lasting longer

Lasting Longer

If your problem is not lasting long enough to even satisfy you or your lover then you should check out Premature Ejaculation in our Health section; this article is more about improving an already adequate performance...

One common goal amongst virtually all guys is to last longer during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, most men can’t last as long as they would like and feel inadequate because of it. The first thing that needs to be understood is that the state of mind a person is in has a huge effect on their sexual performance. Getting all uptight and worried is going to do you no good; neither is having a partner that gets really angry about it. Both parties need to work together to improve the situation, and the most important thing is to stay positive.

The first principle behind the techniques and suggestions listed below is the man’s ability to know his own body. By understanding how his body works and how his excitement rises, he should be able to learn how to pace himself better. It is key to know when to slow down to allow your excitement to drop enough so that you can "re-group" and then pick up the pace again. The second principle has to do with decreasing the sensitivity of the penis. By decreasing the sensitivity, it will take more stimulation to achieve the excitement necessary for climax. The following techniques and suggestions should help boost his sexual stamina, but they are not miracle cures, it will take patience and the right attitude to make things better.

Start & Stop Technique

The primary principle of this technique is to stimulate the penis until near ejaculation, and then stop stimulating to allow the level of excitement to drop. This exercise can be performed alone, or with a partner, and should be repeated 3 to 5 times per session. After 2-6 weeks of using this technique you should notice an improvement in your sexual stamina and will eventually not even have to use it to outlast your partner.

Squeeze Technique

Right before you feel you are about to ejaculate, approximately three or four strokes away, stop stimulating and squeeze the base of your penis by wrapping your thumb and index finger around it. Apply firm pressure, focusing on the urethra, the tube running along the underside of the penis. This lessens the tension and holds back the ejaculatory response. Be sure to apply pressure a few strokes before ejaculating … if you wait too long, it may be too late! You should be able to apply this technique anywhere along the shaft of the penis, as long as it squeezes the urethra.

Regular Masturbation

A great method for boosting sexual stamina and releasing sexual tension is regular Masturbation. By masturbating more often, you can train yourself to become more used to the stimulation. As you get more and more used to it, it should start taking you progressively longer to climax.

Wearing Condoms

Many couples have claimed that wearing condoms significantly reduces the stimulation of intercourse for both partners, but especially the male. If you are not already using condoms to protect against STDs/STIs and pregnancy, try wearing them to increase your stamina. If necessary, consider wearing a thicker condom, it should make a large difference in the amount of stimulation that you feel.

Sex Toys

Following the same line of logic as in 'Regular Masturbation' above, you can use sex toys to help you become more 'immune' to the pleasure. Sex simulators are recommended over regular vibrators, but both should work. For more information on toys, please have a look at our Sex Toys and Sex Toy Reviews sections.

Sunny Joy
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... Only if she wants!

I can cum only if & when my wife wants! Yes. She has locked my cock in chastity cage. As & when she wants sex, we have a long foreplay while I am locked. When she reaches orgasm, she unlocks me & we have sex. Many times she prefers taking oral sex from me, so she has pleasure & i am left frustrated since I do not get release.

in NW NJ

I have been using the start and stop technique for years it works
Also masturbation has increased the time I get to plow


when you do the start and stop technique be careful to not over do it ive started like every man who wanted to last longer, I started this technique about a year ago, before I started this I would last for about 10 min of sex and now I was having some sexy time with my gf and I we had sex for 2h!! this is to long for me now i'm trying to resensetize my penis by trying everything I can :S if you have any sugestion to make this appen be open minded and help me recover ;)
moral of this story : this technique work very well but don't over do it

I normally come like 15-20

I normally come like 15-20 mins in the first round, but after the 1st round my cock fall down without standing until like 2-4 hours please i want to know why. Also when i am with my girl friend i go for only one rounds but when i am with another girl i go upto four rounds without stoping dont know why please help as i really want my girl friend to have dose four rounds not an outsider

My fiance and I have been

My fiance and I have been together for over 2 yrs. we've been having sex regularly for about the same amout of time. He used to last as long as an hour and a half, but for the past 6 months or so he last under 10 minutes. And for the past 2-3 months any where from a minute and a half to 5 minutes. He's worried if something is wrong with him. But I'm umusually tight. Is it me causing this or is there something we could do to. Please help!


i did the start and stop thingy and after the 2nd time i felt a huge pain y is this?

I find that I cum alot

I find that I cum alot faster when I am on top.... I can barely last 5 minutes but when the guy is on top, I could last all day without reaching an orgasm! I love being on top, I love the feeling of riding the guys cock and him feeling me up and playing with my breasts but how can I make myself last longer?? Being on my back is so boring!

Various positions

My partner has a similar issue, I can last about 20~30 minuets but she cums about 5 times to my onec! Laying on your back is obviously not your favourite position and to be honest the missionary position is not mine either. we tend to alternate, her on top, some cannilingus, fellatio, missionary and then I take her from behind. this gives her a break now and then and it gives me a chance to get my breath back!

