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Inverted 69 Sex Position

Inverted 69, the inverted cousin of the traditional 69 position, is a great way to change the angles on the original. The top partner needs to make sure to position their genitals at the right height, as the bottom partner's mobility tends to be a little restricted.

My fav

... of the 69 versions with potential for deep throating ... with her guidance

her fav 69

this is her favorite 69 position, she gets her pussy serviced, and she can do whatever she wants, sucking my cock, fondling,sucking, licking my balls, or fingering my ass.

if we reposition slightly, my cock ends up between her tits, and i can reverse tit fuck her.

we usually end in in several 69 positions, sideways, me on top, her on top, before we finally switch positions to doggy style (her favorite), or with her on her back, with her ass on a pillow,legs on my shoulders spread wide open to recieve my load deep inside her pussy

wanting on the right one

I love this position and I have not had in 4 years my husband and I did this position 3 times a week it felt so Good me and him. I miss having the best sex in the world. Im a widow so what up living in Texas.

this is my most favorite

this is my most favorite position even my ex-gf like this too and we always do this first before we proceed to another position..damn i feel so horny again!

For some reason my girlfriend likes me to be on top because she says she can more of my cock in her mouth instead of me having her on top but either way it works out fine for both of us i still get to lick her clit.

Inverted 69 Sex Position

after our last baby, it left my wife tight,& it hurt when i put it in, so she said looks like it will be 69 from now on, but she will not take the top Position, i am only 6in hard but she dont have any trouble takeing it all

this is really a best

this is really a best position satisfying all desires


My fiance and I have had sex plenty of times. He's always trying to persuade me to do this piston but I get nervous as to what he might think.. Should I still go for it ?



Ofcourse, u must o for it,its safe and u have control



I love to have a big cock choke me and I have no control over it..

So I was just lying on the

So I was just lying on the couch watching a movie and my ex comes over and starts to finger me under my skirt until im good and wet. Then he proceeds to climb on top of me in order to get a better angle to eat me out. Im no idiot so i got the hint to unzip his pants to start sucking on his c***. it didn't take long for him to turn around and f*** me for all hes worth right there on the couch. Good thing no one was home cuz we moved to the next room for round two :)

good, but...

It is same like 69, but not so easy, when he moves fast or deep and then ejaculate.

so wanting it

Dying for some of this...omg!

inverted 68

I am 16 and my GF is 14. Love doing this to her. Originally it was her idea though-we were doing Riding The South Face. Then she just owned forwards and started licking my dick. Eventualy she straightened her legs and I got the message. Licked and sucked her like that for about 5 minutes then she cummed. Alot. Continued for the whole night and ended up all wet LOL.

did this

i am a male striper
i always do this to my customers and they can kill anyone to b weith me.they splash allover my face remaining helpless on bed till the arousal is back again where we do other positions

Is a 69 good for everyone?

Is a 69 good for everyone?

LOVE this!

I love being controlled so this position is so fun! Getting a big cock forced down my throat almost hurts, but i forget about it when i'm getting my little clit licked and sucked on


this looks so good

It surely does! !

It surely does! !

No way!!! I haven't tryed

No way!!!

I haven't tryed it, cause I would never take a penis in my mouth in this position, where I can't move my head!

You don't know how you react when he cums, it can be a surprice, because sometimes he can't (or wont) give you a warning.

This means you can get choke in it, and I really don't think that would be fun! Or you can get so suprised that you axidently bite him! Autch!

one night me and my partner

one night me and my partner just kind of did this spontaneously... we were drunk and fooling around and he just moved down and i kind of took the hint. it was really fun ;) but i was so distracted by what he was doing i couldn't even concentrate! hahaha

omggggg i love this one..

omggggg i love this one.. having my mans massive cock and his balls in my face just makes me crazy idk what it is :)

love oral sex

I really like to give my boyfriend oral sex, but he is not so keen on reciprocating he has only done so on one occasion. Maybe he feels uncomfortable, does anyone have any tips to get him more interested in it?

