Vagina Diagram

Female Diagram

The female sexual organs are both internal and external. The clitoris, mons pubis, inner and outer lips, and the vaginal opening are external, and together are known as the vulva.


Like the penis, it contains sensitive nerve endings and becomes erect and filled with blood during stimulation; has no reproductive function.

Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes are very narrow; extend from the top sides of the uterus; the path along which eggs travel from the ovaries.


The exact location sparks great debate. There’s no consensus on where to find it. However, many researchers say it’s the glandular tissue around the urethra (found behind the female pubic bone, about two inches inside the front of the vagina).

Labium Majora

The outer lips on both sides of the vaginal opening and are covered with pubic hair.

Labium Minora

The inner lips are hairless and folded, and lie between the outer lips and run along the edge of the vagina.

Mons Pubis

The mons pubis is a rounded pad of tissue that lies on top of the pubic bone and is covered with pubic hair.


Ovaries are roughly the size of almonds; sit on each side of the uterus; produce eggs and female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone.


It is about 1 ½ inches long, this leads from the bladder to the exterior, and is the passage through which urine is eliminated. It is just in front of the vagina.


It looks like an upside-down pear and is about the size of your fist; main function is to hold and feed a developing fetus; the cervix is the tiny donut-shaped neck of the uterus that lies at the top of the vagina and is the part a PAP smear is taken from; the inner layer of the uterus called endometrium, which is what is discarded during menstruation.


A passageway about 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 centimetres) long; begins with the vaginal opening at the bottom, and connects to the cervix at the top. Also known as the birth canal.

I'm sorry to ask about this but

ok so I have been having trouble cumming. Now my bf has been very generous and always tries to help me finish "working at it" for some time (which never works). I have been reading and even trying it on my own but nothing works. I have even talked to some other women as well as my mom. My mother says some of the women in our family have the same problem (my grandmother, aunt, and a cousin of mine). now sadly we don't talk to that side of the family so i cant even talk to them about this. I relay would like some help on this. I'm desperate for help i'm starting to feel like its hopeless. [note: I can get aroused from it but it goes away so that's about the time i tell him to stop.]

I may be able to help

Hi VictoriaL,
I have assisted others with similar issues and I would like to offer my help. If you are interested, please respond and we can explore the best way for me to assist you. It takes a brave person to admit when they have a problem; thank you for your bravery.


The Chef20
Vaginal Opening TOO small?

I have an average sized penis, slightly thicker, but overall average.. But my GF and I have a pretty severe issue.. Her vaginal opening tightens up really small, so tight that I cant even get the head of my penis in.. We take our time, lots of foreplay, I make sure shes relaxed, and even so its too tight, shes even bled from us trying...I have also tried using lube.. Sometimes when fingering I can only use one finger because shes so tight.

She feels like shes let me down, that shes disappointed me because her body wont let me in, and gets really embarrassed even though I do my best to console her and give positive reinforcement about the situation..

I know that the vagina is designed to push out a baby and is technically a "one size fits all" type, but does anyone know why this could be happening? or of anything we can do? please help!

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Maybe you should...

Try using one finger for a while then slip in two and so on and so on. Just don't shove more than 3 in her or else it'll hurt really bad (does that for every girl). Maybe she just needs to be stretched a bit first. Take your time with her.

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The depth of the vagina.

They say the vagina is 3-4 inches deep - but my dick is up to 6,5" - So I was wondering, if the dick really goes 6,5" inside the girl. Is it perhaps going up into the pubic bone - so that the girls hole is actually deeper than the 3-4"???

vagina depth

I'm no expert on this matter but have been told the (average) depth is 5" or 125 mm


I was a virgin b4 me and my current bf had sex but I dnt think he believes me because I didn't bleed when we did it. Does that mean there was somethin wrong with me or is the whole bleeding thing just a myth?

when i had sex for the first

when i had sex for the first time, it wasnt as painful as ppl always said. and i didn't bleed until i used the bathroom, there was a small ( like super small) smudge of diluted blood.
But i used to ride horses and did alot of splits when i was a kid

do you masturbate or ride?

