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Jockey Sex Position

A variation of Rear Entry, the Jockey position is both hot and intimate. The receiver has their legs almost closed, with their partner's legs on the outside. This positions the penis or strap-on at an angle for better stimulation of the G-Spot or prostate gland.

The receiver's buttocks should be pushed up in the air, like a small hump. If entry is difficult, try placing a pillow under the receiver's pelvis. Also, while the giver is mounted on the receiver, the receiver can masturbate.

This position is great for anal intercourse as well.

sugar cherrytush
My boyfriend loves this one

My br and I just did this one last week and he loved it. I've never had him get so hard or into fucking my ass as he did in this position. We ended up doing it multiple times and each time it seemed he got harder and bigger.

This position is super hot

This position is super hot for my wife and I. It is a good way to come down from doggie style and finish in this position. legs and knees can get tired doing doggie after a while. I love my wifes rear and nothing is hotter that feeling me going in and out feeling her ass smack againt my hips. This is not for skinny women, you need to have a round ass for this to work. I would never be with a skinny chick because this position would suck. Oh and ladies, back of neck and high back tattoos rule this position. Nothing is hotter on my wife than drilling her and seeing her sexy body art.

Haha, I'm fairly thin but I

Haha, I'm fairly thin but I've got big hips and a big ass (that my husband loves) so it works out. This position is amazing, especially for submissive women like me.

bigger hips and bigger asses

bigger hips and bigger asses rule. butterfly is too difficult with a bigger girl, but who needs that when you got the jockey position. I love my wife's curves too. this position also rules when i talk dirty to her, and tug on her hot.

Very Curious
Does Not Have to be Complicated to be Awesome!

My wife and i love this position! But it lets you do so much more than just intercourse. I love to start it off with a few drops of lube and two fingers. My wife loves to be fingered roughly (and I love to please!). This position is great for putting pressure on the G Spot and my thumb is free to rub the clit. Why just a few drops of lube? Well, after a couple of minutes of fingering in this position she becomes wonderfully wet with multiples. Sex in this position is the bonus! She loves to feel dominated with me laying on top of her and the penetration is very deep. Also, an can whisper dirty words right into her ear!

You sound just like my bf...

You sound just like my bf...

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This is so freakin Hot love the feeling of so deep

Badly want to try this

Badly want to try this position.

Good feelings

When we do this position, my wife likes me to lay flat atop her. She tells me to penetrate her and then to lay still. Next, she squeezes her legs together tighter and clenches her butt cheeks, then releases, again and again. It feels like she is milking me! Incredible feeling, the way it pulls on my dick and scrotum.
Unfortunately, this does little for her aside from the satisfaction of pleasing me, so afterward I lovingly clean her up and use a toy slathered with K-Y Intense on her.

hook the legs

I love this position...
I modified it a bit tho for better responce from the wife..ha ha..
I spread her legs a bit to be able to hook my feet in behind her knees.This alows more opening for that deep penetration and full acsess to her...then lay her upper body flatend with her head turned slightly..I wrap one of my arms around her neck and lock her into place...she is going no-where and we get that bumpin rythem going.(don't forget to use the advantage of being close to her neck to be kissing it some,or makin out some...and the other hand rubing her clit or breast. It helps to take the rape feling away if that bothers you!)
this is a modified Rear Entry and Jockey i geuss...but I do know the wife starts screaming of pleasure in no time!


Im only 14 and I probably wont have sex for a few more years, but I will deffinatly do this when I have sex! Im wondering, does it hurt the first time you have sex?

Sephone is right, you could

Sephone is right, you could really end up regretting it if you lose your virginity before you're ready. When the time comes, you're going to need to be able to deal mentally/emotionally, too. I waited until college because I didn't have a serious boyfriend before that, and I'm glad I did. It hurt a little bit, but the pain quickly went away. Relax and take it easy - that's the key.

Seriously, do hold out for a

Seriously, do hold out for a few years at least. It only really hurts the first time if you're not nice and wet, and you're not relaxed. Take it slow, probably invest in some lube and just take a really long time to warm up before hand.

But PLEASE, at least wait until you're legally allowed to have sex.

was giving my girl a

was giving my girl a massage, we were both naked because we did plan to have sex after. All the oil made her body so soft and smooth that I rubbed my body on hers. Next you know I in her ass. she screamed, but when I told her i'm coming out she said not yet, she thought it would have been painful if I come out. however, I drop some the oil on my dick, so it slipped out, but i push it back in. we love this one. its almost and everyday one with us now.

Nice feeling from this position

I like to do the same thing with giving a massage. I have never done her ass from this position, but love the feeling of my cock slipping between her legs and ass to her pussy. With the massage oil, it is nice and slick and before long, her pussy is so wet and ready for a cock. My cock goes right in and feels so great being swallowed by her pussy from this position.

This is good if the receiver

This is good if the receiver is in to feeling submissive.

Oh GOD! I could not agree

Oh GOD! I could not agree more. I love this position.

totally agree, it was great.

totally agree, it was great.

i agree. i enjoy this

i agree. i enjoy this position alot. a powerful guy can hold me down like this and all i can do is take his pounding.

