better if both are shaved. Feeling bare skin of the vulva or scrotum is good. Small female hands seems to feel better on me. Jel baby oil works better than water lubricants on the penis. Water lubes any where else. If oral sex will be part of this only use salavia. I ejoy feeling the female orgasm, especially 4, 5, 6 times. Oral clitoral orgasm feel of the rush of heat and clit pulseing and her movement, sometimes her hands on your head makes me more than ready for whatever she wants, oral on me or penetration.If she stands behind me with bare breasts on my back and strokes me while in front of a mirror it can be a powerful orgasm. Sometimes this the second orgasm. The first is oral. This may be thirty minutes later. Try sex in and after a jacuzza. Humans having sex has nothing to do with animals. Animals only reproduce, they don't have brain pleasure. Thank you God.

Not there yet.

My mrs has a pretty high sex drive and times even after multiple orgasm still needs more and doesn't matter what I do she just needs that little more. So she masturbates Sometimes using her fingers others her fav toy. Some times I watch others I don't. One day she went for over an hour was so hot that i started doing myself for her. She loved it.

wife is the same sometimes.

i've never been a "early finisher" she can cum as many times as she wants, or needs to, before she asks me to stop.
i have arthritis in my hip and knees, and she knows i'm in pain most of the time.
on occasion even after a relatively long session, she's not quite finished, and she'll start masterbating while i'm "recovering"
i wait and watch for a while, i can ask her what she wants, and obey her commands.
sometimes taking over with my fingers, or using my tongue, using toys on her, fucking her again, or just sit back, watch, and tell her how naughty she is.

A suggestion for the ladies

I like my guy to kneel beside me and hold the headboard of the bed while lay on the bed and give him a BJ and I stroke myself. He can enjoy the BJ, I get hot giving him a head, he can watch you pleasuring yourself and then he can come and slip in for the final finale. Hot all round in my book, plus it's comfortable.

Damn That Sounds Awesome

Damn That Sounds Awesome

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