I think guys get so caught

I think guys get so caught up on the penis pleasuring
Pussy. Find out what your woman wants. Be open. Maybe she wants to try G-spot orgasm. You can finger her, do oral, try fisting, maybe she wants to use
Toys. Go ahead and let her cum first-her pussy won't go limp like your dick. After you please her, shell think You are a fuck stud and
Then when you start pounding her on top all that with your penis, she won't even realize you only lasted 45 sec.- shell be blown away
And you both will have a great pleasurable

well i gotta say that im 19

well i gotta say that im 19 ! and right now i feel like a porn star ;) , i swear . i'm in my highlight moments right now . getting all sweaty and lasting for a while , just enough to make the girl orgasm first , and then me ;D


im 25 and when i masterbaste i last for ages it sometimes like 30mins for me to ejaculate. but when i have sex with my gf i only last like 5mins max and i dont know why

I have this issue with my

I have this issue with my boyfriend. He says it's because im there and im moaning, which then in turns arouses him more and then he finishes quicker. I don't know if this is what you feel, but the start and stop technique worked for us.
It took a while but it does work. It can be annoying for the girl as I found that I couldn't work to myself properly as he would need to stop too early. This made me feel a bit sad, but in the long run it was definitely worth it. He can now last about 45 mins to 2 hours. Longer if we do stop every now and again. Hope this helps =] x


My "friend" doesn't last long at all. the longest we have ever went was 10mins. I told him maybe he should masturbate to see if that helps, but he said it doesn't work and eventually his arm gets tired, so he stops. so im trying to figure out how he can last that long when he does it, but he can't last that long when were together, cause i have never even gotten close to cumming unless we use toys


How many times do your have sex? I think if he have sex more, he will be able to control how long he can last. If he don't like to masturbate then maybe you can do it for him to help him relax and this will help him to last longer


I last about 13-17 minutes when master baiting. I sometimes stop... Then continue cause rubbing my cock just feels so damn good ;)

Getting off

I was in the car with my girlfriend, and we were just making out as she was giving me a handjob. Well after approximately 5 minutes of her giving me a handjob, i ejaculated. is that bad?

i wouldn't say its bad, my

i wouldn't say its bad, my ex partner has done that before, sometimes it just happens! but if it persist's maybe talk to to your doc about it.
dont forget if it was really hot or you were MEGA horny that would also make you ejaculate faster : )

hope this helps

I am a guy that only lasts a few minutes. Something I came across is that if you dont last particularly long you can do this. Before you and your partner start tell them you arent the person that "lasts the longest" and if they actually the "one" then theyll understand and you can both do this. Let her play with you and do what she pleases with you until you reach orgasm. After, put on a condom and have sex. Sex feels good whether you orgasm or not but everytime Ive done this I last about 20 minutes+ and still orgasm.

Start & Stop Technique,

Start & Stop Technique, helped me alot, i still last for about 1 min. does anyone know wat i can do to last longer? thanks!

Cure PE

Premature ejaculation is one problem which can completely destroy the self confidence of a man and if not treated on time can also result in end of a relationship which once looked very promising to last a lifetime. Although there are some prescription drugs which can temporarily treat this problem but they have adverse side effects. The only way to treat this problem permanently is to introduce some lifestyle changes and resort to taking some natural herbs which have been laid down in ayurveda specifically to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Let us discuss about some of them.

Irish Lover
I am in my mid 50s and ever

I am in my mid 50s and ever since i began having sex I can last as long as my woman needs to get off several times. I dont really know why other than my woman who has been fucked by many guys says she is blessed as all the others cum in minuets.

Using Herbal Supplements or pills to increase endurance

Does this work? I find that I ejaculate very quickly although I stay quite hard. I have been reading different forums including trying the squeeze technique but I feel overtly sensitive.

Perhaps a de-sensitizing cream is the answer

If it's when you're with a

If it's when you're with a girl. Don't worry about it. The longer you stay hard, whether you have cummed or not, the more of a chance she will get to be stimulated and finish herself maybe several times after you have finished.

No reading this

I think I would just die if my boyfriend read this he already last 3 hrs shortest 6 longest by that time I am numb and sore all over.He hold it back and I am like wth would it kill you to hurry up!

Im 16 and i have had "sex"

Im 16 and i have had "sex" only once, came in under a minute without even having intercourse, mostly oral (i was 13). I do masturbation techniques and sometimes i can last about 5 minutes of full on stroking and go for at least an hour. Others i finish in under 10 minutes. I'm wondering when i have my actual first time of intercourse will i be able to last long?

Lasting Long.

I have some issuse in bed.

I know some guys would love to last long in bed but too long really knocks me out, i was wondering how to decrease the lengs of time in bed...