Did this the other day

I was laying down to sleep and I sleep on my belly...let's just say he had other plans and ripped my shorts off and took me right then. Oh it was amazing. No orgasm though...can never seem to get those :/

My wife just got home and

My wife just got home and I'm pretty much f'ing he right now, xD
This postion is awesome

wanna try

i want to try this but my bf wont do it we keep going back to doggy style... dont get me wrong its great an all but i want to try something new and different.. any advice?

have him start to massage

have him start to massage you...have him start grinding into you slowly..rubbing his cock against your ass, then tell him to slowly ease himself into you ...

if not call me lol jk

Top 10 Position

Seriously one of the best positions I've ever tried. Gives you a great view of the girl's ass and lets you control the rythm and speed...really fantastic position.

this position is

this position is GREAT!!!
tried it the other while my boyfriend was giving me a massage. I don't usually respond to rear entry but this got me bumping and grinding in no time!!!

I have no idea why, but I'm

I have no idea why, but I'm a little nervous now, because this looks like an anal position a rapist would use. They could pin the hands down and fuck you then and there...

very nice

We tried this the other day for vaginal intercourse and my wife was moaning and in a daze. My cock was rubbing in just the right spot and when she squeezed her muscles and cheeks together I couldn't help, but cum hard inside her. I have a feeling this position will be used a bit more frequently. :)

This is definitely my

This is definitely my favorite! Loveee ;)

one of mine too i almost

one of mine too i almost always do this one :)

oh gosh, mine too!

oh gosh, mine too!


Why does everyone say you have to use a load of oil or lube? I do this ALL the time! Maybe its just me, I always get REALLY wet wether im very turned on or not, and its VERY satisfying, we both love it!

That depends on whether

That depends on whether you're doing anal or vaginal intercourse...if it's anal, it's strongly recommended that you use lubricant or oil (anal tearing- not a nice thing at all) however if it's vaginal then there's no problem.

I thought I was big enough.. Lol!

Trust me, I love my missus's busty as ass!! But couldnt get the satisfaction that I really wanted from this position, with 7 inch cock, i thought this would be long enough, any suggestion? I reckon I should just skip this one and go straight DOGGY! Yeah?

this is my favorite position

this is my favorite position for anal

So THAT's what this is

So THAT's what this is called..
I was confused as all hell when my guy told me to lay flat on my tummy, legs together, etc. It didn't make sense, but it did eventually and FELT GREAT! Something about the friction of his dick in between my ass cheeks... MMMM!!

I absolutely love this

I absolutely love this position. Its great for deep penetration and I love that he can be holding me tight and f***ing the sh*t out of me. Its amazing.

this position is so cool.i

this position is so cool.i got cum all over my gf's buttcrack!!!

My #1 fav position! Deep

My #1 fav position! Deep penetration, can go very fast and get her easily in that special spot! I like to have her legs closed & turn her feet outward where I can push off with my feet, and hook my hands around her shoulders to pull forward into her. With a little hip attitude from both partners included, this will drive both crazy! It's usually so intense she might try to crawl out from underneath you but from on top and behind her you can hold her down easily. Very nice for rough, forceful, even angry makeup sex.
You can also go slow keeping your body close to hers, wrapping your arms around her getting some boob action as well if thats your mood. I've never had a girl be able to sit still during this position or be able to move after.

woww, sounds so hot. i cant

woww, sounds so hot. i cant wait to try it. :)

Simply Incredible

Just the thought of entering her from back and ridding her like a jockey is so great itself...
it feels great for the woman

it feels great for the woman too :D

Just tried this!!

My fiance and I just tried this for normal vaginal intercourse and it's AMAZING!!! We used lube for the first time, but this last time we didn't need it (you should be REALLY lubricated for this one) and it's great! Once you get the hang of it, the girl can move her hips more and it's great. Make sure to hold your legs together tightly! My fiance LOVES THAT!!

This looks uncomfortable

This looks uncomfortable

Great postion

It's not uncomfortable at all, quite the opposite. It's a GREAT angle, even if the male has a large penis, this angle is very comfortable. With the angle of the females hips, it makes the head of the penis get to the G-spot nice. And as the girl you can push your hips up more to get a deeper thrust. It's easy for the guy too. This is my favorite postion!!!!!

It isn't uncomfortable at

It isn't uncomfortable at all. With a little lube, it feels great to slide my cock past her ass and find her pussy. Then it even feels better to be up in her and feel her ass bump against me with each stroke. Love this position.


My boyfriend tried this on me recently and it was a whole new level of orgasm. Best new move ever!

love this position!

love this position!

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I didn't even know it was a position!

I just wanted to find a way yo get it in her while she was just lying there tied to the bed and her legs closed

i must say I love it~!

Her ass is so warm on my pelvic area!


being tied up during this

being tied up during this position is so freakin hott :)

Best position

My favorite (as a guy).

My only problem is that I have trouble cumming when NOT in jockey.