where to have sex

Where to Have Sex

You're with your significant other, in bed, and doing what you usually do in bed when you're not sleeping. But, there's something wrong. You thrust (yawn). You grab (sigh). You lick (boooooring!) What's going on? Is the same old sex in the same old bed putting you into a coma?

There IS a solution! You don't have to suffer dull intimate relations. One of the easiest ways to spice up the physical side of your romance is to switch locations.

Sex, like a novel, consists of characters, plot, and location. If you're not switching partners, or improving your technique, you're left with changing the locale. But don't be intimidated! You can start slow.

There are an infinite number of positions one can try in any given location. It's up to each couple to decide what's best for themselves. Each couple is like a snowflake, no two are physically the same.

Those first baby steps

The first step is easiest. Next time you're caught in another boring lovemaking session, push your partner onto the floor when they least expect it. The surprise alone might keep your relationship cemented for a few months. Now, before the love of your life is able to protest, pounce!

You see how easy that was? Now we're making love on the floor. (If you're too excited to continue reading, take a breather and come back later. It only gets more intense from here on out.)

We should step back a bit. If your bedroom has wall to wall carpeting, you should be extra cautious of rug-burn. One way to avoid the dreaded sex-crazed rug-rub is to take precautions. The problem, if you're not aware, is that during especially intense lovemaking sessions it's possible to rub yourself raw against a rough environment. The danger is much reduced if love is made in the bed, but when love is practiced in the wild, skin can disappear quickly.

If your bedroom floor is bare wood, you must be careful of impact injuries. A single mistimed thrust could turn your sex from exciting to painful.

Some practitioners of intense, extra-bed sex prefer to remain relatively clothed in order to protect delicate flesh. And, most importantly, if you want to become an expert practitioner of extra-bed sex, you will need to learn how to complete the act fully clothed. For the advanced locations, nudity becomes almost impossible.

But if you're still on the floor of your bedroom and you haven't decided to return to the safety of your bed, and you haven't scraped substantial quantities of skin off your body, and you haven't stubbed a pendulous organ, then you're ready for step two.

The easiest room to migrate to after the bedroom is the living room. This is because lovemaking on a couch is similar to lovemaking on a bed. You can perform many of the same positions. For especially inept beginners, moving from the bed to the couch is not too challenging.

Before moving on from the couch, it would serve you and your lover well to learn how to make love while one of you is sitting up. Advanced locations will necessitate such intricate positions. If you have an easy chair, that is a natural progression. Your horizontal freedom will be limited thus pushing your unorthodox locational-sex-skills to new heights.

The next step is the kitchen. Some would go straight for the bathroom at this stage, but that is a mistake. Although it looks like a logical progression, sex in the shower is tougher than most realize. In fact, that is best saved as the final location before leaving your home. Think of it as graduation. First, you must learn to make love against the refrigerator, the oven, and the sink. The sink is, of course, most difficult in this room of unusual Sexual Positions.

There are many sink-sex positions to choose from. What you employ depends upon the dimensions of the sink and the couple. Obviously, there are things one can and can't do. Make sure not to slip or bang against the faucet. Accidents can happen.

Once the kitchen sink is mastered, it's a simple matter of moving to the bathroom sink. Often times the bathroom sink is much lower in comparison. The height difference will allow for different positions. Sometimes it's fun to turn on the sink and get a little wet (see Fatal Attraction).

Next, some couples move to making love on top of the toilet. For some, however, a lack of housekeeping skills will make the toilet an extremely unattractive arena for lovemaking. I suggest it be skipped in such circumstances.

If you are intent on making love on the toilet, the sitting positions first learned in the living room may come in handy. If you are extremely ambitious, one partner might actually be able to use the toilet for its intended purpose during the intimate act. There is a high-level of difficulty for this maneuver.

