male masturbation guide

Male Masturbation Guide

It is a well-known fact that men enjoy masturbation and virtually all men do it with some regularity. There is no maximum or minimum frequency at which you should masturbate. Masturbation is both physically and mentally rewarding and fulfilling. There are no negative side effects, especially the often-joked about 'making you go blind' or 'growing of palm-hair'!

There are many different ways to reach a quality orgasm through masturbation and there is no 'right' way. Try different sensations and see how you like them. Some people enjoy the feel of a full grip, some enjoy using both hands, while others only like to use their thumb and a couple of fingers. Regardless of your preference, lubricants and sex toys like Vibrators & specific Sex Toys for Men (such as the well-known 'Fleshlight') are just a few things to experiment with to find out what you like best.

For the truly athletic amongst us, consider the possibilities of Autofellatio ... the art of orally servicing oneself!

In regards to circumcised versus uncircumcised ... the covered (protected) head of the uncircumcised penis is likely to be generally more sensitive to stimulation. However, both types of penis are capable of receiving great pleasure 'in the right hands'!

Basic Stroke

Place one or both hands around your erect penis and stroke up and down along the shaft. If you require, use some water-based lubricant to increase pleasure. Some men enjoy encircling the head of the penis with each stroke.

Slapping and Beating

This technique involves a steady slapping of the penis back and forth between two hands, against the stomach, or against some other object.

Sources of Stimulation

When using one hand to masturbate, or with a partner, there is the opportunity to receive other forms of sexual stimulation at the same time. Many men find it pleasurable to fondle their scrotum, gently rub the perineum (area between scrotum and anus), and have their nipples rubbed.

The anus is a very sensitive location and many men enjoy practicing Anal Masturbation. Applying pressure to the anal opening, or gently inserting an object inside, can be quite arousing. Many Anal Dildos, better known as butt plugs, are designed to target the Prostate Gland, which is another source of great pleasure that can only be reached through the rectum.

A variety of vibrators provide penile or anal stimulation. Vibrating bullets, vibrating sleeves, or spot vibrators can all provide intense stimulation to your Erogenous Zones.

Penis pumps have long been popular with men as masturbation devices. A generic penis pump consists of a long cylinder that fits over the penis and is attached via a tube to a pump. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis; in doing so it pulls blood into the area and temporarily enlarges the penis, a feeling many men find pleasurable. You should be sure to follow the recommendations for proper use and avoid using it at high pressure for longer than fifteen minutes. Be sure to use ample amounts of water-based lubricant inside the cylinder, as well as around the base of the penis. By doing so you will ensure a tight seal and thus better suction. Attachments for the nipples are available with some pumps.

For more masturbation ideas to round out your repertoire, please refer to our guide on Hand-job Techniques.

ram ram
sexual problem

i mastrubate 3 to 5 times in a week while mastrubating more than 2 mins its paining

ram ram
sexual problem

my dick is 7 to 8 cm long is it enough to do sex


Hi guys I have been wanking since I was about 11. I use to wank with my mate in a bush in a park. we used to it all the time and some times wanked each over.We also sucked dicks before and and anal. but now im older(14) I still want to wank with over guys and do other stuff but when I think about having a relationship with another guy I don't like the idea. I don't get turned on by hot men just cock. I have an ass plug that I use regularly. am I gay? I have been out with many girls and fucked my girlfried.

Guys And Masturbation

I had this one friend, i hanged out with
i was age 15-18 at the time i let him give me
handjobs so you could be going through stage
i really don't think you could be gay you
may be bisexual also what makes me wonder
to this day, i like getting guys off online
so i could be bisexaul too, i kind of hope not
cause i think and talk about pussy all the time
i like girls with hairy pussy so idk

Am i gay?

I was having sleepovers around your age till about 21 or so and basically it started out just as you described and i liked seeing his dick too till i realized that i was actually jacking off to him not the porn! That led to us playing "truth or dare" and we started sucking each other off which became a common thing between us. He later moved but my point is that yes through it all I found my sexuality and I am gay. Hope that helps :-)

I jack off while watcbing a

I jack off while watcbing a porn clip and will finish qyick, i do it just for the release and to relax, but now im back to.having sex because i got a gf and i cant last long with her, so i stopped maaturbating. Will this help me? Any advice?


I jack off frequently on the average 3-5 times daily even and after sex with my wife. Is there any other men experience this need and/or pleasure?


I feel I must masterbate 3-5 times almost every day even after having sex. Is this unusual or I'm a compulsive masterbater

I like to masterbate 3-5

I like to masterbate 3-5 times a day so I am as normal as you

Am I gay?

Im 15 and when I have sleepovers with my friends we always end up watching porn and wanking, we can see each others dicks and everything and i kinda like it when i see his dick. Im pretty sure i like girls so whats going on?


