Other Links

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Ask Men
One of the best strictly male portals and content sites on the web.

Being a Man (in a Woman's World)
A resource for men that want to learn every aspect of "the game".

Scarlet Letters
Since February of 1998, Scarlet Letters has been one of the web's premier publishers of humanist, feminist, sex-positive, original and visionary creative and artistic work of all kinds.

Sexaudia Internet Radio
Sexaudia is an internet radio station dedicated to all things sex. It was launched January 15, 2006 with the intention to bring entertainment, education, and an overall open attitude toward human sexuality.

Sex Glossary
The Internet's premier sex dictionary...

Wholesome Balance
This website is not so much on sexuality advice, but sharing research and experience that might help you achieve a wholesome balance in dealing with sex and relationships.

World Sex Records
A bizarre, sometimes shocking, often hilarious and always educational collection of unknown sexual facts and taboos, it will be indespensible. Alternative Sexuality

Mz Lisa's Domina Guide
A directory of professional Mistresses, Dommes, Dominatrix, Dominas

The National TransGender Guide
An extensive free guide for the woman in the man, and the man in the woman! A good resource, although heavily geared toward male-to-female transexuals.