Once inside the shower you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You will have almost learned every skill you'll need to tackle sexual situations in the wider world. But don't neglect the final step. Due to the level of difficulty, most couples will only fondle, soap, and wash each other in the shower. Sex in the shower involves standing and a wet floor. Be very careful. Some couples will retire to the shower floor in order to complete their training. In a smaller shower, leaning against walls can facilitate penetrations of all sorts. Just don't slip!

If you've mastered the fine art of intercourse in every room of the house, in every position, and on every appliance, you are ready to move on. You may want to have a little graduation ceremony. Or not.

Step two, the great outdoors

The most popular place to make love in the great outdoors has always been the car. Many of you may have already perfected automotive intercourse while still in high school. For those of us who were unfortunate victims of chess club and marching band, these skills will have to be acquired.

First know that many of the skills from the couch transfer to the car. There are many similarities.

Most prefer the backseat to the front. If there's an extraordinary amount of room in your car — allowing both of you to lie down as if in a bed — you're cheating. Sex in a car is supposed to be cramped and difficult. Some high school kids try and fail—fail—to complete intercourse at all! And if you know how earnest the typical high-schooler is when it comes to sex, you know how difficult this locale can be.

Choice of car is obviously important. Depending on the relative sizes of you and your partner, some vehicles may be too small. The idea is to find a car just big enough, but not too big. SUVs are cheating!

Parking the car is actually the most difficult initial hurdle. You want to find a spot that's private, but not too private. One of the reasons car sex is so exciting is that you're in public and someone might see. You could drive out into the middle of nowhere with only the trees as witness, but then what's the fun? No, much better to find a spot like a turnout, or a park, where cars are going by. At night (warning, day sex in the car is for top-level black belts only!) no one can really see what's going on while driving by. Be warned, however, watch for police! Exposing yourself in public is illegal almost everywhere. Again, remember lessons about preventing sex-crazed rug-rub: keeping the clothes on is a good idea.

The car is also a good learning tool. You can drive around town looking for secluded spots. You might even become bold enough to get out of the car and do the nasty in a park, in the woods, or maybe even in a cemetery.

Cemeteries aren't for everyone, but they can be exciting. There's nothing like hiding behind some tombstones and making love on a burial plot. For extra credit, try during daytime.

For the exhibitionist, try sex in the car at a car wash. When you come out, don't be surprised if the towel guys are applauding.

One important thing you need to learn from car sex is how to quit and pack up if any people come near. It's an important skill you'll need to move on to advanced locations.

Step three: Advanced Locations

If you've just about worn out your backseat, and your car is starting to get a little funky, you might be ready to try some more advanced locations. These locations aren't for everyone. For some, the excitement will be too much, possibly leading to heart attack (please check with your doctor before making love in these on any other locations). But, if you're up to it, and you feel the need for even more excitement, get ready for the Advanced Locations.

The next place to move after your backseat is most likely the public restroom. Some might be a little squeamish, but you don't have to find the filthiest john in town. How about this: You and your partner go to a fancy restaurant and, halfway through dinner, have a quickie in the old can. Nice eateries will usually have clean, nice-smelling toilets. Most couples prefer standing up, but with enough knowledge in the sexual arts, some sex can be had on the commode itself. But such positions are not for novices.

If you're both in the bathroom, the restaurant is likely to think you jumped out on your bill. It might be better, if you're intent on kinky toilet-sex, to duck into a big hotel while out. Most hotels have beautiful accommodations in their lobby restrooms. Just don't get caught! It's generally safer for women to enter men's rooms. You should secure your stall when the restroom is empty, but once in the act, an occupied next-door stall is half the fun. Whether you want your neighbor to catch on or not is up to you.

Some other places you might find around town are museums and libraries. These places can be fairly desolate, especially if you live in a place where everyone's at the shooting range on a Sunday.

Sunday? Try your local church! This location is always a favorite with the local clergy. Some churches have cemeteries too!