I was having sleepovers around your age till about 21 or so and basically it started out just as you described and i liked seeing his dick too till i realized that i was actually jacking off to him not the porn! That led to us playing "truth or dare" and we started sucking each other off which became a common thing between us. He later moved but my point is that yes through it all I found my sexuality and I am gay. Hope that helps :-)

Hope this helps

Well, you aren't necessarily gay if you're masturbating with a friend. Even if you like the looks of his penis, you're not gay. Now, if you could see yourself being in an emotional and sexual relationship with him, then you would be gay. But there's nothing wrong with it either way.

How do you jackoff a little dick?

Yes, I have a small dick, 3 & 1/2 inches. I usually use just two fingers, but I want to use my whole right hand! Any suggestions?

13 and really likes jerking off

I'm thirteen and I really like jerking off. I measured and I have a 6 inch dick. Is that normal? Should I expect it to get bigger, and if so, how big? Also, I need some tips on anal masturbation. I already have baby oil as a good lube but should I use a glove? What should I use to make it feel better? Also, is it bad if as a teen I ever look at porn?

Help on anal

Ive done anal before. It was fun for a while. But if your NOT gay, DONT DO IT. You will regret it alot. It seemed like fun for a week.. But i regret it so much. Im 14.


Um, why would anyone being gay have to do with the effects of anal masturbation. I think that is kind of rude to say that about gay people, and to the straight as hell guys who still like the feeling of it. Also, to be making those comments at 14, saying you'll "seriously regret it" seems kind of misleading and doesn't seem as accurate. Just wanted to put that out there and the fact that being gay does, but does not completely effect the ways which you like to masturbate and the ways you like to do it.


Does masturbating make you stutter I am 13 and also I need some masturbating techniques.


No stuttering has nothing to do with masturbating. Just keep going and you will get better without stuttering!

Not quite sure on what you

Not quite sure on what you mean by the stuttering, but go to the sight: JackinWorld. They have many techniques to try.

Sex boy
how to have better and longer orgasm

Im 13 i am masturbating.But only sometimes i get intense orgasm but never longer please help

Take a break for a few days.

Take a break for a few days. I know that if you don't do it for a day or two, it feels way better. Also, take your time. The longer your session, the more intense it's going to feel.

sweat and action

okay so here's my my thing I like to masturbate in front of the mirror especially in the summer I like to sweat I like to rub myself against something as I do myself! I like doing sexy poses not like the regular guys do I like to watch myself sweat I like to see sweat drip down, on my face dripping downI love see my neck and chest get wet I don't know why but it just find it hot to see myself sweat as i fuck myself can somebody tell me if that's normal because I just like to masturbate in front of a cam and ive seen that girls like the way I do it because I dont do the typical jerking off motion I look sexy and I also like sticking my fingers in my ass! Ok is my way of masturbating wrong?

Perfectly Normal

There is no wrong way to masturbate. If you like to watch yourself, that's perfectly normal. Also, sticking your fingers or other objects in your butt is normal as well. A lot of people like prostate stimulation.

Gf hates me

I need a serious answer to the following question but first some background: My gf and I (both 18) have been together for 9 months and we really do love each other, but I've been mastrbating since I was 12, to porn or dirty chats on omegle and she found out and wants to break up b/c she considers that cheating on her... I understand the omegle is cheating but I dont understand why jerking off to porn is considered cheating. Also I did lie to her about jerking to porn (said I wasn't when I was) and she doesn't trust me now to even use my comp or phone.... My question is: Is it cheating on my gf if I masturbate to porn online or get hard for just seeing annother girl's breasts/clit?

In a relationship for 5 years

Personally I jerk off daily to porn. I don't think it is cheating because whenever my fiance wants to fuck or whenever I want to fuck her, I am ready. Sure she is super hot and defiantly hotter than the porn stars, well most of them, but watching porn is like a pastime of mine.
Do I tell her that while she is in the other room I play with myself, nope, because she would not be pleased. But with time, she has learned to be more open to porn. As a guy if you want her to be OK with you jerking off to porn, she needs to be OK with porn.
She and I have sex like 3 times a week, and with my daily jerking off, I am cumming about 10 to 12 times a week. I don't know what I would do with a sac full of cum.
To answer your question, keep on jerking off. Porn is great and a great learning experience to know what you want. Without it I would have never known I wanted to try anal, deep-throating, anal rimming, threesomes, dirty talk, Dominating my partner, or to have my girl swallow my cum. All those things are unbelievable and highly recommended.
Good Luck.

Not to worry!!

Nothing to worry dear it's quite common, only thing is you got caught and she didn't!! She'll realize the same and come back, otherwise it's her bad luck!!!

Hard to Answer

Well, in my opinion its not exactly cheating by watching porn. But to the girl it might be because she feels like you have to watch other stuff to get off on and she's not enough. That would just be my guess though.

On a girls's point of view...