Get him

Get him into this position or 69, and start sucking him off, be clean and shaven and maybe say please. Or talk about it before hand good luck

dump him

dump him

this is our position and it

this is our position and it is good because my gf can play my balls hehehe..

This is the best 69

This is the best 69 position. A huge turn on!. Oral sex is the best sex. There is nothing better then feelings a man's dick in my throat while he sucks on pussy.

I love having my pussy

I love having my pussy sucked on while having a big fat dick shoved in my mouth...makes me want my pussy ate now!

i've tried this once, an wen

i've tried this once, an wen we did it felt so awkward, mibi shud of dun it wiv me on top


this is muh all time favorite one! i LOVE sex and imma NOT a whore i just like the pleasure to bad meh and muh boy broke up:/ now i have to stick to masturbating for now:'(

i absolutaly love this

i absolutaly love this position my ex would always push my cock more and more down her throat wile i sucked on her bad were not together anymore. im really craving sombody else to do this with. send me a private message


i love my man being in control, but he never goes down on me. i give him blow jobs a lot, i would just like a time where we both get orgasms without full blown sex. how would i get him to do this with me? he always says later, but it never happens.


Tried this with my husband last was amazing!!!

way to go..try something new

way to go..try something new and wild:)

I much prefer this way of

I much prefer this way of 69... because everytime iv tried doing the original 69 with a girl, she always seems to get lost in the pleasure i give her and she forgets what her role and I end up making her cum on my face (which i love btw), happens everytime lol... but with this 69, i can keep reminding her by pushing into her mouth a little more ;)


i tried this, i felt like screaming becoz of the pleasure, its indescribable, it makes me crazy. i love this. my man says i taste sweet and he feels powerful.sometimes because it feels so good i forget to do my part, he tells me to continue.

fuck yeah;)

fuck yeah;)


i Lovee giving my boyfriend head..... and ii Lovee getting my cooch eaten.... THE 69 ISS ONE OF THE BESTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved, loved, loved doing

I loved, loved, loved doing this when I was with my boyfriend. He would also grab my hand and help him pleasure me and he would ram his big, hard cock so hard into my mouth. It was SO good.

good good good girl;) really

good good good girl;) really good girl;)

This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite positions, used to do this with my sex buddy was great cos as she got more excited into it she got more enthusiastic with suckin, ultimately i could give her a good lickin knowing we were both lovin it...very hot.

I love this position my

I love this position my boyfriend thrusts hard in my mouth while getting is tongue all over me and if he's feeling really dirty he will grab my hand 2 help him out I'll get my finger deep inside myself while he plays with me with his tongue so so good

I love this position,

I love this position, however my partner is not good at oral so I usually end up humping her cleavage. However chaps its worth every penny just to feel her cum underneath me

again i like this b/c he

again i like this b/c he does all the work! thrusts his penis in my mouth and sucks me off, perfect :)

from what i have seen in the

from what i have seen in the comments, everyone seems satisfied. i want to try it really bad, anyone?


im down ...where u at?


pleae somebody help me ... my boyfriend DONT like to do oral sex at all ..i been going out with him for 8 month and never try not ever one time i am a very clean person so NO thats not it .... its that normal how can i tell him this ???????


I do know what you mean, my husband will not do it either. He enjoys my sucking his cock but when it comes to my turn for get it. And really pisses me off. He use to do it,, it's been 15 years, that is how long for him not to lick my pussy. To me it is part of sex. He will not even rub my clit onless i put his hand there. Some men are just fucken stupid!!!!!!!!!


Felina how you doing i feel what you feel,,but this case is my wife she dont like oral sex at all,,I love the taste of pussy i like it when i see her lips geting white wow thats delicious. we talk alot about it she shaid she will try,we do everything but oral,thats why i cheat on her a few times but i dont know what can hapen, what should i do I need opinions froms ladies how will she feels about it.

For some reason my

For some reason my girlfriend likes me to be on top because she says she can more of my cock in her mouth instead of me having her on top but either way it works out fine for both of us i still get to lick her clit.


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