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Inverted Jockey Sex Position

The Inverted Jockey position is a variation on the Cowboy with the giver leaning forward over the receiver. It is not a naturally occurring position, as the receiver has their legs closed while the giver sits astride their thighs. To get into the position, the receiver simply lies down on their back while their partner sits atop of them and leans forward on their arms. Although inserting can be a little difficult at first for the giver, the tightness of the opening can be rewarding for shallow penetration.

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me and

Me and my hubby does this all the time he loves it when im on top it make me cum every time we do it I just love it we don't do that much because im a big woman but sometimes he lets me do it and he plays with my boobs then he will suck on one and it makes me cum every time we do I just love it

Best position

This is best position, my partner love it.


Fifty years ago a girlfriend and I discovered this position. I have since tried it with most women I have been with. Women with rather large vaginas seem to really like it. Whereas, the snug ones don't always enjoy it. If a gal has never had a big dick in her try this position and she might get an idea what a big one feels like.

Missionary is the best to

Missionary is the best to get f**** first time

love it

when we do this position my gf licks n plays with my nipples. that feels soooooo good n makes me cum so hard. u defanately wanna try it!!

Even better

me and the gf use a half jockey (half way between this and missionary, one leg out, one in), and its amazing, hits the clit and gives a whole different angle inside. very very intense and intimate, and great for multiple Os

I can sex only in this

I can sex only in this position with my wife.
is it right for pregnancy also ?

no,dont try if ur wife is

no,dont try if ur wife is pregnant

Under Experienced
this is another 1 which is

this is another 1 which is amazing, its so easy to do and really gets you both going

I LOVE this one!

I love doing this position, I actually cross my legs and the tighter I get the more my bf loves it!



doing this with my bf

doing this with my bf tonight, im really excited.

Me and my bf were at my bffs

Me and my bf were at my bffs party on her birthday....he had just got dumped teh day before that and he was extremly sad :( so i asked him if there was a spare room that my bf and i could have sex. he lead us to the room, but when my bf noticed how sad he was he told me that i gave him a load of pleasure everytime we fucked so it was someone elses turn. He told me to do ehatever to make my bff feel better, after all it was his birthday. So my bf walked out the door and my bff and i used this postion. it felt so amazing and it made him feel better. this was the best birthday i was ever to!!!!!! like i knew i couldnt scream cause his parents would hear but i couldnt help myself....thank god we were in a sound proof room.

slight variation

This position is good for clitoral stimulation even before penetration (top of shaft gliding up and down). As the description says, this is more of a shallow penetration position (unless your last name is Diggler), but my girlfriend enjoys it and I'm of average size (if that, even).

We were messing around and experimenting with different variations on missionary (which I would consider this to be) and found another that she likes, that I don't see here. We had gone from this position to me closing my legs and laying them on top of hers. Then she pulled me down, such that I was on my elbows. Most of my weight was actually on her - maybe just my chest up was supported by my elbows.

YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT THIS. The first time she pulled me down like this, I was sure I was going to suffocate her. But apparently not a lot of my weight (of which there is a good bit) rests on her diaphragm. Maybe it's the height difference (I'm 10 inches taller). But YMMV.

Anyway, this position allowed for deeper penetration, and is also very sensual, as your bodies are pressed together from shoulders to knees, at least.

This is another one of my

This is another one of my favorites to do with my bf. I love the feeling of being trapped underneath him, and with my legs closed, it makes me tighter, and it feels much better. He begins pumping me slowly, but then he goes faster and thrusts harder. Then he leans in to whisper "beg for mercy" in my ear. I'm getting horny just thinking about it! I think I'll call him up now and see if he's busy :)

This is a great position and

This is a great position and one we end up doing a lot. We usually start out in missionary since it makes it much easier to insert my penis that way. We will enjoy that for some time and then try something like deck chair. But we usually end up in this position. The tightness of her legs around my cock feels great and I can lay back down on her, stay up a ways, or even lean part way up and with one hand play with her tits. But when she wants me to cum and she is ready to O, then she usually pulls me down and I pump nice and deep. It usually gets me to cum and we lay ontop of each othe for awhile.

if i could say which one i

if i could say which one i like more
i could honestly say this one is my favorite i
just wanna bang my gf when i look at it
we have done this one 9 times its really fun
i like it better without a condem

this one looks difficult and

this one looks difficult and like the guy would need a big one. maybe i'll try it tho, couldn't hurt, and from the other comments it sounds like a hit among women.

so i am a virgin. all my

so i am a virgin. all my friends think that i should have sex.. im just scared. has anyone else felt this way???

to hesmiboi

don't let peer pressure force you into having sex if your not ready. However, Sex can be a good stress reliever, I'm pro-casual sex, but only with a guy I've known for a while. Sex is a special act for me, to me it means I have a special bond with my guy friend. Doesn't mean we're officially BF/GF. Its your decision if you want to share your body with another, but you should be critical about the person you want to have sex with. Is this person going to respect you? is this person going to feel the same way about you? is this person going to listen to you? But the major thing about sex is, if you are BOTH mentally prepared to share your bodies with each other. But yea, there is no shame in waiting for "the one". I'm just giving u my two cents about sex.(Oh yea, and of course use protection! No matter wat: virgin or not! ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!)

