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Jack Hammer Sex Position

A variation on the Atten-hut position, Jack Hammer is performed by the receiver standing with their partner seated on the floor between their legs and facing the same way. The receiver moves up and down by flexing their legs, while the giver performs oral and gives hand stimulation to the receiver's penis, scrotum and anus (if they are ok with some anal play).

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tried this recently in a

tried this recently in a closet with the lights out. he said it was great but he was barely in my mouth. kind of a weird angle but if he liked it, we'll probably try it again.

like it rough

would this be the best position to deep throat him? my bf wants me to deep throat him on his bday and i havent before just trying to decide which position is gonna be better for him

i did this with my back up

i did this with my back up against the bed tilting my head back on the matress. it opens up my throat to take it deep.

Deep throating is WAY

Deep throating is WAY awsome...especially when she sollows.

Even better when the girl

love it

This position is amazing. my

This position is amazing. my boyfriend loves deepthroating and hearing me gag. Sometimes he'll bend over and squeeze my 36 d titties and then i'll gag super load cuz it's all the way in my mouth. i especially love when he's about to cum and i'll look up close my eyes and open my mouth and he bursts on my face and in my mouth. the taste of his cum is a huge turn on!!! i love sucking cock.

aint this tea bagging

aint this tea bagging

every position ...

lmao. no this is not t bagging. t bagging is using your bollocks.


a lot of guys couldn't do this, unless your soft or semi soft, when hard, the angle is too sharp... It's not about size either cuz I ain't small yet I still can't do it. unless semi hard, and then I can't stay semi hard if getting a BJ lol.

finally, they show more

finally, they show more dick. i love this move because i can move my hand up and down whilst sucking. i feel totally in control here.

U r always in control wit

U r always in control wit his cock in ur mouth...


this is the best position for throatfucking. If non of you girls let your man do it before, then try it. It feels so good when I get my cock all the way in my girlfriends mouth and down her throat. She lets me use her throat for rough fucking, and I gotta say its the best.

that sounds so hot i can

that sounds so hot i can wait for my boyfriend and i to try it his big cock always make me gag so maybe this will make it better

good girl

this position isn't so nice for the girls to get throatfucked in. i use to make my girlfriends throat bulge and i could see my cock poking into her throat, but she just let me give it to her and she didnt say a word, because my cock was shoved in her throat.

love this one cause i can

love this one cause i can see boobs:)

and when he farts due to

and when he farts due to over excitement?... then what?...

this makes me so horny just

this makes me so horny just looking at it

i think u should show the dick more



I Never Had That

Is this the same as sucking someone's dick from the back? LOL

strange but

strange but allows to cum on her face and tits :)

me and my bf were doing this

me and my bf were doing this one and we really started to get into it and then all of a sudden he was stricken with explosive diarrhea O_0 not fun

StayWet Shawdii

Did he shit on your head?? that would totally turn meh off! <3

my boyfriend has done that

my boyfriend has done that before.... i wont lie... it was awkward at first but we got into it....


you can't be serious

My bf loves this one he

My bf loves this one he loves it so much makes him feal so complete