The beach provides many opportunities for naughty outdoor sex. Many couples know well the joy of making love under a blanket, in full view of hundreds of people. A little odd, especially if children are present, but very exciting. And hey, no one knows what's really going on under there, right?

For a little more privacy, try wading into the ocean. The deeper you go, the more concealed your naughty behavior. Make sure not to lose you swimwear!

Rooftops can be fun: a view of the city and hardly anyone around. Just don't get too close to the edge! If you have a balcony, that's a good place to practice before moving to the advanced location.

If you really want to try something dirty, make love in an alley. To study up, see 9 1/2 Weeks. People pretty much expect to discover a couple having sex when they enter an alley. It's no big deal. But, you still don't want too many people around. Chances of getting caught are high in an alley. Make sure you're an expert at packing up quickly before trying this extreme location.

Nightclubs expect people to try something. So they're watching you. If you've mastered bathroom sex, you could try it here. Nightclub bathrooms are usually filled with people, but depending on the crowd, people might not care that you're having a little fun in front of them. A club is also an excellent place to make out in front of other people if you're a bit of an exhibitionist. If you pick the right kind of club, you might actually be able to complete the act without anyone much caring. But this is, of course, for experts only.

Some couples will make love in a hot tub while not alone—even though they're not swingers! Again, another class-move for exhibitionists. You have to be comfortable with your tub mates, but it can be fun. Some would rather go it alone. And, like the beach, no one knows what's really going on under the bubbles.

If you somehow have access to a sauna, that can be a wonderful location. You have to be alone (unless you're a professional exhibitionist).

Many a teenager has tried movie-theater sex. It seems easy on the surface, but you have to be fairly alone. It's not easy finding a movie no one wants to see. When you go to the theater, you could ask the cashier what the least popular flick is before buying your ticket.

A difficult location is the elevator. It's practically impossible unless the place is deserted or you press the emergency stop button. But, a diligent couple can get some good fondling in.

Don't forget to have sex on some stranger's bed at a house party. There's nothing like the feeling of desecrating some anonymous person's sheets. But why the bed? By now you should be at a higher level and could try something as difficult as a closet. Or the bathroom (make sure there's not a line out the door).

Some Final Words...

You should have no trouble in these locations if you've trained well. Remember, always be prepared to put things away and vacate the location on a moment's notice. It's good to have a Plan B. It's also good to travel light. Underwear can slow you down. Like in the most competitive sporting competitions, fractions of seconds count. The second it takes you to finesse you way out of your underwear may have been the extra second you could have spent with your hands in your partner's parts before that old lady walked by.

Sometimes, especially in a vulnerable place, you'll be too scared of getting caught to enjoy yourself fully. Learn to embrace that fear —that's what makes public sex fun. Then again, maybe public sex isn't for you. You could play it safe in locations that have a lock on the door, like bathrooms and cars. Or maybe the floor is enough excitement for you. For most, moving into the shower will probably be as kinky as things get — so don't be intimidated. You're not trying to please anyone but your partner and your inner rock star.

If you've done nasty things in all these locations and you're still bored, maybe you need to start jumping over cars on a motorcycle. Try using a flaming ring and wearing a cape. And then try making love on the motorcycle at the same time.

when my bf got some home

when my bf got some home leave for the marines i took him out to a drive thru movie theater. it was a double feature and lets just say we didnt watch either. we did it in the back of the bed of his truck and all the cars around us were tuned in on the station playing the movie audio so no one heard.

omg ive done almost every

omg ive done almost every single location mentioned here!(and im only 15) the only places i havnt done the nasty in are the kitchen, shower, and the roof top. :P BE CAREFUL, SOME ELEVATORS HAVE CAMERA'S!!! :D


I want to have sex in a feild under the stars or just in a feild in general and If the parents are home... head for the woods. Of course... When My boyfriend and I start to progress in our Sexual part of the realationship. Right now, we are happy with cuddling and making out.