most of my friends aren't

most of my friends aren't virgins and i've heard the stories of how good it is, but if you aren't ready to have sex then stay a virgin. The sex would be waaayyy better with someone you love rather than just some fling. Trust me once people find out that you gave it away to some person, then all the guys will just be coming to you for some ass. (i know from experience; most guys at my school think i'm not virgin because of a rumor that went around so now all guys want from me is sex, blow jobs, and etc.) so just wait for the person you truly feel is the one you want to have sex with

take it from the 23 year old

take it from the 23 year old who spent her whole highschool career getting made fun of for being a virgin....ITS BETTER just wait till you're ready, you will regret it otherwise

don't do it

honey, please please PLEASE do not have sex until you're ready. there's nothing wrong with being a virgin, and i promise you, you will end up heartbroken if you give it up to someone who you are not in love with and who you don't have a commitment with. please, just trust me.


totally.. i know what you mean

omg me and my boyfriend did

omg me and my boyfriend did this today randomly lol we somehow got into it and omg...amazinggg...i had an orgasm for like 20 minutes! its crazy how well this position feels and my boyfriend loved was the best sex either of us have ever had

to get into it tho we did missionary and then switched our leg everrrrrr

We start out the same way

We start out the same way with this one, in the missionary position to slip my cock in her. We usually transition our legs so mine are on the outside after a short time. Sometimes I go up on my knees like this and it is fun. I enjoy watching her tits move as I pump my cock in her. She will usually pull me back down and then squeeze her legs together. It gives her great feeling where she needs it and it feels great on my cock. We cum in this position more than any other.

One variation . . .

This is easily our favorite position! It enables multiple, controlled thrust angles on the part of the male. And the better shape you are in, the more you can do with it. As an interesting variation, I suggest that the man extend his legs straight and wrap the lower legs under the woman's, while his thighs remain straddled outside of hers. Wow!!!!

every woman's favorite

this is the quickest to get a woman off. It rubs directly on her clit. I had been with a very prudish woman for a while, and when I talked her into this one, she wanted nothing else again.

Re: HornySlut

First off, as a parent I'm going to recommend not jumping the gun on losing your virginity. But if you do feel that you are ready for such a step. Make sure that you use protection. There are just to many things now a days that can make you regret your first time for the rest of your life.

Indeed missionary is the most basic. I wouldn't recommend anything to far out there for your first time. For instant you are doing something that your body has never been accustom to. You are going to bleed your first time that I can assure you of due to the small thin layer of skin called the hymen. Upon which is going to tear upon penetration. Indeed making sure that you are fully aroused can help lessen any pain you may endure.

Just make sue that you two take things slow if you do decide to go threw with having sex. Most Young males may have an idea of what they are doing but tend to be miss lead by peers on how they should proceed. Communication can be a helping key factor during your first time. Just make sure that your comfortable and most of all relax. It's not the indie 500 hundred here. Well you two be safe.

i love this position

i love this position especially when the guy is sucking on my nipples and neck. yummm makes me hot




okay even though I'm a virgin ignore my username. But ya I don't know what to do with my boyfriend and I get horny just looking at these. Can any of you tell me a really good porn site thats free. And any tips for a 15 year old about to have sex for the first time? And do people bleed cuz that would be embarassing so how do I avoid that? and is it okay to moan? cuz usually people moan but I don't wanna sound like a slut. can someone answer all these questions please?

Richie BMX

if u dnt wna bleed in bed you shud get ur bits used to being pentrated so try playing with ur self or get ur bf to and moaning is amazing for any lad to hear so more the betta lol. oh and redtube is a good one. u shud jus google any other questions u have usualy u wil find the answer :)

i think you would bleed if

i think you would bleed if he goes in. and a tip be sure to be wet before he comes to u and do some foreplay before intercourse. and hun, it's ok to moan, it's normal. Lol. the first time i did it with my bf i moan so much he said he likes it and at first i thought it was bad. Who cares if you sound like a slut, i mean come one you guyz are doing it and you should feel bad and keep the mood going.


Well first of all, be sure that you and your bf love each other. Assuming that you love him that much to give him your virginity, make sure that really aroused and wet, because if you are not your first experience gonna be painfull. You cant avoid bleeding, thats normal so dont be embarassed. And about moaning most of the girls do it and to tell you the truth it really turn me on.

Screaming Shadow
she likes this one

great for a cheap nasty clit fuck but can get kinda sore for me.

still not complaining ;)

great for her if you work it legs out and like doing push ups!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Another fave... this one puts pressure exactly where I like it and is almost certain to result in a multiple-O session!

We usually start out in

We usually start out in normal missionary position which makes the insertion easy. But after pumping her for awhile, she and I both like to move into this position. I just move my legs outside of hers and it tightens things up. This makes me cum after awhile and it gives her extra stimulation. Great position!

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Love it

Get wife to spread first for normal top entry, then when in get her to bring her knees togetherwith your legs on top of hers, then move your legs outside, Great Position,

Works as Anal as well, Never fails to get me off

Anonymous (not verified)
Will have to try this.

Will have to try this.

Anonymous (not verified)

this position is hot and anyone can do it, me and my bf do this. We think its great!!

Anonymous (not verified)
very enjoyable

If I normally get f***ed this way, then it is to tell me that my hubby is to shoot his load in my mouth or on my face....i love that

Anonymous (not verified)

ima virgin. i dont know which position to try with my boyfriend

re; positions

Any will be fine as long as you take your time and use some lube. The initial insertion will be possibly painful and might feel dry. the more lube you use the more it will glide in and out of you.

The most conventional is of course missionary, but you may want to do Cowgirl so you can decide how much dick to take at a time.

help with the bf

i suggest just try missionary its the basic