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Intersextion Sex Position

The Intersextion position (previously known as Sleeping Beauty) differs from the Scissors position because the giver's legs are both between the legs of the receiver. This allows for an unusual angle for penetration, but it comes at the partial expense of comfort. Many people don't like this position because they find it awkward to position their legs without causing the receiving partner's bottom leg irritation or pain, but it does have a solid following amongst those who can find the sweet spot.


Everyone asks, doesn't it hurt the girl's leg?! NO, it does not. I think you'd be too focused on the sex that you don't think about it, and the guy is constantly thrusting so it's not like the pressure is exerted on one spot.

This position is good for deep penetration and I love the feeling of the new angle when he goes in. ;)

haha my ex girl friend got me

haha my ex girl friend got me into this position.. worked GREAT for wake up sex..dont have to move all that much to get into position, as long as she is wet ur good to go

what does sex feel like in

what does sex feel like in general? for a girl?

great but scissors is better

great but scissors is better

looks hard but it really

looks hard but it really isnt i love when my bf sticks his hard cock in and out really fast and hits my g-spot every time sometimes he will finger my clit and at the same time my bff is playin with my titties, oh how i love it he makes me squirt every time and our liquids mix o he loves eating out my pussy anybody wanna do something msg me but you gotta be horny as fuck

am horny

am horny as hell

i shoulda been on a few days

i shoulda been on a few days ago apparently...

Me too .. LOL!

Me too .. LOL!

That girl

She looks like she's not enjoying it.

All i gotta say is i recommand this position

Omg me and my husband tried this position last night it was ''AMAZING'' with this position it goes in deep and it was so good i was so wet fucking in this position ive never felt so good in my life the whole time we were fucking it felt like i was cuming so if any ladies are thinking about doing this position go for it you'll have the fuck of your life :)

wouldent this hurt

okie so wouldn't this like totally hurt the chicks leg underneath his.. wow that would hurt

haha thinking the same thing

haha thinking the same thing

haha thinking the same thing

haha thinking the same thing

this and wheelbarrow is my

this and wheelbarrow is my fave exotic positions! FUCKIN FEELS SOO GOOD! UGh! can get enuff

Oh god yes

This position is.... i don't even know how to describe it. It just feels incredible and i like it because since he's sideways it feels different than regular missionary entry. just the feeling of his penis enering you feels great, but i also like it how his balls rub against my pussy too. just an all around great position.

This is so accurate of a

This is so accurate of a description. I think the slightly different angle of my cock entering her is one thing that feels so good. I also enjoy watching her ass move as I pump my cock in and out and I can also reach easy and grab her ass. It is a great position.

I absolutely LOVE this

I absolutely LOVE this position. It feels so good.

No Words

No words can describe the awesome feeling me and my partner got!!! a 15 out of 10!


in the pic it luks lik shes not enjoyin it! lol

What would happen to the

What would happen to the bottom leg? If anyone has tried this, plz let me know how things worked out for ya.

its good, cuz the guy goes a

its good, cuz the guy goes a bit up to get in more and then ur leg is ok, p.s. the girl wont have her head like dat, i had mine laying down, cuz trust me, u got crazy in dis position.

no thanks

when i fuck i need lots of leverage
doesn't look like either person would have any
and the girl's bottom leg would be broken by the time hey finished
doesn't look very good to me


But i dont get it?? The weight of my body on her one leg would crush it?? or at least be uncomfortable..... no??


this is really great for deep penetration

lesbian lover

this one is fun to do with a lesbian lover