sometimes if you masturbate you can pop your "cherry" and also you can do it while riding a horse (funny enough) i didnt bleed my first sexual encounter either, but i also use to ride horses when i was 10 years of age. so there is nothing wrong with you it either just poped already or it is not willing to pop.


not everyone bleeds when losing their virginity....i lost my virginity when i was 15..i'm now 18 and i didnt bleed at all.


ok im 15 and im 6 inches i have had sex before, but now im confused i had sex with a girl and she was like 5 inches deep, then i had sex with another girl and she was really deep, so i want to now how deep are vaginas normally

it depends on how arroused

it depends on how arroused they are.

Labium Majora???

It says above that the labium majora are "the outer lips on both sides of the vaginal opening and are covered in pubic hair." I'm really ashamed to admit this but I've watched porn before and none of the girls had hair there... So I'm confused. Do only some girls have hair there? Or do they all just wax or something?

Simple explanation

Simple explanation...those women shave themselves. that is why they do not have hair

im 17 and my penis is 6 and

im 17 and my penis is 6 and a half inches long so how would mine fit in a vagina? Also how does a female get "eaten out"?

The vagina expands a few

The vagina expands a few extra inches when a woman is really turned on. Also, it can stretch a LOT (it has to be able to, for childbirth).

Eating out is when someone licks/sucks a woman's clitoris. The clitoris is pretty much the female version of the head of the penis, so it's very sensitive and you have to be gentle with it. Most girls can't come without having their clitoris touched in some way or another.


im a virgin and im not sure where the guy is supposed to "put it in", ive tried looking at myself down there with a mirror like doctors recommend, and i know we have 2 holes, but i cant seem to figure out where exactly it goes in.

sorry if its a stupid question.
i would appreciate any info. thanks :)

Well, I'm young too and I

Well, I'm young too and I found out where it is (quite embarrassingly) by trying to put a tampon in.
When you try to put it in a hole that hurts= not the right hole.
When you put it in the part that doesn't hurt= right one.
The right one where he "puts it in" also seems kind of like a slit, if that helps.

I'd suggest practicing

I'd suggest practicing penetration on yourself before you have anyone else attempt it. Given your inexperience keep in mind any man close to your age (I assume you are young) will probably have the same situation or only one experience to go on. Worse, almost every guy has seen porn, even at young ages (my first time watching porn was at 14) so they will have several misconceptions about sex.

1. Women can take large things going inside them very quickly and all women shave their pubic hair.
2. Women always moan and are very vocal during sex.

So make sure you know your body completely before letting someone else with even less understanding or time with similar equipment do anything to you. The first time for sex doesn't have to hurt or only last seconds if both people go into it intelligently.


The guy is supposed to "put it in" the hole that is lower down. The top one is used for peeing. basicly if you are counting your anus, there are three holes. you want the guy to put it in the middle one. hope this helps hon.

Well the guy puts his penis

Well the guy puts his penis in your vagina and then he moves his penis in and out of the vagina. I havent really tried to put my penis in a girl lately i have once but that was when i was very young.
I hope this helps.


Hi, so I am recentely finding out that the vagina has 2 holes.. and not just one. Which is weird, because I thought it was all one system down there.
Also, this hymen.. or "virgin veil" as I like to call it.. is there any way you can get it back.. or is it like once you use it you lose it? I don't know, I don't want to be known as a loose woman or anything.

The vagina only really has

The vagina only really has one hole. The other hole is the urethra, which you pee out of, and it's way too small to fit anything into. You wouldn't even be able to if you tried.

Not all girls even have a hymen to begin with. Some girls have hymens that stretch instead of break, and some girls' hymens break while doing sports and not even having any sex at all. It really varies from girl to girl. I don't think a guy would even be able to tell if your hymen broke, as long as you don't put really really thick objects inside there and stretch it out. I experimented a lot with different toys and such before I had sex and we still had trouble fitting it in, so don't worry. You should be fine.

And if a guy thinks of you as a loose woman, you shouldn't be having sex with a jerk like that anyway. Find someone who loves you.

