Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Guide

"Taste the sweet fruit of better sex". The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra is an insightful lesson in sexuality and personal awareness. It sheds light on an Indian text that is ancient, yet still highly relevant to the present day. This guide is a squeakier clean version than most adult educational video, but that doesn’t mean it’s not every bit as arousing!

The Kama Sutra, often regarded as a classic manual of sexual positions, is actually an exposition for general happiness as well as synthesis in a stable long term relationship. It is a socially aware text that encourages lovers to experiment and be creative with one another. What better way to learn the art of Kama Sutra than to watch its techniques being performed by attractive real life couples?


The show is split into two parts, with voiceover and commentary guiding you through 50 minutes of running time. The first segment explores what makes a ‘Happy Union’; it gives viewers a comprehensive background on the Kama Sutra, including such aspects as lifestyle choices, sexual etiquette and the connection between the mind and body.

In the second section, couples demonstrate various sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra - after a primer on bathing and foreplay. Of the 22 types of sexual positions, the production team chose some of the most interesting to delve into: Blossoming Position, Indrani Asana, Twining Position, Half Pressed Position, Half Pressed Position, Splitting of the Bamboo, Turning Position, Suspended Congress, Congress of the Cow, and Top Position.

Presentation 9/10

Overall, this 2004 production was informative and exceptionally well presented. It features established couples who are attractive, but still look like real people. Paula Ficara, who has appeared in quite a few other Sinclair Institute productions, was the host of this show. As always, she was dynamic and well spoken.

This presentation features Indian sexologist and notable authority on the Kama Sutra, Prof. Prakash Kothari, Ph.D., M.D. Not only did he consult on the accuracy of Sinclair’s research, he also provided interesting and insightful commentary throughout the duration of the show. My favorite thing he said about this erotic tradition was, “the Kama Sutra connotes happiness, not only between the two legs, but between the two ears”.

The show was highly engaging to watch; after a very general discussion about Kama Sutra, it quickly transitions into an exploration of some notable sexual positions. The only criticism I have is they could have dedicated a little more time to foreplay and oral sex; they also could have thrown in a scene or two on how to prepare for coitus. Despite these points, this guide to the Kama Sutra has definite re-play potential as both a material for reference and as a bit of titillating video content.

The set was designed to capture the spirit of the Kama Sutra. It expressed some of the key messages of the ancient text by its simplicity and timelessness. It was a beautiful, flowing set but it used too much pink for my tastes.

Content Quality 8/10

Varied sexual positions were advocated and the video captured this spirit by exhibiting those that varied in degree and difficulty. This instructional walks you through the positions and suggests many helpful tips about staying in the moment and what the man and woman are experiencing, both physiologically and emotionally.

Sinclair Institute took their creativity a step further by demonstrating how to integrate sexual furniture and props into lovemaking. The Spinning Sex Swing by Topco was shown a few times, along with a Love Ball, a Liberator Ramp, a vibrator and the LuvSeat by Compass Institute. They suggest great sexual positions to use these items and shared suggestions to facilitate their use.

This presentation also successfully demonstrated the Kama Sutra’s subtler side. Viewers will appreciate how Sinclair Institute shed light on less perceptible sexual technique; these more modest manoeuvres can be equally as pleasurable as the wild ones. This DVD is a tasteful, more moderate display of sexuality and will be most useful for those with novice to intermediate sex experience, but will be informative for people at any skill level.

It is much easier to learn such intricate erotic techniques by watching them being performed. Learning from a book certainly won’t give you that ‘dynamic’ or active perspective; adult instructional DVDs serve such a functional purpose in this way.

Sex Appeal 6.5/10

I didn’t find this presentation as sexy as some of the other Sinclair productions. Although at some points the acting seemed a bit contrived, the couples were truly intimate and loving with one another. You could really see the build up and the come down of energy between them. Despite the fact that it didn’t seem like any one of them actually orgasmed, they always ‘closed’ their union with a loving embrace.

The demographic of couples shown in this DVD is more “modelesque” than some of the other Sinclair Institute productions I’ve seen. They were in their 20’s and 30’s, very attractive for the most part, but a few of the women were just too skinny, bordering waifish. Nothing against skinny people, I just know that women viewers with different body types might find it more difficult to relate to them.

One aspect that I considered very creative was having the demonstrators pose as Leonardo Davinci’s, The Vitruvian Man. This allows the viewer to take a good long look at each actor’s body to get comfortable with it.

Video Quality 8/10

The video quality of this guide to the Kama Sutra was crisp and professionally done. It was shot with multiple camera angles that did long slow sweeps of the set. Sinclair Institute created very natural vantage points to observe the couples and always drew attention to each person’s reaction to the stimulation.

I would have skipped a couple of longer sex scenes in favour of a few more short ones; they just keep the show engaging, particularly when there is a lot of information to be disseminated. On the other hand, those longer lovemaking scenes, without any voiceover or commentary are fun when you’re in the mood to just ‘watch’. They also diversify the presentation, as too much talk can lead to information overload.

The creative team did a good job of rotating performing couples during sections that took longer to explain. They did a great job transitioning from position to position and there weren’t any shots that were too tight on genitalia or penetration.

Audio Quality 8.5/10

The bonus audio CD called ‘Unities: Musical Inspirations of the Kama Sutra’ is 35 minutes long. It features the original music score from the DVD and sounded very much as I expected it to. It definitely represents the spirit of the Kama Sutra; you can play it as background music when you want to tap into a tantric vibe, or it can double as music to do yoga to. It’s kind of cosmic but pretty cool, mostly instrumental with hand drumming and a little bit of singing.

The background music did, unfortunately, overshadow the sounds that the actors made. With music and voiceover as the main focus of the show rather than the actors’ noises, you create a few degrees of separation between the viewer and the couples. I think what they should have done during the longer demos was turn down the music and turn up the volume on their microphones; it would have given the audio another dimension to it. Despite this, the audio quality and execution was still good.

Extra Features 6.5/10

There were only a few bonus features to view. The Behind the Scenes focused on who the Sinclair Institute is, why they chose the Kama Sutra as a topic to feature, and how they transformed the DVD from concept to reality. It included a segment common to many Sinclair productions called No Greater Love, essentially an extended high quality condom commercial. It’s done very tastefully and will appeal to traditional and conservative types. The standard Sinclair Sexual Health Information was included, which are slides that include basic sexual health references.

Overall Score 7.8/10

Learning about the psychology and physiology behind the Kama Sutra makes it easier for people to utilize it as a tool for sexual learning and growth. Explore the time honoured sex tricks that that have stood the test of time with the Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra – your senses won’t be disappointed!

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