park and rides are good for

park and rides are good for car sex day or night cuz the lots are usually empty (just park towards the back)
and if u want a little thrill of the possibility of getting caught, deff try the beach at night...warning there will be sand in places u didn't think sand could go lol

Me and my Ex we were really

Me and my Ex we were really stupid and did it outside of a school in the winter. Take about hard nipples.

marching band geeks

band geeks have/had tons of sex.
i mean bus trips to far away places? being in the school when no one else is there? late into the night practices? and driving back home after getting in late from a competition? heh you are given so much freedom who would not do it?

i dont think its for lack of

i dont think its for lack of opportunity, its just that the people in these activities are interested in other things aside from sex, or others just dont find them sexualy attractive. like hey, ive never herd someone say "oohh, i herd the tuba player and the tamberine girl has sex at last nights practice!"

:P those who can get some in high school tend to spend their time differently is all. :P


my gf and I did it in the bed of my friend's truck while he was driving. So great!

If you are doing it in

If you are doing it in someone elses house for the first time try up against the door. If a little kid trys to come in they cant open the door.

me and my boyfriend like to

me and my boyfriend like to go driving in the woods in my jeep and sometimes get it on as well. one of the best times was in this big open field in the middle on the night with all the stars shining bright, we got out, he pulled my pants down, and he bent me over at the back of the car and fucked me. amazingggggg.

hoping for a beach escapade

hoping for a beach escapade next and we moved to florida recently :)

Outdoor sex is great. These

Outdoor sex is great. These are all great ideas from the article above:

"If you somehow have access to a sauna, that can be a wonderful location. You have to be alone." There was an athletic club in the office building I used to work in. There were some times I worked late or my wife would come down to use the facility. There was a steam room in the mens locker room and we would go in there after working out or just to enjoy a steam bath together. A few times I was able to slip her clothes off in the steam room and enjoy some fucking. It was great. She was nervous about someone coming in, but we were never caught. But we did enjoy the fun in the steam.

Car Sex - "Choice of car is obviously important. Depending on the relative sizes of you and your partner, some vehicles may be too small. The idea is to find a car just big enough, but not too big. SUVs are cheating!"- We have enjoyed many car sex experiences. The most comfortable was a mini van that had seats that would fold down flat. We would find a nice shady spot to park in the woods and climb in the back, open the side door and just enjoy some good sex. We have done it in smaller cars and found the backseat better than the front bucket seats. Once on vacation, we were heading back to the hotel after eating dinner and she suggested we go park by the ocean for awhile and then reached over and started to rub my cock to get it hard. We found a spot to parking spot along the walkway and she had my pants down and was sucking on my cock. While she did that I reached over and took off her blouse and bra and played with her tits. It was then her turn for some oral so we slipped off her pants and panties and she moved so I could lean over and enjoy her pussy. Every so often people would walk by on their evening walk and we would slide down in the seats. We finally had to stop when a parking police came along the sidewalk and started to walk over since the meter was expired. I just started the car and left. We had to slip on our clothes to walk into the hotel so we could fuck in the room.

"Some couples will make love in a hot tub while not alone—even though they're not swingers! Again, another class-move for exhibitionists. You have to be comfortable with your tub mates, but it can be fun. Some would rather go it alone. And, like the beach, no one knows what's really going on under the bubbles" Hot tub sex is great. It is a fantasy of mine to do it while others are in the hot tub, but haven't really found a chance to even try it. We have been nude in the hot tub when other people have come and climbed in. The bubbles really did hide us while we discretely put our swim suits back on. I was sitting on the edge of a hot tub once with her giving me a bj when someone openned the door to the room. I scrambled into the hot tub, but the person soon left without ever coming over to the hot tub. As a result we climbed out, got dressed and headed back to the room to finish.

age has something to do with it

As a "provider", my male clients vary in interest as to "where" a lot by age. The older guys (particularly) like it in youthful fantasy like giving head in the car or on the sofa, the younger guys like the "up against the wall" thing while the middle aged guys like it as hard as they can give it..like one last gasp of youth or something.