I don't think that's cheating. Definitely not. Jerking off is normal with or without porn. Maybe she felt insecure about you, that you can get a hard on by just watching any girl. She's thinking that maybe you'll break up with her in the future because she's not enough and you find someone better, she wanted to break up now to protect herself from being hurt. Just assure her that you love her that when you get a hard on she is the one you are thinking or something like that. :)

Alot o questions

So, I am only twelve, and just turned it. I have alot o my erection is estimated two in. Should I be concern am I small, if I don't cum when I stoke it bad and my shoulder twitches when I watch porn , an if if is small could it be cuz I'm overweight or is it cuz my underwear is too small. How do I get a gf please if you could answer at least one I am very curious and lonely and I think some of my Lego bionicles are arousing

Since your only 12, i wouldn

Since your only 12, i wouldn't worry at all about your size. It will grow in time. Most guy's penises don't start growing till around puberty which can start any where from 13-16 (realistically). As for a girlfriend, well your only 12 so again, just give it time and remember to be your self.


Hey I'm 15 and have a 5 in cock i wanna get bigger is there any ways I can make this happen without all these pills and stuff you have to buy online,and when ever i jack off it never gets a good cumshot,it always drags out,is there a way I can Improve in that to

Well as for the size, there

Well as for the size, there really isn't much you can do but wait. Your only 15. I'm sure you'll get a bit bigger in a little bit of time. And as for your "cum shot", if you want to shoot it more just don't masturbate for a day or two. If you wait that long, then cum you should shoot.

nitin romeo
my story

my dick is 7.2 inches long & strong. i cum twice a day. that using some hands for masturbating try this idea. take 2 pillows, keep one upon the other & lay down and start as if what you do if you are on a girl! try it mannn... it works more good. i've done more than 100 times.

also i have a easy home made sex simulator too.. ask me i'll let you know...

me too

A sex stimulator what is it I wanna learn more about is it a toy?

your home made sex toy

hi i would love to know more about this sex toy i am 15 and found your comment about it and would love to lean how to make one.

I need assistance

So I am completely straight. I love girls and I've had sex with many but I have a few guy friend that I am sexually attracted to. Is it weird that I wanna play with them and maybe wanna suck them?

Take a Walk on the wild side

I'm straight to, hook up with girls often And fallen in love but I have your same problem... Im not a fan of these fantisies but I can't help from jacking off to them.. Personally if I get the chance to and it wouldn't mess up a friendship why not explore.. Like lou reed sings take a walk on the wild side...and having a little jack Daniels before might be a good scapegoat haha

Did this ever happen to anyone?

So one night I was slowly stroking my 6 inch cock, I got to the stage where I'm about to cum, so I gave it one more stroke and stopped. All of a sudden I get a feeling like something is pouring out, I know I did not cum, so I looked down and I see pre-cum pouring out! It felt so good, wish my parents were not home so I could use all of it ( I was jerking of at night) so my question is has this ever happened to anyone before?

Inconspicuous lube?

Hey I'm 14 I jack off all the time but I hardly ever use any lube.. I wanna try it, so does anyone have any suggestions for something I could use round the house? Hand gel? Aloe vera? Handwash doesn't work it kind of dries out. Thanks

Baby oil.

Baby oil.

Olive oil works nice and I'm

Olive oil works nice and I'm sure you have some laying around your house. Some lotions work, but be careful.

Honestly I just use my own

Honestly I just use my own spit and it really turns me on. ;)

Hey im 17 I have about an 7

Hey im 17 I have about an 7 1/2in penis I love jacking off but cant last long at all but when I have sex I can last forever any advice how to masterbait longer

Nobody or Somebody
My story

Hi, I am 14 and have a five inch penis. I guess average size. I masturbate very frequently, about 10 times a week. I usually just start off by stroking my penis and look at pictures of Nicki Minaj (I love her). Then when I start getting my pre-cum flowing I can pump faster. Then I go look at some female masturbation videos and really get off. Then I blow my load everywhere. But I soon developed a problem. I play baseball and during the season I couldn't whack off with my right arm during the season, because it would hurt my elbow. So I had to quickly teach myself to masturbate with my left hand. Now I've gotten good at both hands and can pleasure myself with either hand. But using my right still feels better. I guess I am sort of ambedextrious masturbating(:

jerking off

Im 14 years old. I love to jerk off as much as possible. I feel the just stroking of the shaft isnt doing it anymore. Any tips on new ways to jerk off.

Jerking off

Look at and get some new ideas

I'm 14, and I've got a dick

I'm 14, and I've got a dick about 5 3/4", sometimes I jack off thinking about a male friend of mine sucking my cock, does this make me gay??

No that doesn't make you gay

No that doesn't make you gay at all, we all have our fantasies...
I find mutual masturbation a turn on, so like jerking it next to my buddy at the same time, doesn't mean I'm gay really

Whats it like to jerk off

Whats it like to jerk off with ur friends?

No dude I said I thought

No dude I said I thought about it, haven't done it before