Penis Diagram

Male Diagram


A multipurpose organ responsible for sexual pleasure, reproduction, and the passage of both urine and semen the end of the penis is called the glans which contains the urethral opening that allows urine and semen to pass from the body in uncircumcised males the glans is covered by an additional layer of skin called the foreskin; main part called shaft; the raised ridge that separates the shaft from the glans is called the corona.


A loose pouch of skin covered with pubic hair that contains the testicles.

Testicles (or testes)

Are referred to as gonads and are reproductive glands; produce sperm and make sex hormones, mainly testosterone.

Prostate gland

The prostate sits on top of the bladder and secretes a milky fluid that is part of the ejaculate.

Seminal vesicles

A pair of tiny glands that lie above the prostate which produce about 70% of the seminal fluid, with the remainder produced by the prostate; seminal fluid combines with sperm.

Glans Head / Penis

The most sensitive area of the penis. Although a great place to stimulate, it can be very sensitive, so you may want to start slow with it until you know what he likes.

Erectile tissue?

What in God's name is the erectile tissue?
I'm wondering why it is only on the upper side of the penis, and does actually not know what it is. Anyone?

Erectile tissure

The erectile tissue is a layer of tissue that completely surrounds the penis, not just on the top. Sine the diagram is a cross-section, it only shows it on one side. It's function is to fill with blood when a male becomes aroused, and stiffens the penis for easier penetration (imagine trying to have sex with a large noodle ;)

condom fit

is there a particular condom that fits smaller men better? he's about 5-6" we tried Trojan and it came off, like it didnt fit properly....very frustrating.

Not possible, Condoms

Not possible, Condoms usually fits for all size of penis

penis points down when erect

I know this is a really stupid question, but how common is it for the penis to point down when erect? and what position is best? It's my first time with him and I'd like to have a clue!


Hey Guys, I'm kinda very new to this and was wondering what the shaft's skin is? Thank you and sorry I know it's stupid

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Hey, my name's Joseph and I sort of have some questions regarding the rectum and penetration.. if you would, I'd really really appreciate it if I could email you ... Thanks a lot :)

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