I like the car thing and going down on a guy with the steering wheel right there...bucket seats are a pain and makes it awkward but there is something so nicely nasty about it.


I handle IT at my company and I'm also responsible for the security card readers, security code system, AND the security cameras. My girlfriend and I were throwing around the idea of fucking on the desk of the president of the company, in his chair, or just on a table in his office. We've tried most of these other places so this would be perfect! The only thing that has postponed this awesome act aside from cautious behavior is the fact one or two stranglers will show up on Saturday or Sunday to get some extra work in. The last thing I want to do is get fired but the excitement of possibly getting caught as well as the taboo-ness of it are going to make it an almost unavoidable escapade.

Wherever you have sex, while

Wherever you have sex, while driving in a car, on your bed or in a hotel room. You must make an attempt to seduce the female before you actually have sex. Buy or get her some lingerie clothing to spice it all up. Sex should be made interesting not a routine.


Freya Underwear

You can have sex on the bed,

You can have sex on the bed, in the car or inside a swimming pool but if you can have good sex toys then wow will that not make the process of having sex more exciting for both involved.


Sex Toy Shop

what's the strangest place

what's the strangest place you've had sex? mine was in a firetruck, one of the firemen asked me to meet him there and we had sex in the radio room on a computer chair and then against and inside the rescue truck. it was awesome!

DJ DeciBell
That makes me want to be a

That makes me want to be a firefighter again lol


Mine was on the sidewalk outside my friends house. Just about everybody is at work at that time of day but this old guy saw us and started yelling at us and threatened to call the cops.


I was at a party at a good friend's house with a bunch of people. It was late at night and everyone was just falling asleep all over the house. My boyfriend and I were definitely not ready for bed! So we began a lot of foreplay in the bathroom together and moved into the shower and had sex. It was one of those cubed showers too so there wasn't a lot of room! But it was totally worth it and so sexy!

At the club

My GF and I were at the club. We both were drunk as hell since we were both underage made it even more hot. We both had our drinks in our hand and she grinding on me hard and got me horny. She felt my hard on and told me to come with her. She took me in the bathroom and gave me one of the best heads I ever had in my life. It made me cum hard and I blasted all over her face. We went back to the dance floor and kept grinding on me all night. When we got back to her apartment we went to her room and fucked everytype of positions we could think of and then fell asleep. Next morning we work up hangover as hell but we had a student meeting so took a shower together had a quickier in the shower and then went to the meeting with a smile on both of our facs. BEST NIGHT EVER!

In the Woods

My partner and I had been out for the evening and had a few drinks. Whilst walking through the woods back to our house we got a little amorous. As I was wearing a short dress I removed my knickers and sat on his cock as if I was sat on his lap. I was so wet and horny he just kept sliding in & out of me which turned us both on. Also we could hear other people out walking but I dont think we were seen, although I dont think I could have stopped him fucking me as we were so turned on. He did cum in me and I had to walk with it dripping down my legs, although I did stop occaisionally and lean against a tree and let him lick me out!!! Then we had to walk through the houses and it took some determination not to carry on with any sexual act as we were so horny. When we got in the house, as I went to walk up the stairs my partner came behind me and started to fuck me again!!! Wow it was worth walking through the woods for me as it was the best outdoor sex I have had to date.

Ha we almost had the same

Ha we almost had the same experience except when we went back into the city we couldn't stop we barely made it through the door as he started to lick me out on the front step the we went inside and shut the dor and fucked me in the front hall that was the way I concived my daugter


Me nd my boyfriend have been together 4 a while nd we both live with our mom bt we love 2 have sex bt wer afraid of getting cought wat should we do ?

get a secret hiding spot

get a secret hiding spot that only the 2 of you know and also alkward to get to so no1 is bothered to catch you :P