The shortest i've lasted in bed is 2 hours...
And i fucking hate it, my girlfriend has multiple orgasms and i don't orgasm till atleast 3 hours & i become sore, too much friction.. :/

I would love to know a way to orgasm less than 1 hour.
If i masturbate it takes me atleast 5 minutes if lucky, maybe even 3... & sex i just have a hardon for the full length of time i have sex wich is about 2 - 3 hours... does anyone know a way for me to have sex and ejaculate in less time???

lasting long

try using horny goat weed




Can masturbation make your penis smaller, bigger, or just does nothing to it?

Jack Rhodes
I was wondering this

I was wondering this myself... It seems like it would increase its size, if not length, like exorcising a muscle.

You are right in a way, like

You are right in a way, like of you exersice a muscle its becomes toned - so therefor you need to stress a muscle to increas its size.

The best way to increase its size to stress your penis, make sure your sexually aroused obviously and get a wet cloth and hang it over your penis, a dry one if your penis is not strong enough. Then tense and raise the cloth, it may feel uncomfortable and not the best feeling in the world but it takes time and the muscles in your penis may become thicker.

To increase the length of your Penis is every mans dream, its not impossible though, the Pills and drinks that people try to sell you on the internet are all scams, they don't make your Penis bigger, they just pump you full of Vitamins.

There is an anciant method to make your Penis longer... It's simple and easy, it takes at least 6 month before you even grow half an Inch but may be worth it in bed.

All you so is when your in your shower, wrap your thum and index finger around the base (shaft) of your Penis and slide them with a firm grip away from your body, you may see an extra inch on your Penish straight away but that goes away, but keep trying it at least 20 strokes a day :)


little aussie guy
help please!!

hi I am a frequent masturbator 1-3 times a day but I still cum in under 4 minutes im 17 and still a virgin and wondering if this will effect me the first time I have sex.

Also when I masturbate I can go again straight after I orgasm is this normal for a guy?

very seldom i can keep on

very seldom i can keep on going after i cum my pecker is so sensitive after i get off i cant even touch the head of it.


"Also when I masturbate I can go again straight after I orgasm is this normal for a guy?"

It should be, if it isn't already. As long as you use a condom you can continue pleasuring your partner, even if you cum. No worries, just keep going :D My last partner was able to do that and it GREATLY improved our sex life.


latly ive been jacking of a hole lot for some reason and i cum within 5 min wats up with that?

How long do most guy last?

How long do most guys last?

some advice.. relieve

some advice..

relieve yourself before sex. this gives me about an extra 10 minutes which lets me get my girl off and me at the same time.

2-wear a thick condom. NOT 2 CONDOMS just a thick one. it acts as a desensitizer.

3- desensitizing creams work.

4- if you masturbate often enough you build a strong resistance. my friend built one up when his ex gf told him to do it everyday twice a day he tells me he lasts about 2 hours minimum now

my self

sometimes ill sast 20 min tops other times if we are to be doin it in the hot tub ill hast for a few hrs whats the reason for that?


the warm water desensitizes you so you can last much longer

sometimes i can last for

sometimes i can last for like an hour and a half and other times i struggle to last ten minutes. anybody know why? i know some of it has to do with how relaxed you are and what not but its still wierd.

personally, I'm wondering

personally, I'm wondering how to get him to NOT last so long. 2 hour marathons make walking an impossible concept. It's not due to a lack of stimulation. He's just got unnatural stamina.


Find out what drives him wild and use it against him.

i'm wondering the same thing

don't get me wrong, i love the sex, but sometimes 20 minutes is all i've do you speed up a male orgasm

i would say if (he can last

i would say if (he can last twenty minutes) option one is increase the pace to make him cum quicker. or option two is if you havent came yet, pretend to have an orgasm its mean but works with a thick skulled man. or option three tell him your done.


i lighten my loads some times in 10 minutes, any ideas for lasting longer as well as the ones above?

high stamina

I once lasted 1 and a half hours while a my gf had 4-5 orgasms b4 I had 1

too long to cum?

my latest bloke can last for hours...but I enjoy it when I can cum with my partner. Is it him? Is it me? I don't think it's an issue as such, he seems fine with it. confusion

It's all a matter of timing

I almost never climax alongside my partner (except, oddly enough, during phone sex) and we're fine with it. As long as both of us climax SOMETIME during the act, it's usually no big deal.

What you want to do is build up your own climax (usually by rubbing on your clit while he's working your vagina) and don't worry if you orgasm while trying this: you, unlike he, can attempt multiple orgasms (not saying it's impossible, but it takes a severe degree of control for us guys to do it, most of us don't have that) and if you fire off way before he's ready, just go at it again. Eventually, you'll learn the subtle cues in his body language that'll tell you when to get to work, and if you guys practice often enough, you'll start having mutual orgasms in no time.

i dont see how other guys

i dont see how other guys cant go off more then once ive gotten off like 4 times when im really into it though each time takes a little longer to reach the end point ;)

I think it's a combination

I think it's a combination of mind frame, testosterone, and their partner. But who really knows /shrug