Breasts and Odd spots...

I am 16 and my bf is absolutly fascinated with my breasts but I am very self conciense cuz I am only a 34 B I am like 5'7" and 105 lbs. Should I be self consciense or am I still growing? Also there is a roughness kinda ribbed feeling on the inside of my vagina what is it?


that roughness is your g-spot, look it up on this site, there's a few decent tips. my ex was a 34 B, don't be conscious about your size, the thing that matters more to a guy, is the shape, and your bf seems happy enough with them, so just chill out. :)


Why aren't the fornices or fornixes (idk which)shown in the diagram?

hardlick chrome
girating penis

when im with a women that likes foreplay my erection girates side to side i am circumsized with 2inch shaft 7 +inches long women love it is it normal like isaid without proper foreplay just gets hard???

I'm scared about pain.

I'm scared about pain.

Tell him to take things

Tell him to take things slow- guys usually do. it doesnt hurt as much as everyone says, and it gets alot better after the first few times. =)


im a bit curious because if the vaginal canal is only 3-4 inches long and my penis is 7 1/2 inches long, would there be any chance of penertrating the cirvix. And if so would that be bad?

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i don't think the cervix

i don't think the cervix opens up at any time besideds when giving birth, but some women complain about it being painfull if you hit it, just be carefull when your in controll of depth, speed and angle and when she is in controll then it's on her to controll the action

a womens vagina will stretch

a womens vagina will stretch to any length, if it is introduced carefully and gradually (full arousal also helps, it makes it easier for the vagina to accept more length and girth) Anyway, hope I helped!

You're not going to

You're not going to penetrate the cervix, you might possibly hit it which could cause some discomfort or pain for the girl/woman. If that happens either change to a position that wont allow for deep penetration or just be more mindful.


it says that the labium minora are lips that are folded? is there a chance that some peoples arent folded cos i dont think mine are folded. They hang outside of my vagina so im very self concise and nervous that a guy would think it was weird?????

dont worry

that's perfectly normal and a lot of guys find it a turn on, its nothing to worry about


i cant wait for a guy to touch my g-spot!!!!


you can do it yourself. probably best to try it, before guy does, as it will help you know what to expect.


ok so im not super familiar with my internal anatomy lol....i like to focus on the clit or let my rabbit do all the work but um i have a an inch inside my pussy theres like a a little button type thing and i have no idea what it is....any one know?>


Thats the g-spot. look about on the site. theres all kinds of tips for stimulating it.

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the only thing i can think

the only thing i can think of is that its the G-spot


it IS the g-spot. best thing to do, use it.

Is there a way to tell if a

Is there a way to tell if a woman is a virgin or not?

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yahh, there are 2, asking

yahh, there are 2, asking her and looking to see if her hymen (not sure if that's the correct spelling of it) is intact, for an untrained eye the 2nd one might be hard to tell but there is always the easy way and just ask her

Just because her hymen is

Just because her hymen is broken, doesn't mean she is not a virgin. It can break from vigerous physical activity, such as riding a horse, mountainbiking, ect..

She also may have broken it herself by masterbating.


i have poped many cherries and all but i still have to ask where is the hyman

g spot

How can touch g spot, we experinced when we are having intercourse twice during two years time, i observed that time my partner was so happy and felt in heven, we are trying to expolore again and again suggest where exactly it locates

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it's about 2 or 3 inches on

it's about 2 or 3 inches on the top part of her vagina, most of the time she has to be turned on for the G-spot to become active, so to find it get her going and then go about to about the 2nd or 3rd knuckle and feel towards her stomach the spot feels different depending on the girl, some say that its rough some say it's smooth, but if you find it you will know, also with the G-spot generally the more pressure you can put on it the better


i just turned 18 and im doing some homework lol but i wanna know what you mean by pressure. like moving your fingers up and down?


he means when you're moving your fingers, push harder.

Anonymous (not verified)
What about the Hymen?

What about the Hymen, is that internal?
and isn't that usually considered to be the "cherry"?
How do I pop my girl's cherry?